384 of the Best HR and Labour Tips Ever

384 of the Best HR and Labour Tips Ever
This 134-page, pocket size book is the answer to your prayers. Alphabetised for easy referencing, it covers 67 different HR and labour topics from Absconsion to Working Overtime, and everything in between. Almost every question your managers and staff have asked you – and most certainly will ask you again – is answered in this one book…
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384 annoying HR questions you'll NEVER have to answer again!

Now you can get your managers to deal with these issues on their own, so you can get on with your real work

To say you’re overworked is a gross understatement. And, everyday a huge amount of your precious time is stolen from you by managers who need answer to hundreds of everyday questions they should already know the answers to.

I bet you’ve heard at least one of these questions today already:

“How much leave do I have left and is it paid or unpaid?”

Or… “Can I accept this sick note from a traditional healer?”

Maybe… “He phoned in sick on Friday and Monday…AGAIN! What can we do about this?”

Even… “Can he really get away with screaming and swearing at me like that in front of everyone? It’s embarrassing and seriously undermines my authority!”

Take back your time and your job by empowering your managers to do theirs!

Laboru and HR questionsGive your managers the power to deal with everyday HR and labour issues themselves. Then they won’t need to keep running to you for the same old answers. Instead, they’ll effectively and efficiently manage their staff on their own.

The positive ripple effect of this is incredible…

  • You’ll find you finally have the time to deal with the more significant HR and labour issues at a macro level…
  • The managers will find they have time to do more as well. Let’s face it, it’s as much a waste of their time as it is yours every time they bother you…
  • Your company’s labour law compliance will improve significantly. You’ll have fewer CCMA and labour relations fires to fight…
  • And staff productivity will improve, as managers better control their teams. Even better, they’ll be following the letter of the law…

Empowering your managers to handle their HR and labour issues on their own ultimately affects your company’s bottom line. More productive employees help your company make more money. More managerial control keeps people from abusing leave, creating discontent, stealing…

So, how do you empower your managers? With the ultimate HR and labour tool, that’s how.

Don’t let your company go another minute without 384 of the Best Labour Law & HR Tips… Ever!

Yes! This 134-page, pocket size book is the answer to your prayers. Alphabetised for easy referencing, it covers 67 different HR and labour topics from Absconsion to Working Overtime, and everything in between.

Almost every question your managers and staff have asked you – and most certainly will ask you again – is answered in this one book…

And, Yes! Getting a copy of this book for your managers – even getting a copy for yourself – really is all you need to do to save yourself time and your company money!

Let me demonstrate…

An employee asks her manager for family responsibility leave. She needs to take her 12-year old daughter to the dentist to have braces fitted. Of course, the answer to this question might be obvious to you. But to a manager, it might not be so cut and dry.

So, rather than coming to ask you just to make sure, the manager simply flips to page 73 of 384 of the Best Labour Law & HR Tips… Ever!and reads:

Family responsibility leave

Tip #1: When must you grant family responsibility leave?

Family responsibility leave is granted in the following circumstances:

- When your employee’s child is born
- When your employee’s child is sick
- In the event of the death of:

  • Your employee’s spouse or life partner
  • Your employee’s parent, adoptive parent, grandparent, child, adopted child, grandchild, or sibling.

(Section 27(2) of the BCEA).

Now there’s no need to ask you!

The manager knows the employee simply can’t take family responsibility leave to take her daughter to the dentist – the child’s not sick! So the employee can only take paid leave if she has any available. Otherwise, she must request unpaid leave.

How to get your copy of the ultimate HR and labour tool, risk-free

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of 384 of the Best Labour Law & HR Tips… Ever!right now for only R249.

This must-have tip book will help you save time and money. It will help take the stress and hassle out of dealing with staff and their multitude of issues.

And while I rush your copy to you, here’s something to use in the meantime…

Put these 10 tips to use immediately

Of the 384 tips waiting for you and your managers in 384 of the Best Labour Law & HR Tips… Ever!, here are 10 you can put to use right now…

Tip #1: What if your employee runs out of sick leave?
(Sick Leave, page 78)

If your employee runs out of paid sick leave, but falls ill, you don’t have to pay him for that time off, and you should treat the absence as unpaid leave (he could claim from UIF in these circumstances).

Tip #2: When may you read an employee’s emails?
(Employee privacy, page 46)

You can only read the contents on an employee’s email if:

  • you have been authorised in writing by the employee to do so; or
  • you have a very real ground for suspecting that some form of abuse is taking place; and
  • you have informed the employee concerned in advance that the emails might be intercepted; and
  • the email was sent in the course of your company’s business.

Tip #3: Keep daily attendance registers
(Absenteeism, page 12)

Keep daily attendance registers for all staff. It will be easier to tackle the problem of absenteeism if you have accurate records to back you up. This is a requirement of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Tip #4: How long does a warning last?
(Discipline, page 42)

A disciplinary warning doesn’t last forever. The validity of a warning could be anything from 3 to 12 months depending on your policy. The law doesn’t set the length of time a warning may apply for, but common practice ranges between 3 and 12 months. Deal with the validity of warnings in line with the needs of the business.

Tip #5: When must a sick note be produced?
(Absenteeism, page 11)

In terms of current labour law, a sick note is only necessary after two consecutive days’ absence. From day three of absence, you can request a sick note to verify the employee’s illness. Sick notes should be issued by medical practitioners or anyone certified to diagnose and treat patients, and who is registered with a professional council.

Tip #6: No sick note, no pay!
(Sick Leave, page 73)

You don’t have to pay employees who don’t produce valid certificates for sick leave taken! An employee who gives you a false medical certificate may be disciplined for fraud and absence without leave.

Tip #7: New employees
(Family Responsibility, page 74)

Employees must work for you for four months, and work at least four days a week, before they’re entitled to family responsibility leave.

Tip #8: Job applicants disclosing pregnancy
(Recruitment, page 87)

An employee is NOT required to disclose her pregnancy when applying for a job.

Tip #9: When you aren’t required to pay severance pay in the case of retrenchment
(Retrenchment, page 94)

You aren’t required to pay severance pay if you can show the following:

  • That you made an offer of alternative employment
  • That the offer was a positive one
  • That the employee refused the offer
  • That the refusal was unreasonable.

Tip #10: Can you force your employees to work overtime?
(Overtime, page 127)

No! The general rule is that you can’t force an employee to work overtime except in accordance with an agreement. So, if you're going to need your employees to work overtime, you must put this into your employment contracts.

Save money and reduce your stress simultaneously!

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What a sweet deal. Can you even put a rand value to the time and money savings you’ll get for just R249?Even better, order a copy for each of your managers as well.


Rachel Paterson
Business Publisher

P.S. You really have nothing to lose taking me up on this offer. For only R249 you could empower your managers, improve labour law compliance across the whole company, and save yourself the hassle of answering the same old, same old day in and day out. And if you’re not satisfied, just return it within 30 days and you’ll get every cent of your money back.

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