Solutions to your Excel Finance Problems - Excel Training DVD

Solutions to your Excel Finance Problems - Excel Training DVD
Solutions to your 35 biggest Excel finance problems
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No more useless Internet searches and pages of unhelpful Excel manuals

At last: Solve your Excel problems in 5 minutes with step-by-step instructions by Chartered Accountant and Excel expert Adrian Miric

Dear Tax Bulletin reader,

Over 5 920 Excel questions are searched on Google in South Africa every month...

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper adding to that statistic, you’ll know how hard it is to find a solution that specifically relates to your Excel problem.

I’m willing to bet you spend hours searching for a solution to just one Excel problem and that includes flipping through self-help books!

But that all ends today.


Because FSP Business has teamed up with Chartered Accountant and Excel guru, Adrian Miric to give you step-by-step instructions to solve your Excel problem in just five minutes!

Let Excel guru, Adrian Miric solve your biggest Excel problems...

Excel Training DVD: Solutions to Your 35 Biggest Excel Finance Problems


Beginner Excel Videos

1. Page Break in Excel: To see what is going to print on each page – so that you can improve your financial report spreadsheet print results.

2. Save spreadsheet from email: So you can find this vital information at a later stage.

3. Absolute and Relative cell references: How to anchor your formula to the correct cells and avoid major calculation errors.

4. What is a PivotTable: And how to use it to turn large amounts of data into useful reports.

5. Bar Chart: Some financial reports are best represented in bar charts. Here’s how to create and work with one in Excel.

6. Navigating Excel Cells: To navigate through very large spreadsheets quickly.

7. Copy sheet in Excel: So that it pastes exactly the same.

8. CLEAN Excel function: To remove the unprintable characters from a cell, usually included when you copy and paste from a different system like accounting software packages.

9. Excel 2010 new features: Including data validation (link to other sheets), conditional formatting (link to other sheets and new icons), and the data AutoFilter (easier method to search for data).

10. Database Setup for Pivot Tables: So that Excel doesn’t generate an error message and your data is in the most ideal layout for the pivot reports you are going to create.

11. PivotTable column labels: So you can effectively track sales or orders in your database.

12. Workday Excel function: So that you can manage your payment dates effectively.

13. Date Time Stamp shortcut Excel: To track changes.

Intermediate Excel Videos

14. VLookup Exact Match: To track performance of each product, staff member etc.

15. Link Excel to Word document: So when you change an Excel file, the word document updates automatically.

16. Create Pivot Table in Excel: To create financial reports with no formulas.

17. Pivot Value Settings and Options:  To sum, count and also to create % of and running and cumulative totals.

18. Report Filter for Pivot Tables: To summarise and categorise multiple spreadsheets for financial reports.

19. Excel Import Data Tool: To import text (or other file types) into a spreadsheet and set formatting parameters like decimal places.

20. Recalculate only one sheet in Excel: To avoid waiting while the whole spreadsheet recalculates.

21. Enter formula in multiple cells: In Excel at the same time.

22. Excel error check using COUNT: To identify errors in your spreadsheet in seconds.

23. Excel Graphs Horizontal axis: To create charts in Excel to visualise your business data e.g. total variable costs.

24. Find Duplicates Automatically in Excel: To analyse and identify errors like duplicates in payment runs (payroll, creditors etc.).

25. Remove Duplicates in Excel: Find duplicates transactions and payments.

Advanced Excel Videos

26. Vlookup Approximate Match: To vertically look down a list and bring through a result.

27. 3 Way Data Table Excel: To work out repayment amounts between a principal amount, a term and an interest rate (or any three variables).

28. Link pivot to other database sources: Join the payroll database to the staff address list (and other similar joins)?

29. Import data from web to Excel: Import data into your spreadsheet from your accounting or payroll system.

30. Excel VBA Macros: How to create year to date and running totals with no formula to easily report on monthly data.

31. Pivot Multiple Sheets: To import sales, accounting, payroll or any other data directly into a reporting system with pivots.

32. Group PivotTable data: Group data like sales in quarters to be able to quickly view turnover.

33. Scatter plot chart:  Display revenue growth percentage and growth profit percentage on one chart.

34. Excel Match Data Function: Find out which cell 4 April is in on your spreadsheet.

35. Excel Advanced Filter: To improve your filter and autofilter capabilities.

Adrian is a Chartered Accountant, Charter Financial Analyst and a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

He started his own company over 11 years ago where he focuses on financial modelling and decision support assignments and regularly consults with financial institutions on the modelling of projects and debt. As a result, he has vast experience in all aspects of Excel-related work.

Adrian enjoys finding solutions to Excel problems that clients aren’t able to solve in any other way.

He’s so good at it, that MTN, Old Mutual and Sasol turn to Adrian for finance and Excel advice.

And today, Adrian wants to help YOU solve your Excel problems in five minutes.

You see, Adrian has created 35 five-minute videos with step-by-step instructions to solve your specific Excel problems. And all 35 of these easy-to-follow videos are available in Excel Training DVD: Solutions to Your 35 Biggest Excel Finance Problems.

Stop spending hours trying to figure out a solution to just one Excel problem

Have you ever spent your lunch hour trying to figure out how to import data into your income and expense spreadsheet?

Or stayed late after work trying to create a PivotTable or bar graph only to discover your calculations don’t add up?

If you turned to Google for help, you would have had to search through over 144 000 000 Excel related pages to find an answer to your specific Excel problem... That’s hours wasted time trying to find a solution to one Excel question! If you even find a solution at all!

No finance professional has that much time to find one solution.

But with Excel Training DVD, you’ll never have to waste time on Excel problems like:
•How to create financial reports with no formulas….
•Trying to work on spreadsheets received via email...
•Anchoring formulas to look at the correct cells...
•Analysing and identifying errors like duplicates in payment runs (payroll, creditors etc.)…..
•Creating PivotTables...
•And 30 more...

Instead, you’ll have 35 Excel videos at your disposal to give you a solution to your problem in three simple steps:

Step #1: Insert Excel Training DVD into your laptop.

Step #2: Choose your Excel level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Step #3: Select your Excel problem from the list and watch Adrian’s five-minute video for step-by-step instructions on how to solve it. Then apply what you’ve learnt and voila problem solved!

That means you cut through all the finance waffle and get a straightforward solution you can actually apply to all your finance-related Excel questions.


Excel guru, Adrian Miric has helped thousands of people with finance and spreadsheet advice, here’s what a handful of them have to say about him:

“Adrian explains everything really professionally”
– Bookkeeper, Johannesburg

“It really improved my Excel knowledge” – Excel user, Congo

“Most interesting and filled with very useful and relevant tricks and tools that one can start to use immediately”
– Revenue Manager, Johannesburg

Proof that there’s no one better than Adrian to give you solutions to your Excel problems.

With Excel Training DVD five-minute Excel solutions are just a click away 

If you think about how much time it’ll save you from searching through thousands of Excel related pages to just try and find one solution you’ll realise just how valuable Excel Training DVD really is.

That’s why as a Tax Bulletin reader, I’ve arranged for you to get your hands on this essential tool at the low price of R299 for the next 7 days.

Get your copy of Excel Training DVD for just R299 today and get 35 Excel solutions at a click of a button!

Don’t hesitate, order your copy of Excel Training DVD at this special low price today!

Here’s to making your Excel work hassle-free!

Kind regards,

Natalie Cousens
FSP Business

P.S: Order Excel Training DVD today and you’ll also receive a 30 day money-back guarantee. During that period, if you feel Excel Training DVD can’t help you solve your Excel problems, simply let me know and you’ll receive a full refund. Order today! You have nothing to lose except hours of time wasted on Excel hiccups.

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