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Q-Link Pendant -  Boost your energy levels and reduce stress
The Q-Link is an ingenious device containing a resonating cell (nature’s microchip) which works to counteract the effects harmful electromagnetic...
R 799.50
Hair G-Serum
Is your thinning hair or receding hairline making you feel self-conscious?Now, there’s a REAL solution that could help you:Improve hair...
R 799.95
Ultimate Muscle Support
This natural supplement helps prevent muscle loss and fatigue. Now, you can enjoy sound strength, muscle tone and endurance without working out 'til...
17 Ways to Defeat Ageing Without a Single Drug
17 Ways to Defeat Ageing without a Single Drug is a book that covers 17 natural ways to help anyone look and feel younger. The book was released by...
R 299.95
Doctors Secrets to Living Younger
Discover 114 age-defying secrets to help reverse the ageing process
R 199.95
Rebuild, Rejuvenate and Reform your health
Drive out a lifetime of toxins and feel brand new!
R 199.95
Get your Hormones back in Sync
Manage Menopause Naturally - feel 30 again, without harmful HRT drugs
R 149.95