Ultimate JointFlex Plus

Ultimate JointFlex Plus
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An all natural joint supplement to reduce joint pain and swelling. This breakthrough formulation helps relieve pain and increases joint flexibility and mobility without side-effects.

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New & Improved Natural Joint Repair Breakthrough could have you saying:

“I’m loving my new knees!”

…in as little as 90 days! 


Dear Reader,

Is your joint pain gradually getting worse, and affecting your quality of life?

Has that persistent nagging pain been the reason you’ve reduced some of the activities you used to love, like gardening, golfing, even shopping?

Do you worry that you won’t cope when you’re out and about sometimes?

And, does the pain keep you awake at night – and slow you down in the mornings?

If any of these ring true for you, this new BREAKTHROUGH could be just the news you’ve been waiting for…

In just a few weeks, you could be dancing the night away to celebrate your “new” knees, back and hips…

Thanks to Dr Craige Golding, South Africa’s Integrative Medicine Specialist, this breakthrough has all the stalwarts for joint pain relief and repair PLUS some SERIOUS new joint nourishing nutrients!

Thousands of people have relied on FSPNutritionals’ Ultimate JointFlex to soothe and help heal their joints for years. But now there’s even better news for joint pain sufferers with our NEW and IMPROVED Ultimate JointFlex PLUS

And it all starts with a substance that helps your body “renew” your aching joints at cellular level.

No, it’s not a lab-produced substance, or a synthetic concoction laced with side-effects.

It’s all natural and your own body makes it!

One of its main functions is to heal damaged cells and generate new ones.

And, research at Washington University in St Louis confirmed that this substance, which our brains produce, stimulates the growth of new connective tissue, including 

new healthy cartilage!

It also helps the cells in joints retain fluids. That’s great news, because by keeping them lubricated, there’s less friction and grinding going on in the joints – which means less damage and of course, less pain!

And, while your body makes less and less of this amazing substance as you age, there are ways to help your brain release more of it.

It’s most active about an hour after you fall asleep, when blood sugar levels decline in your body. So, when you help your brain make more of this chemical, your joints could be repairing themselves while you sleep!

Imagine getting out of bed and going about your day without once thinking about your joints!

Sometime in the very near future – in as little as 90 days – you could forget all about your joints! That’s beca

use you won’t be constantly reminded by the aches and pains that limit your ability to move.

You could feel like a brand-new person again!

Just imagine your life with none of that stiffness and tenderness?

It could all be possible starting with this amazing chemical your body makes – called Growth Hormone.

Your body has been making this substance all your life. It’s crucial while you’re growing, but as you get older, your body makes less of it.

And that’s a shame because scientists recently discovered that Growth Hormone is just as important later in life. That’s because it has the ability to help repair and rebuild your joints.

But there is a way to help your brain produce more of this healing hormone...  

Besides the fact that you’re not growing anymore, there are other reasons your brain

 makes less Growth Hormone later in life.

These include diet, lack of exercise, liver toxins, poor sleep quality and inflammation.

And, in a moment, I’ll show you just how Ultimate JointFlex Plus can help you overcome these obstacles so your body can make more Growth Hormone… repair your joints and soothe your pain away for good!

The first step to pain-free living comes from…

The nutrient that behaves
just like Growth Hormone

Ultimate JointFlex Plus contains Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM for short. It’s a natural biological-active sulphur which helps the body produce other chemicals it needs to function and repair itself.

It’s been studied for its many health benefits in the past few decades and it’s still raising eyebrows in the medical field!

This amazing nutrient is a powerful anti-inflammatory. And, because inflammation is one of the obstacles that slows the production of Growth Hormone in your body, you can see why Dr Golding kept this wonder nutrient in the NEW & IMPROVED Ultimate JointFlex Plus!  

Inflammation is also what causes pain in your joints. While it’s a necessary part of the repair process, if inflammation is not kept under control, it can lead to further damage in the joints. But, MSM quickly dowses inflammation, allowing your body to repair its damaged cells.

And of course, less inflammation means less pain and stiffness. But that’s not the only way MSM reduces pain… In one study, MSM was also shown to directly decrease nerve impulses which is what makes us feel pain.

It’s also a powerful antioxidant which reduces the toxins the liver has to deal with… This makes it effective at tackling another obstacle that prevents the body from producing Growth Hormone – toxins.

But, possibly the most powerful punch MSM packs against joint pain is its ability to mimic Growth Hormone. So instead of relying on your body just to make more Growth Hormone, you can also boost its effects by taking MSM!

Thanks to this powerful natural nutrient, you’re providing the nourishment your body needs to be able to reconstruct collagen – the soft connective tissue that cushions your joints!

That’s right, with MSM, you can expect wonderful things to start happening... Cell walls become flexible... The natural healing process in your cartilage is increased… And, your body’s natural joint-health booster – Growth Hormone – goes back to work…

Before you know it, you could feel healthier, younger and more agile!

The next step to pain-free joints is thanks to…

A key building block
of collagen

Glycine is the most abundant amino acid in collagen. Of about the 1,000 amino acids it takes to form collagen, Glycine contributes one-third of these building blocks!

Scientists also found that Glycine helps improve REM sleep – the kind of deep sleep that stimulates the release of Growth Hormone.

And, glycine helps the body make Glutathione – one of the most powerful antioxidants there is! Remember how toxins were an obstacle that prevented the body from making more Growth Hormone?

Plus, one of the most important roles of glycine is to regulate inflammation in the body – another obstacle in the 

way of your joints getting enough Growth Hormone to repair themselves.

When you reduce these obstacles and help the body to make more Growth Hormone – your body has the ability to repair and rebuild joints!

But that’s not all! Glycine also improves the digestion and absorption of protein and other important nutrients your joints need to stay healthy.

You can see why boosting your Glycine intake through Ultimate JointFlex Plus is a must!

And then there’s…

The essential mineral 80% of adults
aren’t getting enough of…

Magnesium is the most critical mineral required for the electrical stability of every cell in the body. A magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient. Research has shown that one of these is joint pain, and that 80% of people are not getting enough of this essential mineral in their diets.

Magnesium also promotes quality sleep and helps your body make glutathione – the super-powered antioxidant I mentioned a little while ago that helps flush toxins away – which of course helps your body make more Growth Hormone.

Without enough magnesium, calcium doesn’t get absorbed into the bones – which weakens them over time. Studies have shown that people with arthritis have lower bone mineral density, and get more fractures.

Calcium is also a natural pain reliever so the more calcium that gets absorbed into your joints and bones, the less pain you’ll feel!

With these amazing effects on preventing joint pain and helping your body repair your aching joints and weakening bones, it’s important to top up your magnesium intake with Ultimate JointFlex Plus!

And then, there’s…

The joint and bone mineral
you’ve probably never heard of…

Another mineral that we’re not getting enough of in our diets, thanks to modern farming techniques, is Boron.

It plays an important role in regulating the body’s inflammatory responses, which is important to stimulate the release of Growth Hormone and to allow your body to repair the damaged cells in your joints.

Research shows a high incidence of joint problems in areas that are low in Boron... And, it’s not surprising given that studies show participants reported “substantial improvement” in joint pain, stiffness, and overall joint function when they took a Boron supplement.

And, like magnesium, Boron also helps the bones absorb calcium to maintain their strength.

Because of all of these joint and bone benefits, Boron was an obvious addition to Ultimate JointFlex Plus.

But Dr Golding wasn’t done just yet by a long way…

Solid support from the

Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is another important nutrient that aids in the absorption of calcium and it’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Studies conducted have shown that people with arthritis have a lower level of vitamin D. 

In a study published in BioMed Central, vitamin D supplements reduced the loss of cartilage, knee pain and other structural abnormalities in arthritic patients.

In other studies, joint pain and stiffness were reduced when participants took vitamin D supplements.

And that’s exactly why Vitamin D made it into the ingredient list when Dr Golding formulated Ultimate JointFlex Plus!

And of course

A good joint formula is not complete
without Glucosamine and Chondroitin!

Glucosamine and Chondroitin have long been trusted for their role in joint health. Healthy joints produce their own glucosamine, but with age, production slows down, which means the body loses some of its ability to repair joints naturally.

Thankfully, by taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements, you can prevent cartilage from breaking down and help repair the damage in your joints.

Studies have also shown that Chondroitin helps reduce pain, increase joint mobility and decrease the need for painkillers. 

A recent Cochrane Collaboration review on Chondroitin, looked at 43 clinical trials over more than 20 years, involving 9,110 participants who used chondroitin for osteoarthritis. The review found that Chondroitin was effective in safely improving pain and functional capacity in patients. 

In another study, published in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, researchers found that a combination of Chondroitin and Glucosamine was as effective as the anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib after six months of treatment in patients with severe osteoarthritis. Pain, functional disability, stiffness and swelling were significantly reduced – without the usual side-effects associated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Both Glucosamine and Chondroitin reduce inflammation, allowing the cells in your joints to focus on repairing themselves instead of “putting out the fire” from the swelling.

And, when you combine Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM, you have a powerful combo to repair your joints, reduce inflammation and eliminate your joint pain!

And still, Dr Golding was not done yet…

The Indian medicinal herb that

stops inflammation before it even starts!

Natural Ayurvedic healers in India have been using Boswellia Serrata for over 1,500 years. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory that derails the leukotriene cycle – which effectively stops inflammation before it can even start!

It’s also a potent antioxidant that helps the liver clear away toxins in the blood.

And, when these amazing interventions happen, your body is able to make more Growth Hormone and improve blood supply to repair the damaged cells in your joints.

The end result is less swelling, less pain, increased mobility, reduced morning stiffness and a general improvement in quality of life!

The Caribbean root that
speeds nourishment to your joints

The Carribbeans potentially discovered one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories in Nature when they started using Ginger root to treat stubborn ailments!

Ginger has been traded throughout history – longer than most other spices, and in the 14th century, it cost as much as livestock!

All for good reason…

In addition to its ability to dowse inflammation and reduce pain, it also boosts blood circulation. And, when this happens, your joints are able to benefit from the nutrients and supplements you take in.

It was a definite must to include in Ultimate JointFlex Plus!

Get ready to feel like a ‘brand new’ person
with Ultimate JointFlex Plus!

Thanks to these ELEVEN scientifically-backed powerful joint and bone health nutrients, in as little as 90 days, you could say goodbye to your stiff and painful joints forever…

You could live each day to the fullest and never have to worry that you’ll pay the price later in the day for doing the things you love…  

A satisfying day’s work in your garden or workshop, having the grandkids over all day, enjoying a long walk in the park, or shopping to your heart’s content could all be just normal everyday activities in your busy schedule…

And, you wouldn’t even give your joints a second thought!

Imagine being comfortable and agile all day, waking up in the morning and getting out of bed without the slightest whimper or groan, and never having to limit your dreams because of sore and swollen joints!

It’s ALL possible with Ultimate JointFlex Plus!

Start repairing

your joints today!

It all starts when you nourish your joints at cellular level with the exact nutrients they need to repair themselves, curb inflammation to give your joints a chance to heal, and help stimulate your brain to make more Growth Hormone.

And now that you know how you could achieve all this with Ultimate JointFlex Plus, there’s NOTHING holding you back!

To make sure of that, Ultimate JointFlex Plus comes with the FSPNutritionals’ Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee…

Get your money back
if you don’t feel the difference in 90 days!

We’re so sure you’ll be writing in to us to let us know about all the amazing adventures you’ve started enjoying, thanks to your supple “new” joints, that we’re extending our Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee to you for a FULL 90 days!

That means that if you’ve taken Ultimate JointFlex Plus as directed on the label and you’re not satisfied with the progress you’re feeling in your joints within 90 days, simply return the bottles - even if they're partially empty, or empty - and we will refund you your purchase price. 

It can’t get any simpler than this!

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain when you try Ultimate JointFlex Plus today!

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This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to try Ultimate JointFlex Plus Risk-FREE!

It’s time to unlock your ability to rebuild your joints… Order your supply of Ultimate JointFlex Plus today!

To your “brand new” joints,

Antoinette Pombo

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Imagine…for about R7 a day – less than the price of a cup of coffee – you could nourish and protect your joints... and retain the active, healthy lifestyle you deserve!
When you stick with Ultimate JointFlex Plus for the long run, you’re providing your joints with the nourishment they need to repair themselves and stay flexible and strong. 
You’ll notice a gradual difference with each passing week, until finally it hits you... your joints feel more flexible, more mobile and that morning stiffness is gone!
Give your tired, worn joints a new lease on life!
Imagine waking up, sitting up and stretching – and not feeling the stiffness and aches!
People from all walks of life have reported an amazing sense of revitalisation and rave about once-tender joints that feel practically “like new” – thanks to Ultimate JointFlex Plus. That’s because Ultimate JointFlex Plus gives joints the full nourishment and daily support they’re crying out for!
1. Supports healthy ache-free joints…
2. Helps the healing process…
3. Nourishes healthy new cartilage…
4. Promotes a wider range of motion…
5. Helps maintain flexibility…

This product contains NO yeast, wheat gluten, soy protein, milk/ dairy, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial colouring, preservatives or flavouring.
Not suitable for people allergic to seafood.
Diabetics should only use this product under the supervision of their healthcare practitioner.
If you are using blood thinning medication, such as warfarin, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.
Discontinue use at least 2 weeks prior to any surgical procedure.
“Both my left and right hip joints feel amazing!”

My story began back in 2002, when at the age of 60, I fell, breaking the head off my femur, and consequently received a left hip replacement. With regular aqua aerobics, I remained extremely active, until that is, in 2018, when my hip problems started to get worse. My surgeon, after taking X-rays, showed me that not only had the plasticity of the 2002 hip just about disappeared, but the cartilage in my remaining hip had worn extensively due to compensation. 

At that consultation, in March 2018, I was literally facing two hip operations.Slowly I became aware that the pain of walking was increasing and even certain movements during my aqua exercise had to be curtailed.

That’s when I embarked on a 6-month course of Ultimate Jointflex Plus in an effort to ward off the operations.I can’t say exactly how long it took, but, to my amazement, I began once more to work through the entire aqua exercises without giving pain any thought.No more wincing as I walked, I was just able to get on with my life. Both my left and right hip joints feel amazing! What more can I say, other than I am very grateful to have had the chance of taking Ultimate Jointflex Plus and for the painless life it has brought back to me.Thank you.
- Jaqueline Dorothy

“Thank you for a brilliant product!”

I think I have been promoting the success of Ultimate Jointflex Plus for years. After as little as two days I felt relief from my sore knees and sore back. Especially the knees. I used to hate going to the toilet because of the agonising pain from sitting and getting up again.

I also gave Ultimate Jointflex Plus to my husband, and believe it or not, the pain in his foot has disappeared. Then I gave some to my sister, her pain was relieved in a day. Now, I’ve given one of my bottles to my doctor in Polokwane, for her mother to try.

Thank you for a brilliant product!
- Alpheen Pienaar 

“I am on cloud nine…”

It is a pleasure to inform chronic arthritis sufferers of how good Ultimate Jointflex Plus is. I am one such person but due to the aforementioned capsules I am now able to walk freely without the use of a walking stick which had become a necessity to support my aching knee especially when climbing steps.

I am on cloud nine given that I am now able to take my daily morning brisk walk. A healthy lifestyle is an absolute necessity for all and with useful products like Ultimate Jointflex Plus, life becomes pleasurable once again. Money spent on buying Ultimate Jointflex Plus is money well spent as life is precious and we only live once in this world of ours.
- BD Radebe

“My wife’s shoulder injury is a distant memory – gone for good!”

We've tried many products in the past but since 2010 we’ve been taking this amazing joint miracle supplement. I can flex my knees and play golf pain free and my wife’s shoulder injury is a distant memory – gone for good!
Thank you FSP!
- Mike O
“With Vioxx taken away, I rely on Ultimate JointFlex. Thank you for giving me a chance at continuing an active lifestyle.”

– Kathleen Miller
“I tried Ultimate JointFlex for my bad hip. It had hurt seriously for over 6 months, and nothing worked, not even steroid shots. After the first two weeks on Ultimate JointFlex, my discomfort was greatly reduced, and after three weeks, it’s completely gone! Thanks again.”

– Perry Cimino

“My Mum found immediate relief. The cramps went overnight. She slept soundly, has more range of movement, was able to clean the windows for the first time in ages. She feels and looks so much brighter in the space of a weekend. Thank you, FSP Nutritionals. It’s great to know you’re on the ball!”

Rachel Hil

"I have been taking Ultimate JointFlex for just over two weeks and can honestly say my lower back ache has all but disappeared. Before I started taking this supplement, I used to toss and turn all night because if I stayed in one position too long my back would begin to ache. Since starting with the full dose I cannot remember the last time I woke up feeling like I needed to roll over and I no longer have that stiff achy feeling when I get out of bed every morning. ”

– A.K.

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