Ultimate Pain Relief

Ultimate Pain Relief
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Ultimate Pain Relief goes to work, rubbing out pain on contact for soothing, sweet relief of all types of pain.Unlike other over-the-counter topical products, Ultimate Pain Relief combines ten different botanicals into one breakthrough formula that works on contact through a revolutionary four-part delivery system.
Even better, there are no pills to digest and it goes to work on contact. Two drops and BINGO! Pain relief – on contact.

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Did you know
your body has a “pain switch”?

REVEALED: the little known “switch” in your nervous system
that gives you real relief from almost any kind of pain – including back pain, arthritis pain in your knees and hips, aching hands, neck pain,
foot and ankle pain and more… safely and in seconds.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished you could just flip a switch…

And turn your pain OFF?

Whether you’re dealing with back pain… arthritis pain in your knees, hips, or shoulders… neck pain… muscle aches… foot pain…

If you could simply flip a switch and feel your pain vanish instantly, like it never existed…

Can you imagine the overwhelming feeling of relief and comfort? The big sigh of relaxation you’d let out as you felt the pain vanish?

Can you imagine the joy and excitement you’d feel?

You’d be just like a kid on Christmas morning!

Well thanks to the remarkable scientific breakthrough you’re about to discover, the dream of ‘flipping off your pain switch’ is as close to coming true as it has ever been.

What you’ll learn in this presentation is the single most powerful natural pain relief technique ever discovered. 

Because unlike today’s standard pain relief solutions, this technique actually “scrambles” pain signals at the source. So you can go from hurting to “hallelujah!” in a matter of seconds…

And it’s NOT a pill, powder or potion of any kind.

So keep reading to see what makes this technique so different from anything you’ve tried before… and why it works so well, even when other pain relievers fail.

I’ll show you the remarkable – yet incredibly simple – scientific breakthrough that gives you real relief you can feel.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Because you’ll hear from some of the hundreds of thousands of formerly pain-plagued people who’ve learned about this technique to relieve almost every kind of pain imaginable.

Because if you’re anything like them… if you suffer from the kind of nagging aches and pains that come with age…

The little-known technique you’re about to learn will be an absolute wonder…

I’m Dr Allan Spreen, and at 67 years young, I personally use this technique all the time to deal with joint pain. To be honest, I’m not sure how I’d manage without it!

It’s that effective…

And believe me, I know firsthand what a heavy toll pain can take on your life.

I’ve been a medical doctor for well over 3 decades now.

I was also a competitive diver when I was younger, and I coached for the US dive team in the ‘96 Olympic games.

So yes, I’ve seen the full spectrum of pain… from battered college athletes to arthritic 95-year-olds…

And whichever end of that spectrum you’re closer to, the result is the same:

Pain is like a dark cloud over your whole life.

It keeps you from doing the things you love.

It changes your personality, making you less happy and less fun to be around.

It changes your relationships with your friends and loved ones.

If you’re still working, it can make it hard to keep a job and support your family.

If you’re retired, it can steal what should be the best years of your life.

Bottom line: if you have pain, you just can’t live your life to the fullest.

And let’s face it, the current options for pain relief leave a LOT to be desired.

Dangerous, addictive pain pills with a slew of side effects?

Stretches and exercises that just make you hurt worse?

Weird electrical devices that are supposed to “shock” your pain away?

Give me a break!

It’s no wonder you’re still hurting… and still searching for a better way.

And I’m here to tell you – THIS is the last pain relief solution you’ll ever need.

In fact, what you’re about to discover should be headline news. Doctors across the country should be telling their hurting patients all about it. Because it’s safe, natural, and most importantly, it just plain WORKS.

However, because it won’t make the drug companies richer, I doubt it’ll ever make headlines at all!

And that’s why I created this presentation.

To show you everything you need to know about the breakthrough, and more importantly, how you can use it to live a more pain-free life…

It started when neuroscientists – doctors who study the brain – made a startling discovery about what pain actually is…

Let me explain.

When you have a sore knee, for example – we doctors can usually tell what’s going on physically.

Meaning we can examine your knee, X-ray it, or do blood tests. And we can see that there’s cartilage damage, or inflammation, or bone-on-bone contact – whatever the case may be.

What we didn’t know – until recently – is why you FEEL pain.

See, pain comes down to signals sent from the part of your body that hurts up to your brain.

But how does that signal get from your knee, hip, back, or ankle… all the way to your brain? And could there be a way to “scramble” that signal, so you wouldn’t FEEL the pain sensations?

That’s what we didn’t understand…

Until researchers at the Pain Research Commission of the Austrian Academy of Science made a startling discovery…

They were studying lab rats with chronic arthritis pain. Yep, lab rats can get arthritis, too!

And they discovered that a mysterious chemical called “substance P” kept popping up wherever the rats had arthritis.

And soon, they realised that substance P isn’t unique to lab rats. It shows up in people with pain, too. Especially arthritis and joint pain.

See, substance P is what scientists call a “neurotransmitter” – meaning it transmits signals between nerve cells and brain cells.

And as it turns out, substance P is the neurotransmitter that transmits pain signals. In other words, it’s the “switch” that connects pain signals from the part of your body that hurts, to your brain.

Here’s why that’s so important…

If you can simply turn off substance P then those pain signals would never make it to your brain.

Can you see what a huge breakthrough that would be?

It’d be as close to turning off your “pain switch” as you could possibly get!

You could finally get back to living your best life… whether that means playing more golf… or starting a huge vegetable garden… or hiking down the riverbank to your favourite fishing spot… or just chasing your rowdy grandkids around the backyard…

It would be like starting a whole new, more pain-free life – a life where you could do… whatever you feel like!

There’s just one problem…

How do we “switch off” Substance P?

Scientists have managed to do it in lab rats – but only by genetically engineering them to NOT produce substance P.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in no hurry to get genetically engineered!

Of course, if there were a pill that could wipe out substance P, that’d be great. But no pain pill on earth does that – it’s just not how they work.

Besides, it turns out Substance P has some other roles in your brain. Important stuff like regulating your mood and memory.

So you wouldn’t want to wipe out all the Substance P in your body.

Which is why the technique you’re about to learn is SO life-changing…

It’s a way to deal with Substance P in a laser-targeted way – only where you hurt.

It comes from the work of one of the most brilliant minds in natural medicine – a colleague of mine named Jon Barron.

A few years ago, he was researching a plant-based compound that wipes out Substance P in a matter of seconds.

It’s called capsaicin, and it actually comes from certain hot pepper plants. It works so well because it fits into the exact same receptors as substance P, which overloads them and scrambles the pain signals.

It’s kind of like jamming an enemy radio with a more powerful signal.

And when he combined a potent capsaicin extract with a blend of powerful compounds including menthol, MSM and arnica, the results started to get really promising

There was just one thing missing…

He needed a way to get this powerful pain-fighting formula directly into your knees, back, neck, ankles… or wherever it is that you hurt.

Pills were out of the question – because pills affect your whole body.

And as you know, eliminating substance P has to be done in a targeted way, only where you hurt…

The answer? A topical solution. Something you apply directly to the spot where you hurt, whether it’s your arthritic knees or hips, aching wrists and hands, hurting back or anywhere else.

Of course, regular topical creams would never work.

If you’ve ever used those old-style pain creams, you know why. Ever notice how they leave your skin feeling greasy? That’s because they’re not absorbed very well.

That means they can’t get the pain fighting ingredients where you really need them….

Then Jon Barron stumbled onto a little-known substance that changed everything.

It’s called dimethyl sulfoxide, or DMSO. It’s a sulphur-rich compound that’s actually produced from trees when they’re turned into wood pulp for paper making.

It was once an underground sensation among pro athletes, in-the-know-doctors, and even racehorse trainers… because of its amazing bio-chemical effects… (Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes even did a full-length piece on the health benefits of DMSO in 1982)…

But because it’s not a prescription drug, doctors slowly stopped using it. And it was all but forgotten in scientific circles…

That is, until Jon Barron stumbled onto DMSO research… and realised it has the exact properties he was looking for.

It absorbs through your skin almost instantly – put a drop on the back of your hand and it virtually disappears…

At the same time, it perfectly blends in with whatever you mix it with.

That makes it the ideal “delivery vehicle” for Jon Barron’s pain formula. Of the billions of bio-chemical compounds on earth, DMSO has the exact properties needed to send these ingredients deep into your pain-sites…

That means YOU can use this breakthrough to flip your own body’s pain switch to OFF – whenever and wherever you hurt…

What does that mean for you?

Well, simply put, it means you don’t have to spend one more day suffering.

With this breakthrough on your side, you could wake up tomorrow morning and feel the best you’ve felt in years… which means you could do… well… whatever you want!

You could call up an old friend and take a fun road trip… you could take your grandkids boating at the lake… you could enter a tennis tournament and crush the competition…

Whatever you’ve been missing… whatever your arthritis pain, muscle pain, or any kind of pain has been holding you back from doing…

Now, you don’t have to miss out. Not anymore.

Because today, after more than 8 years of research and development, I’m thrilled to announce…

The “pain off switch” is available to YOU.

It’s called Ultimate Pain Relief. It’s an advanced liquid formula that combines DMSO, menthol, capsaicin, plus 9 other potent natural compounds. It’s clear, non-greasy – and it even has a pleasant subtle minty smell. Nothing like those nasty creams from yesteryear.

All you do is rub a couple drops of this magic liquid wherever you hurt… wait a few seconds… and POOF! You feel your pain start to evaporate like a morning fog!

Friend, if you’ve ever wished you could simply “switch off your pain”… you’re in luck…

Because in a few minutes, I’ll show you how to get up to 3 bottles of Ultimate Pain Relief absolutely FREE as part of a special limited-time offer… and I’m so confident it will help you live a more pain-free life, I’m backing it by an insanely generous guarantee... unlike anything you’ll find in the pain relief industry.

Simply put – if a few drops of Ultimate Pain Relief don’t give you real, undeniable relief from your pain – the very first time you use it – just send it back and I’ll refund every cent of your purchase price.

No questions asked.

That’s how confident I am that Ultimate Pain Relief is the pain solution you’ve been praying for.

I’ll show you how to claim your supply of Ultimate Pain Relief in just a couple minutes – including up to 3 bottles FREE.

First, let me show you some of the messages we’ve received from folks who’ve tried Ultimate Pain Relief.

Because I know what you’re thinking – “could a topical formula really work for MY pain?”

I understand where you’re coming from. So just wait till you hear what these folks have to say.

Keep in mind these are real people who suffered from real pain

Carol from Northern Virginia finally found relief from her shoulder pain…

“Ultimate Pain Relief is totally amazing. You apply it… and almost instantly get relief. It’s a wonder product!”
-C.T. Alexandria

Randy uses it on his arthritic hands…

“Just a couple drops and I get near-instantaneous relief in my hands. I was surprised how it works much quicker than painkillers!”
-Randy M

We hear that a lot – people are amazed how quickly Ultimate Pain Relief works. When you’re used to taking a pill, then waiting in agony for the effects… Ultimate Pain Relief’s quick wave of relief is a welcome change!

And that’s just the beginning. Got lower back pain? Here’s Sheryl:

“I have pretty bad pain in my lower back… any kind of physical activity aggravates it. With Ultimate Pain Relief, I just spread a few drops over my lower back, rub it in, and get relief within minutes that lasts for hours… then I can go on to a productive day!”
-Sheryl S.

Tim uses it for knee pain, as does his wife…

“It relieves the pain in my knees… seems to work good! My wife uses it too!”

Then there’s Teri, who’s glad her husband finally has a pill-free option to deal with back pain:

“My husband has back pain from an old injury and refuses to take pills. We like how the relief seems to be instant, then lasts for several hours. Thank you for a great product!”
-Teri M

Friend, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Since we first released Ultimate Pain Relief, thousands of people just like you have tried it… and we get messages like this every single day.
And now, it’s YOUR turn.

From neck pain… to aching backs… to arthritis-ravaged hips and knees… to hurting ankles and feet…

If there’s any type of joint, muscle, or bone pain Ultimate Pain Relief can’t handle… we haven’t found it yet!

That’s why you can count on Ultimate Pain Relief to help you live a more pain-free life. And it’s why I’m backing it with an unheard of guarantee. Just use Ultimate Pain Relief ONE TIME – just 2 or 3 drops wherever you hurt the most…

And if you’re not stunned speechless by the near-instant relief – if you’re not grinning from ear to ear when you feel your pain start to vanish…

I’ll gladly refund every cent you paid for Ultimate Pain Relief.

You know, the ONLY reason I can offer a guarantee like that is because Ultimate Pain Relief works unlike anything else on earth.

Compare it to the way pain pills work, for example.

First, pills have to make it through your entire digestive system… then get absorbed into your bloodstream… then reach the actual site of your pain… and only then can they deliver actual relief.

That can lead to all kinds of problems with your digestive system… including ulcers and constipation…

And even when pain pills work, there’s one thing you can’t escape: the WAIT.

It can take a long time for pain pills – even the strongest ones on the market – to give you relief you can feel. That leaves you stuck, waiting in agony…

Ultimate Pain Relief, on the other hand, bypasses your digestive system. It delivers powerful, natural pain-relief directly to where you’re hurting so you can feel your pain evaporate in seconds

But maybe you’re wondering what makes Ultimate Pain Relief different from other topical pain relievers? Like the tube of smelly goop you might have sitting in the back of your medicine cabinet?

Honestly, there’s no comparison.

For starters, no pain cream has Ultimate Pain Relief’s unique blend of pain-fighters and natural extracts. It’s the most potent blend I’ve ever seen in a natural formula by far.

And even if they had the same pain-relieving ingredients, they STILL wouldn’t be able to deliver anywhere near the relief you get from Ultimate Pain Relief…

Because they don’t have the advanced “delivery system” based on the amazing DMSO.

If you’ve ever used one of those pain creams, you’ve probably noticed how it leaves a greasy film on your skin.

That means the pain-fighting ingredients are sitting on top of your skin – doing you no good at all! No matter how much you glob on, you simply WON’T get the kind of relief you’re after.

But when you rub a few tiny drops of Ultimate Pain Relief where you hurt, you’ll notice that it disappears almost instantly. That’s DMSO at work. And that’s how you know Ultimate Pain Relief’s pain-relief power blend is going right where you need it… deep into your knees, wrists, lower back, or wherever you hurt!

Then you might feel a slight tingle that lasts a few seconds… that’s a sign that Ultimate Pain Relief’s pain-fighters are wiping out substance P, flipping your pain switch OFF…

And when the tingle disappears, you suddenly realise the pain just isn’t there anymore. It really is like magic…

You can breathe a deep sigh of relief… enjoy your new comfort and mobility… and then get back to enjoying life!

You can get back to your weekly card game… making home-cooked meals for your family… fixing up that old car in the garage… or helping out with your church’s fundraiser…

YES – you can start looking forward to every day again. No more sitting on the sidelines for you!

That’s why Ultimate Pain Relief users absolutely RAVE about it to practically anyone who will listen. They write us every day with surprise and delight about how well it works… they share it with their friends and family… and they re-order Ultimate Pain Relief in droves…

Ever seen that kind of excitement for a store-bought pain cream? I sure haven’t!

That’s because Ultimate Pain Relief is in a different league. It’s a serious pain reliever, meant for serious pain…

And perhaps best of all…

Because unlike pills, Ultimate Pain Relief is completely non-addictive and virtually side-effect free…

Which means you can use it as often as you need to! A couple drops in the morning on your stiff hips… a few more on your lower back before you take the dog out for a walk… a couple more on your elbows before you hit the links in the afternoon… a little dab on your sore knees before bed…

With Ultimate Pain Relief, you NEVER have to worry about using too much. And because it’s not a pill, you can’t build up a tolerance – so you get real relief EVERY time you rub it in…

So even if you’re happy with your pain pills, Ultimate Pain Relief is STILL worth its weight in gold, simply because you won’t have to worry about waiting for pain pills to kick in after a sudden pain flare-up.

That’s why I’ve worked with my team here at FSP Nutritionals to give you up to 3 bottles of Ultimate Pain Relief absolutely FREE…

Because I’m so confident this is the pain-relief solution you’ve been praying for…

I want to make trying it today an EASY decision for you.

So for every bottle of Ultimate Pain Relief you order today, I’ll include an extra bottle absolutely FREE... all the way up to 3 FREE BOTTLES!

Order 2 bottles, get 1 free.

And, since your friends and family will want to keep a bottle once they try it… order 3 bottles today and get 3 absolutely FREE!

It’s the best offer we’ve ever made on the best pain-relief formula on earth.

And that’s not all.

See, I completely understand if you’re still skeptical.

The idea that a topical pain reliever could work better than pills is, well, tough to swallow.

And I know you may still be thinking that your pain is different… that there’s no way a topical solution could work this well.

But all it takes is one time… one application of Ultimate Pain Relief to your aching neck, back, wrists, hips, or knees… ONE TIME for you to feel the rush of sweet relief that comes from Ultimate Pain Relief’s Substance P eliminating power…

And you’ll wish you’d tried Ultimate Pain Relief years ago!

So I’ll make this a NO RISK proposition for you.

Try Ultimate Pain Relief ONCE. Just once!

Wherever you hurt, just dab 2 or 3 drops and gently rub it in… watch it disappear instantly… feel the slight tingle as Ultimate Pain Relief scrambles Substance P’s pain signals…

And most importantly, feel the relief you’ve been searching for…

And if you don’t agree that Ultimate Pain Relief is absolutely life changing, just send it back for a full refund of the purchase price.

No questions asked.

I hope that shows you how confident I am that Ultimate Pain Relief will help you live a more pain-free life.

The button below will take you to a secure order form, where you can claim your 3 FREE BOTTLES right now…

Before you go, though, let me remind you…

Ultimate Pain Relief is doctor-developed and doctor approved. Unlike many of the pain formulas out there that have no scientific backing, this formula is built on real clinical research, and it really works.

I use it personally and often.

It works for me.

It’s worked for thousands of happy users…

And it will work for YOU, or your money back.

Try getting a guarantee like that on any other pain reliever… not gonna happen!

There’s only one catch: because of this unprecedented 3 FREE BOTTLES offer, we’re not sure how long our current stock of Ultimate Pain Relief will last.

At this moment, we have about 2000 bottles in stock and ready to ship.

That may sound like a lot, but at the rate it’s going, we could sell out today.

So please…

Don’t spend another minute in pain.

Click the button below to secure your supply of Ultimate Pain Relief now, while you can…

And remember that your order is covered by a 100% money-back guarantee… If you’re not thrilled for any reason at all, just send it back for a prompt refund with no questions asked.

So right now, you have a very simple choice to make.

You could choose to let this special offer pass you by. You could hope that your pain magically goes away on its own, or that pills will magically start working faster and without side effects.

IN other words, you could keep suffering.

Or you can take this risk-free offer… claim 3 FREE BOTTLES while they last… knowing that your order is covered by a full money back guarantee… and feel the real relief you’ve been waiting for.

This can be the day you start a new… more active… more exciting… more pain-free life…

Simply click below to get started.

I can’t wait to get an email from YOU with YOUR Ultimate Pain Relief success story!

To your good health,

Dr Alan Spreen
FSP Nutritionals

List of ingredients:

Wintergreen Oil, DMSO, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Menthol Crystals (9-16%),
d-Limonene Oil, Cayenne Fruit, Calendula Flower, Arnica Flower,
St.John’s Wort Herb, Ginger Root, MSM

Safe to use every day...
There’s nothing to swallow. Just open the bottle and dab one or two drops on your fingertips. Lightly rub the area where you’re hurting then simply feel what happens next.

It’s as easy as that! And you’ll start to feel relief from your pain on contact, without worry of dangerous side effects.

It’s so easy, the strength of this unique formula surprised even me. It’s more effective than any previous pain reliever I’ve tried with NO harmful side effects!

Adults and children 2 years of age and older: Apply 2-5 drops to affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily.
Wash hands before and after use.
Children under 2 years of age: Consult a physician
May produce temporary skin irritation, please discontinue use if this occurs. Do not use on wounds or damaged skin. Do not apply heat after using this product

When using this product:
• Avoid contact with eyes
• Do not bandage tightly

Stop use and ask a doctor if discomfort worsens,or if it persists more than 7 days, or clears up and reoccurs again within a few days.
Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Centre right away.

“After the first application [my husband] received relief from his pain. He is 80 years old and has experienced pain in his hip and knee for some time, even after ingesting many bottles of glucosamine and MSM. He’s thrilled and urges others who may be skeptical... Try it!”
– Shirley Denson

“This is the most amazing pain relief product for arthritis. I put one drop on my mom’s arthritic wrist on Saturday afternoon. Today is Monday and she called to say that it relieved all the pain until Sunday afternoon!”
– Christina Silfee

“I am a sufferer of pain off and on from neuropathy. It may be a shooting pain, a knife-like pain anywhere in my body. Well, I developed a pain on the outside of my left foot like a pang of ice going into the foot. 2 drops and Bingo! I just couldn’t believe how effective it was!”
– Mary Stewart

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You have A 60-Day GUARANTEE direct from FSP Nutritionals that unless you’re completely 100% satisfied you can return it for a refund!

You have two months to try it out and even though it’s unlikely, if you ever feel Ultimate Pain Relief isn’t doing the job, just return the unused portion within 60 days of purchase and we’ll happily give you a 100% refund for the bottles you return.

Just return all your bottles (used and unused) within 60 days of purchase and we'll happily give you a 100% refund.