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Auto delivery information

Have you heard about our free SmartShip delivery programme?

It's the most cost effective, easiest and most convenient way to ensure that you never run out so you continue to experience the benefits of this breakthrough formulation.

  • Save money: Perhaps the best benefit of SmartShip is that you never pay for postage and handling – ever! 
  • No price increases: Once you’re enrolled, we guarantee that prices won’t go up for at least 12 months.
  • Never reorder: You’ll never have to remember to reorder, because we automatically send you a fresh supply each month, a couple of days before your current supply runs out. 
  • Flexible delivery options: If you decide that your second shipment arrives too soon or too late, just give us a call – we can change your future dispatch dates to better suit your individual needs!
  • Convenient payment: We’ll automatically charge each month’s shipment to the credit card you provided. You won’t have to worry about writing cheques, mailing in forms or phoning in your credit card number each month.