Dr Golding on Diabetes – Reverse your diabetes and take control today!

Dr Golding on Diabetes – Reverse your diabetes and take control today!
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Take control of your diabetes! Naturally fight diabetes, regulate your blood sugar levels and reduce insulin dependency. 

Price: R 299.95

Over 30 years of research...
And more than 20,000 successful treatments have revealed...

The Truth about Diabetes

Let Dr Golding Help You Reverse Your Diabetes in as Little as 8 Weeks

Dear Health-Conscious Reader,

Imagine being able to:

  • Normalise your blood sugar
  • Restore pancreatic function
  • Eliminate insulin resistance
  • Get off pharmaceuticals
  • Lose the excess weight
Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not, even though pharmaceutical companies won’t advertise it.

There’s just no long term money in curing people of their disease naturally…

But thousands of Dr Golding’s patients have effectively treated their condition permanently just by using his simple protocol.

This ground-breaking protocol is the only holistic treatment of its kind… And today I want you to have it!

Thousands of people just like you have effectively defeated diabetes permanently and without drugs!

The Diabetes programme that will change your life

Part One - The Cause
  1. What is Diabetes? And how does your body react.
  2. The truth about diabetes drugs… Are they making it all worse not better?
  3. The complications of diabetes your worst fear!
  4.  Is your body working…
Part Two - The Treatment
  1. Diabetes can be reversed!
  2. Get your hormones in sync
  3. Your diet… Why we eat what we eat and how it affects you
  4. Supplements: a pill a day keeps the doctor away
  5. Get moving
Part Three - The Protocol
  1. Are you seeing the right doctor?
  2. Regime that could lower your blood sugar to 5.8 in just three days and keep it there for the rest of your life.
  3. Break free from stress and get enough sleep
  4. The detox!
  5. The anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammation
Part Four – The Plan
  1. The importance of health checks: Your eyes, feet and liver
  2. Stop smoking & drinking
  3. Monitor you glucose levels… Test, Test, Test!
  4. Record your progress
  5. Living a healthy life
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In Dr Golding’s: Reverse your diabetes and take control today protocol you’ll discover more about his breakthrough diabetes treatment plan that goes straight to the underlying cause of the disease.

Plus – on his programme - you’ll actually reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke… Not increase it! (Your diabetes meds actually increase it by up to 14% reveals a University Health Network study.)

You’ll be shocked at just how simple it is to fight diabetes naturally… And to:

  • Normalise your blood sugar
  • Boost your energy
  • Heal cuts faster
  • Improve your eyesight
  • Regain your sense of balance
  • Regulate your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Reduce the risk of a heart attack, stroke, blindness and kidney damage.
Dr Golding’s defeat diabetes protocol is easy to follow and simple to integrate into your daily routine and won’t cost you millions to incorporate.

No more managing your disease. Instead Dr Golding has developed a proven therapy designed especially for you.

Nowyou can live again – absolutely diabetes free…

It’s overwhelming… It’s liberating… And it gives you your life back!

Meet Dr Craige Golding, a true revolutionary doctor and a life-giver to thousands of his patients.

Dr Golding earned his medical degree from Pretoria University (cum laude) more than 20 years ago. And he received his Masters in Medical Science from the University of South Florida (magna cum laude).

But his patients don’t flock to see him from as far away as the UK, Australia and Portugal because of his academic credentials… They come for his unique approach to life threatening disease like diabetes.

You see, what he does as the Chief Medical Advisor of his own Integrative Medical Centre in Johannesburg goes far beyond the conventional treatments of today’s doctors.

As the only board certified member of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine in Africa, Dr Golding doesn’t believe managing disease is enough! His years of study and practice have shown him that the secret to banish diabetes is to STOP treating the symptoms and START treating the cause.

That’s why this legendary doctor introduced not only integrative medicine to South Africa, but an integrative solution to stop diabetes in its tracks!

To date, he’s helped practitioners around the world replicate his patient success rate through his South African Academy of Integrative Medicine. He’s also lectured at the prestigious American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine. And he regularly shares his world renowned opinions with patients, medical journals and media alike.

Dr Golding, has helped thousands of patients recapture their lives and live diabetes free.

Now, he wants to help YOU do the same!
Just like he's done for people like…

Christie: By tackling the root cause of her diabetes not its symptoms. His protocol gave her a new lease on life…

When Christie first met Dr Golding, she was just 26.
By then, she’d been suffering from Type II diabetes for years and had started struggling with hot flushes, irregular periods and weight issues.

All of which pointed to the fact that Christie was suffering from poly-cystic ovaries. And that’s what all the other doctors were treating her for.

But not Dr Golding. In conjunction with a variety of natural nutrient treatments, he put Christie on a course of bio-identical hormone therapy to curb the effects. Of early onset menopause was having on her body. And got her sugar levels on track. 

Within the first three months on the plan, Christie had lost 4kgs and her blood sugar was in the normal zone of 5.8 - 6.2.

Just like that, Christie’s life was turned around. 

And Christie’s not alone…

He also helped my mom: Lorraine Boshoff,

Lorraine had been suffering for years trying to get her blood sugar balance under control…I made an appointment with Dr Golding for her.

Dr Golding did an extensive physical examination, blood test and assessed her emotional and mental state… Based on this in-depth examination he foundthe
cause of my mom’s diabetes was from chronic inflammation brought on by stress and the over production of the hormone, cortisol.

After a few weeks under Dr Golding’s treatment her blood sugar has stabilised to 5.8.

And then there's Gameed one of the delegates at Dr Golding’s 2014 defeat diabetes workshop...

Gameed’s health went from zero to hero after applying Dr Golding’s protocol to his diabetes treatment. 

His eyesight was compromised, his weight was out of control… After as little as three months his life improved so much he was able to move around again after being house bound for years.

There are so many stories like Christie’s, my mom and Gameed's. That’s why the team here at FSPHealthandFitness.co.za and I decided to publish Dr Golding’s complete protocol in a new book titled:Dr Golding on Diabetes – Reverse your diabetes and take control today!

This information can free you from diabetes once and for all. It will literally save your life…

Teach your body to treat itself... Get real results... Or your money back!
Dr Golding has successfully treated over 20'000 diabetes patients in the last 20 years!

There’s so much more I could tell you about Dr Golding’s protocol, like… how:
  • J.T. lost 27 kilos and 30 centimetres… Just by following Dr Golding’s diet and meal plan.
  • Lorraine learnt to block sugar cravings… By cutting the right foods out of her diet.
  • Eating more ‘good fat’ could help you lose weight… ‘Good fat’ counteracts ‘bad fat’
  • You could cut your blood sugar levels by 50% to 75% without drugs or needles… Just by following Dr Golding’s treatment!
The bottom line is… You don’t have to let diabetes beat you. You can beat the odds and teach your body how to digest sugar.

Just like all the others who’ve already found the secret, you too could get control of your diabetes and feel fit, healthy and energised. We guarantee it. Or your money back. It’s that simple.

Defuse the time bomb that started ticking on your health. No one wants to live an extra 40 years just to land up bed ridden because you’ve lost a limb or gone blind from worsening eye conditions…

Dr Golding believes that adding years to your life isn’t the answer, but rather, ensuring that those years are healthy ones.

Order now and you won’t need to risk your life – or your money – to protect yourself from disease

In this letter, you’ve met real people who experienced the crippling effects of diabetes that’s robbed them of years of their lives.

To make sure you’re not one of them, I’ll give you a full 60 days to read your report. If, during those first 60 days, you decide you won’t benefit from Dr Golding’s years of experience at preventing and reversing diabetes, I guarantee you a full refund of R299.95.

Don’t accept a lifetime of pain and ill health just because your doctor only knows how to treat your symptoms not the cause and eliminate the disease.

Order your risk-free copy of Dr Golding on Diabetes – Reverse your diabetes and take control today! For only R299.95 and discover real relief, real health, and real vitality.

To Your Good Health,

Chantel Pittendrigh
Managing Editor, Natural Health Dossier
PS. Not only will you get your risk free copy of Dr Golding on Diabetes – Reverse your diabetes and take control today!, but you will also get the report Clean Living - Simple Ways to Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy World absolutely FREE!
Don’t waste any more time order you copy today and enjoy the freedom!

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