Forex Profit Box

Forex Profit Box
Inside the box lies everything you need to make a 2nd or even a 3rd income with Forex.

I’ve condensed over a decade worth of knowledge and experience into this one little box. It doesn’t matter whether you've been trading the market for years.

Or if you've never taken a trade before...

This box caters from beginners up to the most advanced traders out there
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Read this before you place another trade...

The 3 most dangerous lies in forex

If you're having problems with your trading, or struggling to get off the ground, I guarantee it's one of these lies that is stopping you from picking up consistent profits...

LIE #1: You need to buy a short-term trading system to make money from Forex - I’ll show you the one fundamental rule that drives ALL markets and allows you to predict the price movements of all major currency pairs - including GBP/USD and EUR/USD - without spending a cent on a strategy.

LIE #2: You need to have a 100% strike rate to become a successful trader- You’ll discover how to use the same technique I’ve been using for the last thirteen years designed specifically to protect your bank and STILL put you in the green even if you only have four winning trades in every ten.

LIE #3: You CAN’T win against the big banks and hedge funds - I’ll reveal the unpublicised government report that gives away the exact positions of the big players in the market - AND show you how to profit from it trading just twice a month, so you can benefit no matter how much time you have spare. 

Dear Frustrated Forex Trader,

I was on a popular Forex forum the other day and came across a topic in the ‘Rookie Talk’ section…
Basically, a new trader, probably much like yourself, wanted to know how to win on every trade.
It sounds like a reasonable question.
But here’s what annoyed me…
Instead of pointing out that it’s impossible to win on every trade - and that you don’t even need to - the so-called ‘experts’ told this poor bloke that it’s “ridiculously easy” to win 100% of the time.

Absolute rubbish.

Let me tell you right now: you should NEVER try to win 100% of the time.
You simply don’t need to win every trade to make a profit in the Forex market.
Hell, you don’t even need to win HALF the time.
In fact, with the right approach, a 40% strike rate is more than enough to make a very comfortable profit overall – and I’ll show you how to achieve at least that in this report (it’s surprisingly easy – if you follow a few simple rules).
the Forum on -Its traders like this guy who are getting the wrong advice
The problem is, misleading ‘advice’ like this is rife on the Internet.
And, if you wander into trading forums, asking an honest, sensible question, that’s the kind of dangerous message you’re likely to receive.
That’s why, today, I’m going to expose the three most dangerous lies about trading that are holding you back and show you three simple ideas you can take on board to profitably trade the Forex markets with complete confidence.
These are the very same ideas my team and I use to make consistent profits throughout the year and, if you use them, you can expect to start making 50 pips a week minimum.
You won’t need to waste your time taking advice from people who don’t know a good trade from a cash-gargling-black-hole.
I mean, here’s another hopeful trader on ForexFactory again…

This time the response he got was even more idiotic…
A user called mmaker told him he should “keep on looking” for the ‘holy grail’ of trading and that Forex is like “one big casino with free slot machines”.
Mmaker should be ashamed.
In fact, I had to stop reading after that - I was at risk of throwing my laptop out of the window!
This may sound harsh, but deep down I reckon you already know:
There is NO holy grail to trading.
There is NO ‘secret’ system that you should be paying through the ear for.
And, there is certainly NO automated program that will do all of the HARD work for you.
Don’t get me wrong, I can’t blame you if you’ve seen these kinds of flashy indicators and complicated strategies and think they sound legit – sure, some of them can even help to a certain extent.
If you think a system sounds too good to be true... it probably is

Look, you’re dead right to be sceptical…
I mean, these sellers NEVER tell you the real overall returns - including losses - that their systems make…
They NEVER tell you the huge size of the starting bank you’ll need to even get close to their ridiculous figures…
And, most importantly, they NEVER mention the high level of risk involved - I’ve seen some strategies that could literally wipe out 80% of your bank with one loss.
Fact is: you can’t make any kind of consistent money trading Forex like that.
I mean, I could promise you that all you have to do is sit on your bum and press a magic button every time you want R20, 000 to drop out of the Forex markets, but that’s not going to help you in the long run.

In short, I don’t want to sell you one fish - I’m here to give you THE NET and teach you to catch as many damn fish as you want.

You see, the solution to wasting your money on limited short-term strategies is to look at what drives the market - and that’s what I’m going to show you how to do today.
Imagine a few weeks from now you’re watching the EUR/USD on your computer screen at home…
You watch as the price moves down and keeps going down.
Other traders are panicking, stuck in a trade they shouldn’t have even got in and don’t know when to get out of.
But, you’re smiling as you watch, biding your time - you know where the price is headed and what it’s likely to do next once it gets there.
Finally the price reaches your marker.
You simply enter the trade and set up your stop loss - then you close down the computer and walk away.
You never need to consult a complicated, ‘in-depth’ manual.
You never need to monitor hundreds of indicators and statistics that make your screen look like a Spirograph drawing.
And, you never need to take a crazy risk that could lose you hundreds or thousands of rands.
You just make one simple, educated trade with confidence because you understand exactly what drives the market - and therefore what is most likely to happen next.
You know that your trades won’t always win. But, you also know that they don’t need to - they’ll win enough of the time for you to remain profitable and build up your bank account one win after another.
So, before I show you a way to trade that doesn’t need you to buy an expensive system, let’s have a look at why most Forex systems and strategies are garbage and only work over the short term…

The reason why most Forex systems only work over the short term - and how you can avoid this common pitfall to profit for years to come

Here’s the problem…
There is a generally accepted misnomer in the financial sector that the numbers aren’t real, that there are no products behind them, no real money.
It’s as if they’ve forgotten that when you buy gold, you get a lump of physical gold to hide away in your shed.
That when you invest in corn futures, there’s an actual freight carriage full of corn sat in an industrial train yard somewhere, or in a farmer’s field, ready to be harvested.
And, that the currency markets determine the value of the sterling coins you carry around in your pocket every day.
To think this is all just numbers flashing on a screen is a huge mistake.

And dangerous.
You may have seen the Leonardo DiCaprio film, Wolf of Wall Street.
DiCaprio plays a hedonistic stock trader called Jordan Belfort - a guy who made $49million by his 26th birthday tricking people into buying dodgy stocks.
In my favourite scene of the movie, DiCaprio’s character is having lunch with another trader played by Matthew McConaughey.
In between Martinis, McConaughey tells DiCaprio,“Only once their money’s out it’s real - we’ve got to keep it in.
These guys know that as long as they keep the money IN the system, it’s ‘not real’ - as McConaughey’s character puts it: “It’s all fairy dust”.
But, this is a very short-term attitude (not to mention immoral).
They ignored what really drives the market and they ended up losing - the firm they worked for went bankrupt within two years.
After years of gambling with a short-term focus, treating the market numbers as if they weren’t real, as if there were no products behind them, no real money… they came up short.
And, if you rely on a Forex system, it’s exactly the same - gambling on a short term focus that will leave you short.
The markets change and if you don’t focus on what really drives them you’ll lose out financially and eventually emotionally when the losses wear you down.
But, as I say, there is a solution to this problem.
A solution that may surprise you in its simplicity…

The ‘secret’ farmer’s handshake that could give you the power to DOMINATE the Forex markets

Lazena Poultry run a small Chicken farm in the beautiful Western Cape…
They supply hundreds of pounds of free-range, ethically raised poultry and eggs to surrounding areas.
In fact, the local community relies on the produce of their farm.

Now, you may be thinking: what does this have to do with trading Forex?

The answer is EVERYTHING - as I’ll show you…
For example, let’s say, one month Lazena poultry’s’ chickens don’t lay as many eggs as usual.
As you can imagine, the locals like having their eggs, so this creates a problem as the locals are reliant on the supply of Lanena’s eggs.
When people want more eggs than are currently for sale this can lead to the cost of the eggs going up as people compete to buy the few eggs available.
Basically, the demand for the eggs is high, while the supply is low - there’s an imbalance, which has a very real effect on the price you have to pay for eggs: it goes up.
On the other hand, as I’m sure you’re aware, if the chickens produce lots of eggs there might be too many for people to buy them all…
The market is flooded and the cost of eggs inevitably goes down as Lazena try to get rid of their stock and buyers can take their pick.
In this case, the supply of eggs outweighs people’s demand for them and the price going down reflects that.
As you can see, supply and demand DIRECTLY impacts price.

Whether it’s eggs, gold, or the USD/JPY, it’s this one simple rule that drives ALL market action.

When you understand this, you can predict trades with an extremely high degree of accuracy.
For example:
When demand is high in USD and supply is low, the USD price tends to go up.
When supply is high in USD and demand is low, the USD price tends to go down.
Pretty simple.
Of course, it does get a little more complicated. As you know, Forex currencies are traded in pairs. That means that one currency’s supply and demand levels are always compared to another currency.
But, we don’t need to worry about that right now.
It doesn’t change the fact that understanding the relationship between supply and demand could give you daily insights into which direction the market will move and when it will happen.
If politicians had taken heed of this fundamental idea, we could have been better prepared for such a severe recession in 2008.
And, as a Forex trader, if you’re aware of this, you could stop getting your fingers burnt buying limited systems that only last a few months before collapsing.

You could start pocketing some real money.

So, how exactly do you spot supply and demand in the charts AND use it to predict changes in market direction?
Well, my traders and I use a very simple, yet powerful supply and demand ‘tool’ to gauge where price will move next…
And I've detailed how it works in a special boxset I've developed to help traders truly understand the markets.
My Forex Profit Box will show you exactly how to plot the supply and demand of any currency in a few simple steps.
I’ll explain how it works in a moment.
In the Forex Profit Box, you’ll also discover an often overlooked method that will enable you to pinpoint exactly where and when to exit trades.
Plus, you’ll discover:
How to spot and then plot supply and demand on any currency pair in less than two minutes - you’ll see in advance which direction the market is headed, so you can place high accuracy long or short trades.
How to easily enter and exit trades at the most opportune moments, to maximise your profit, while protecting your money with a little-known clever guarding method - no more missing profitable trades, you’ll understand when and where to place every kind of trade.
A quick and simple technique to make sure every single one of your winning trades makes at least two times more than it stands to lose - you’ll always bank more than you lose and you’ll always come out on top over the long-term.
In fact, that brings me to the second fundamental piece of misinformation that’s holding you back from reaping your full wealth potential from the Forex markets.
As I’ve already said, you don’t need to buy a pre-packaged Forex system to trade profitably on a regular basis.
We can put that to bed.
But, let me tell you something else right now - once and for all…
You don’t need a 100% strike rate to become a successful trader…

You can easily make a living from Forex winning just four out of every ten trades - I’ll show you how to build and protect your profits month after month

I’ll let you in on a secret that professional traders have been keeping to themselves for a long time…
It’s OK to lose.
You see, so many new traders get hung up on obtaining a mythical 100% win ratio - they think you have to win ALL of the time to stay in profit.
In reality, it’s fine to lose trades - the important thing is how much you lose.
That little-known fact is incredibly liberating.
In fact, not only do you not need to win 100% of the time…
You don’t even need to win 80% of the time…
Hell, you don’t even need to win 50% of the time to pick up consistent profits from Forex for years to come.
You can make a consistent living, or, if you want, just a few extra hundred bucks every month,winning just four out of every ten trades.
Anyone who tells you different is lying.

This is exactly how many of the trading ‘greats’ built their fortunes.
Richard Dennis, a multi-millionaire and legendarily successful trader, used the same conservative techniques to train up 14 inexperienced members of the public to profitably trade millions of pounds for him.
And, of course, billionaire Paul Tudor Jones II, one of the most successful traders of the past century, understands the value of managing your losses, saying, “Don't focus on making money, focus on protecting what you have”.
To give you another example, one of the top traders I know rarely wins more than four out of every ten of his trades - which means he loses six trades out of ten.
But, here’s the thing - and why he’s STILL a top trader…

He consistently makes 4-5 times as much money on his winners than his losers.

So, when he does win, his losses are more than covered.
Think about it…
No more feeling stressed out when the market goes against you and you lose a few bucks - even if there are fewer of them, your wins will cover all of your losses and make you a tidy profit on top.
No more throwing away money panic-chasing a loss as it gets bigger and bigger - you’ll unemotionally cut your losses short, safe in the knowledge that it won’t affect your overall profits.
And, no more handing over your hard earned money for systems that promise unrealistic 80% win ratios - as I say, you only need to win four out of ten trades to pocket money from the markets week after week.
So, how’s it work?
Well, it comes down to a very simple choice.
It’s a straight-forward decision that will instantly change the way you trade for the better…

You go for at least 2:1 odds on every single trade you make.

And, you never stray from this.
That means, you always stand to profit at least two times as much as you could potentially lose.
Despite the lies the so-called experts in the forums will tell you - and the system sellers as well - you can trade in this way ALL the time.
In fact, as part of my Forex Profit Box, I’ll show you exactly how to spot these types of trades on a regular basis.
It’s actually a very simple process once you know how.
It doesn't require any fancy calculations, special plugins, or anything like that.
Of course, it uses a very clever stop loss technique - something that's crucial to your long term trading wealth.
But, the crux of this profit-protecting method is as simple as recognising a specific pattern and drawing a few lines.
Using this you can easily spot trades that are 3:1, 4:1 - some of my traders even use it to find 5:1 trades on a good day.
Imagine for a moment having that kind of security when you trade.
Knowing that your losses are capped and your winners could run for three, four, hell even five times that.
You’ll be sat at your desk, looking at the GBP/USD, or the EUR/USD, or any currency pair you like…
You make a few checks, locate this specific pattern, and draw a couple of lines.
Then that’s it.
Like I said earlier, you walk away safe in the knowledge that your money is protected and you stand to make a very tidy profit.
You can do this over and over and over again - this is a long-term, low-risk approach to trading that will treat you very well.

And, I’m going to show you how you can start using this today.

As I say, my Forex Profit Box will show you how to make smart, educated trades, while protecting your profits.
Throughout the box you’ll discover:
A simple pattern that allows you to spot trades that could win you two times more than you stand to lose in a matter of seconds - this will enable you to make lighting quick trading decisions, safe in the knowledge that your profits are protected.
How to integrate this into a long-term trading plan that you can use to come out on top regardless of how many trades you win and how many you lose - this will take any confusion out of the trading process and leave you to enjoy your free time.
And, a simple little technique you can use to immediately raise your overall profits by at least 10% - there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be doing this already - and it will only take a few minutes to put into action.
These ideas - along with the simple supply and demand technique I mentioned earlier - will give you the power to make smart, educated trades that will build you a very healthy long-term profit.
As you’ve seen, you don’t need to aim for an unobtainable 100% strike rate - you can settle for fewer winning trades and still come out on top, months, even years down the line.
That said, there’s one more thing I must tell you about today - alone it can take a floundering trader and set them on track for life
But, before we go any further, let me introduce myself…

How I became a professional Forex trader - and how you can do exactly the same

My name’s Timon Rossolimos and I am a professional trader.
I run a small trading newsletter in the heart of Gauteng, Johannesburg, and have been doing so for the past three and a half years.
Before that I managed a restaurant, traded for myself and worked at a few broker houses.
It’s there I first became interested in trading - but with normal trading in shares, not realising just how profitable trading the currency markets could be.
So, I left to pursue a career trading Forex and found myself in the same position I suspect you are in now…
I was trying to find a genuine way to profit from Forex trading among all the misinformation and downright lies bandied about on the web.
With a background in economics and econometrics, I was drawn to using lots of calculations, fiddly indicators and all that complicated nonsense. I spent a lot of my time buried in books.
This was a mistake.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of the indicators and strategies out there do help - I did make a bit of money, here and there…
But, being stuck with one of these limited approaches means that when the market conditions rapidly change, (as they frequently do) you’re left without a leg to stand on.
In fact, my initial trading account, I wiped out 30% of the total.
But I didn’t give up.
I got back on my feet and started over, this time disregarding all the complicated rubbish that had tripped me up before.
It was then, when I started challenging the common trading beliefs - or LIES to be frank - that I started getting somewhere.
In fact, I put most of my success down to mastering this next idea I’m going to share with you today.
I mean, they say you can’t compete with the “big players” in the market…
But, I’ve found a “little-known” government report that reveals to you the exact positions of “big players” in the market - it’s like shooting fish in a barrel…

How you can profit using an unpublicised government report that reveals the exact positions of the big players in the market

Secret government documents…
Underground Website...
It all sounds like something out of a spy novel, doesn’t it?
In reality, it’s a bit more straight forward.
Instead of sneaking into the royal embassy with a silenced pistol, should you decide to follow my Forex Profit Box, I’ll show you a website where you can get hold of a government report that details the exact positions of big players in the markets.
The ‘big players’ include retail and business banks, hedge funds, producers… you name it, they’re in there - even the average trader sitting at home.
The report comes straight from government offices at a specific time - and going through it is like looking straight into the back trading rooms, investment portfolios and private meeting rooms of the most profitable institutions in the country.
To be honest, I’m surprised the financial sector let this fall into public hands - but they don’t have much choice.
You see, the small five man team heading the little government offshoot behind the report are actually bucking the trend and strong-arming big banks and crooked corporations away from the kinds of short-term, immoral investments that led to the financial collapse in 2008.
In their own words, they produce this report “to protect market participants and the public from fraud, manipulation, abusive practices and systemic risk related to derivatives – both futures and swaps – and to foster transparent, open, competitive and financially sound markets.”
Sounds pretty complicated, but the upside is…
They recently charged Californian trader Melody Nganthuy Phan with operating a fraudulent $3.7 Million off-exchange Forex scheme through her company My Forex Planet - I hope you didn’t get burned by this one!
But, anyway, as you can imagine the report this team of market hunters puts together is highly revealing.
In fact, when you know how to use it, it’s essentially a Forex cheat sheet that will enable you to place trades knowing exactly what your opposition is doing.
It’s like having the match results before the football game’s even started…
Or, being able to see all the other players’ cards in a game of poker.
It wouldn’t surprise me if the big names in the financial sector get some money behind a campaign and have it closed down in the future.
But, right now, you can still gain access to it for FREE if you look around online.
That said, you’re going to need to know how to understand it.
If you go in blind, it’s not going to be of much use to you - as there is a lot of data to sift through.
To give you an idea, this is what just one page of the report looks like:
Looks like a wall of numbers and text, doesn’t it?
But, I’ll show you how to locate the crucial information hidden in all those tables and digits.
In fact, as you’ll see, you’ll be able to use this very information to place just two trades a month and still make enough to take your family abroad on holiday, or to put a deposit down on a new car - or whatever the hell you like to spend money on.
Now, this is the smart man’s way to trade.
It really frees up your time to actually enjoy the money you’ll be making, rather than stay hung over a computer all day wading through charts.
Imagine for a moment that it’s a Friday afternoon.
You head over to the little backwater website that I’ll show you and you download the latest edition of this obscure report...
Two minutes later and - with my guidance - you’ve already got the crucial information you need.
You run it through a matter-of-seconds check and then, if it all looks good, you place a trade.
If not, you hold off. You’ve likely got a trade still clocking you up profits from the week before, so there’s no hurry.
It’s that simple.
In fact, I’d say this is one of my favourite ways to trade.
And, if you like the idea of a straight-forward, no fuss approach to making a healthy extra bit of income from trading Forex, this could very well become your favourite as well.
Of course, you can use this potent report to trade more often if you prefer - there’s a lot of valuable information inside just waiting to be mined and I’ll show you how to use ALL of it to your advantage.
But, right off the bat, you can get a couple of long-term trades on the go using the simple ideas I’ll show you as soon as you choose to follow my Forex Profit Box.

In fact, let me break down exactly what you’ll discover in my Forex Profit Box
For years I’ve urged friends interested in trading Forex to get to grips with the three key trading ideas I’ve outlined for you today.
I’m still urging them now, because they rarely listen.
But, you’ve read this far - and that shows me you’re actually interested in making a decent profit from Forex and not losing it all a few months down the line.
Today I’ve quashed the three Forex lies that have been holding you back from pocketing a regular income from the currency markets.
You’ve seen how…
You don’t need to splash out on a pre-packaged system that will wind up losing you more and more money the longer you use it for - you’ll use two simple ‘tools’ I’ll share with you to reveal what’s driving the market and predict its future direction.
You don’t need to win 100% of the time - you’ll use a quick and easy method I’ll share with you to ensure you win four out of every ten trades to consistently make more money than you lose over the long-term.
And, you don’t need to worry about big banks and hedge funds stealing all your money - I’ll show you where to download a little-known government report that details their market positions and show you how to profitably trade this information.
But, this is just the beginning.
As I say, I’ve put together a complete trading Forex Profit Box that will show you how to smartly, easily and safely trade the Forex markets using these ideas to make profits consistently over the long-term.
But, that’s not all.
I’ll show you how to build on the three ideas I’ve shared with you here to further increase your profitability and security as a trader.
My Forex Profit Box will take you from whatever stage you’re at now, and progressively build you up until you’re able to make Forex trading your primary income - if that’s what you want.
If you just want it as a bit on the side, you can still use this to pocket a few extra hundred bucks every month - which isn’t a bad bit of extra pocket money to have at hand.
This complete approach is extremely practical and you can start profiting from it right away. Then, over-time, you can increase your profits as you grow more comfortable with the techniques and ideas I’ll show you.
50 pips a week is a good aim.
That’s R1,000 with small R20 stakes, which might not sound like a lot, but that’s an extra R4,000 a month for very little work.
When you’re confident enough to use R100 a pip, those profits bump up to R5,000 a week, which is a very nice extra R20,000 a month - that’s a primary income for a lot of people.
Then, after you’ve been confidently profiting from those lower investments for a while, you can go with R200 a pip, which works out at R10,000 a week.
I don’t need to tell you, that’s R40, 000 a month.
I’d say that amount of money - on top of your current income - could satisfy most of your needs and more.

No hidden charge, no over-exaggerated promises - I hope you’ve already seen how straight and genuine I’ve been with you today.
I don't beat around the bush when it comes to trading. You can try my Forex Profit Boxset for 90 days and fast track your Forex success - so you can see for yourself if this is up to scratch or not.

I think you’ll be satisfied.
Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find inside the Forex Profit Box:
How to pile up your Forex gains tax-free. Forex trading is essentially tax-free until you start earning the big bucks - then the government comes calling with their buckets.

How to get your hands on a trading tool worth R500,000 for free today. There are tonnes of free resources out there - you just nee to know where to find them.
How to read and understand any currency chart in under five minutes. -You'll soon see how easy Forex can be, don't let the busy screens confuse you!
That information could potentially make you hundreds of rands in your first few weeks of putting into action.
But, that’s not all, In the Forex Profit Box you'll also discover:

How to find out in seconds exactly how much money every trade could potentially make you. You’ve got to know whether a trade is worth your time or not, and unfortunately so many traders haven’t a clue how to do this properly. I’ll show you how to see just how profitable a potential trade will be in less than 60 seconds…
How to make extreme profits using leverage WITHOUT blowing up your bank account. Leverage is a double-edged sword - it really can make or break you. I’ll show you how to use it to safely trade with tens of thousands of rands with a pot size of a fraction of that…
In-depth profiles on the ‘big players’ you’ll be facing in the market - including their weaknesses and how to overcome them. You need to know your enemies inside and out to get one over on them. I’ll show you how you can take advantage of their flaws and steal profits from under their noses…
Instantly know which ‘trading session’ fits your need and maximise your profits in the process. Finding the time to trade that fits in with your current lifestyle is crucial. I’ll show you how to find the most active and profitable currency markets to trade at times that suit you…
Technical vs. fundamental analysis - how to use them both properly to instantly increase your profits. So many traders limit themselves to one, or the other of these two disciplines, when they’re trading could be infinitely more effective if they took into account both. I’ll show you how to integrate these two approaches into the ultimate trading plan…
As soon as you get your name down, I’ll send you your very own Forex Profit Box within a few short weeks.
Spend some time having a quick flick through - and then put this into action.
You should see an improvement in your trading straight away and some nice profits over the coming weeks.
This is ongoing - and I’m going to give you all of the information you need to succeed, to build up your profitability as a trader until it’s at the level you want it to be.
You’ll be able to trade in exactly the same way my team and I trade - if that’s what you want.
Now, I’m not going to beat around the bush. 
This isn’t some quick-fire system that some internet geek has compiled together from misguided forum posts and Wikipedia pages.
I’m revealing to you the ins and outs of how my team and I trade - laid out so you can use the ideas and techniques to progress your own trading career at a pace that suits you.
If you’re fed up with all the lies out there in the world of Forex - like the three most dangerous ones we’ve tackled today - then this is what you’re looking for…
This is all you need to trade Forex and consistently make a profit for years to come.
I don’t need to remind you that using these professional techniques, advice and information you could build up to pocketing R4,000 a month within a matter of weeks.
Then, once you’re comfortable in your trading, it’s only a matter of marginally raising your stakes to make in the region of R48, 000 a year - a well-paid wage for trading on your own terms (which I’ll show you how to do).
That said, there is absolutely no obligation to stick with this after you receive your Forex Profit Box. If you decide you this is not for you, you have 14 days to return the Forex Profit Box and you won't have to pay a cent.
I won’t hold it against you, but you will be missing out on your full development and profit potential as a trader.
So, if you like what you’ve seen, you can claim your Forex Profit Box right now.

That said, what I’ve shown you so far is just a very small part of what’s in store.
As you progress through the Forex Profit Box, you’ll discover much more.
Such as:
The three fatal mistakes all traders make. We’ve dealt with the three most dangerous Forex lies holding you back today, but there are still more mistakes that many traders fall into without even realising. I’ll show you how to protect your profits by spotting and avoiding the three most damaging…
How to put together an unstoppable, bespoke trading plan. Having a trading plan that suites your specific needs and financial goals is crucial. I’ll show you how to easily construct a plan that fits around your lifestyle while still maximising your profits… 
Three steps to avoid over trading. Many new traders will sit at the computer all day long, making thirty-forty trades a day - losing money on nearly all of them. I’ll show you how to use long-term trading to make fewer trades and rack up larger profits, so you don’t have to be glued to your keyboard…
Three golden rules to manage your emotions. Whether you’re winning or losing you will inevitably experience different emotions battling to take control of your trading. I’ll show you three simple two-minute techniques you can use to stay focused even in the most difficult moments the market throws at you…
The ‘triple tail’ pattern that will tell you whether price is about to break out, or fall through. This potent little pattern is read wrongly by the few traders who know about it. I’ll show you how you could use this to bag yourself profitable trades while everyone else misses out…
Four simple candlestick methods you can put into action right away. The ‘pin bar machine’, ‘inside break out’, ‘four way doji’ and ‘eat em’ up’ are tried and tested candlestick techniques. I’ll show how you could use them to predict profitable trades in a matter of minutes…
How to plot worthwhile trend lines on your charts. Anyone can draw a trend line on a chart, but few know how to draw trend lines that are effective in predicting price movement. I’ll show you how to plot the perfect trend line to reveal exactly what price intends to do next…
How to trap price in channels and what to do with it. Trading channels are just as important as trend lines and if you plot them right, it will seem as if you’re controlling price. I’ll show you how to plot proper channels and exactly what trades to make depending on how price reacts to them…
The ‘magic’ of momentum and how it can propel your earnings. Alright, it’s not really magic, but understanding market momentum can propel your earnings skywards like nothing else. I’ll show you how to jump on board a market in full swing to pick up easy profits and where and when to get out to keep them… 
Yes, you can trade the news - here’s how to do it. The currency markets around news announcements are often highly volatile, making it a dangerous time for the uninformed to trade - but there is a method to take advantage of all the madness. I’ll show you how to react to what the market does during these high volume times and walk away with a tidy profit.
How to use ‘multi-level’ analysis to instantly increase your profits. It’s not complicated and only takes a few minutes, but can increase the accuracy of your trades tenfold. I’ll show you how to stop limiting your trades to one time frame and confirm killer moves with a few quick checks…
The ‘three lens’ technique all professionals use to filter profitable information.The way professional traders view and interpret fundamental data - political, social, and economic - is very different to how your average punter takes it in. I‘ll show you a simple method you can use to filter the information that actually affects the market from all the rubbish out there…
As I say, that’s just a taste of what’s in store.
But, it really is up to you to make your own mind up...
Remember, I’m revealing to you the ins and outs of how my team and I trade - laid out so you can use the ideas and techniques to progress your own trading career at a pace that suits you.
If you’re fed up with all the lies out there in the world of Forex - like the three most dangerous ones we’ve tackled today - then this is what you’re looking for…
"But Timon what will I receive when I own the Forex Profit Box?"
By now I would expect a 95% drop off rate. Some members just don’t have the time and commitment to pursue in these profitable ventures.

I don’t blame them.

If I was reading on how to make money on Horse Racing, I would’ve stopped reading within three pages…

Not because I don’t have time to read, but because I don’t have a passion for horse racing.

Passion, commitment and dedication are the three most important elements you’ll need for success..

The contents in the box, and the strategies I have to show you are the easy part.

The hard part is keeping at it!

And because you’re still reading, I’m happy to share what’s in the box.

When you order your Forex Profit Box today, this is what you’ll get inside the box:

#1: A welcome letter on how the Forex Profit Box works.
This will give you a simple guide on how to use the Forex Profit Box, the most efficiently.

#2: In-depth hard cover book with over 96 pages on everything you need to go from being a novice to Forex expert. 

3#: Five powerful DVDs with live footage on:

  • How to make a consistent and second income from Forex for the rest for your life
  • Use these three tools to set up a lifetime of income
  • The one and only time to trade Forex
  • Bullet-proof your Forex trading with three powerful rules
  • The three rules you must live by to protect your Forex trades
  • The most profitable trading strategy of all time
  • The three fatal Forex mistakes you must watch out for
  • When to never trade Forex
  • How to bank 50% more winning trades using this simple rule
  • Without this calculator you won’t bank an extra R5,000 a month trading Forex
  • Fast-track your Forex success in only 10 seconds a day
  • How you can blow your account with a stop loss
  • How to build your million rand portfolio in just five short years
  • And much more…
4#: Three of the most powerful calculators you’ll ever need to:
  • Keep track of your Forex success
  • Monitor your Forex statistics and make sure it’s on a profitable trend
  • Make sure you have a winning Forex trading strategy
  • Know how much you’ll need to get into each Forex trade
  • Compound your portfolio to R1 million
This is all you need to trade Forex and consistently make a profit for years to come.

Today, I’m slashing the normal price for the Forex Profit Box 50%!

When I was around 16 years of age, a gentleman with a big black box approached me while I was sitting with my dad at 180 Degrees restaurant.

He was a brilliant sales man as he enticed me (a 16 year old) to the world of technical analysis and the world of the stock market.

I begged my dad to buy the box for me, which he did.

And it was the best R15,000 investment I’ve ever made.

As without that gentleman, I would not have been introduced to the world of trading and would not be writing to you today.

This box contained three books and a very old fashioned trading software.

And yet, it introduced me into a new profitable world of opportunities.

Needless to say, R15,000 is a lot of money these days. Every cent counts with the ongoing debt crisis, potential junk status, ever increasing prices and the rising cost of living.

And so I morally, I could never expect you to pay for a box at R15,000.

Even though this box consists of contents that can build your million rand portfolio, we need to think about the NOW.

And now, R15,000 is very steep.

Initially, I set the price at R9,990

And I will raise the price eventually to R9,990. For now, our trading team has agreed to slash the normal price of this Forex Profit Box by 50%.

This means, today you can get your hands on this Forex Profit Box for just R4,995.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Remember, I only want the most dedicated and passionate 100 trades I can find to get their hands on this box.

Afterwards, I might never offer this low price ever again.

So, order your Forex Profit Box today and I'll deliver it to you in just a few short weeks.
Best Wishes,
Timon Rossolimos

Head Trader at and Author
Founder: The Forex Profit Box
P.S. I almost forgot to mention, as part of my Forex Profit Box, as well as handbook, five DVDs and calculators, I'll also send you daily trading emails to help boost your Forex trading profits.
I want you to get the most out of my Forex Profit Box and on-going support is key to your success as one of my traders. We’re in this together and I’ll be there helping you trade every step of the way,
Anyway, I trust you'll enjoy the wonder of making a second income trading the Forex market with the Forex Profit Box and I'll be in touch with you again shortly.

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