169 Job Descriptions Toolkit

169 Job Descriptions Toolkit
You’ll receive 169 Job descriptions where you can save yourself hours of hard work because you don’t have to draft them yourself. You’ll have peace of mind - all job descriptions are created and checked by qualified HR and Labour Specialists with 97 years of experience and 6 300 job descriptions under their belts.
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Slash your recruitment costs by 45%...
Fire your poor performers...
Save yourself hours, days, even weeks...

During lunch last week, my General Manager, Kerri, was telling me how she needed to start recruiting again and she’d spent the last two days compiling a job description for an outbound call centre agent.

She bought newspapers and looked at the recruitment ads.

She searched the internet for hours for a detailed list of what call centre agents duties include.

She phoned other Call Centre Managers and asked their advice.

She even bought a R530 book - but it still didn’t give her the specific answers and templates she needed.

Two days of her valuable time and R1 930 later, Kerri finally had her job description… but she’d paid our HR consultant R1 400 to draw it up for her. She needed to make sure it complied with industry standards and was 100% accurate, especially because her division’s been suffering a high staff turnover.

Order now to save yourself time and your company money!

A solution that can save you time and money… and Kerri’s annoyed she didn’t have it earlier

A little embarrassed, I told Kerri that I could easily have saved her the two days of her time and R1 930… if only I’d known about her struggles. She could simply have used my new Job Descriptions Toolbox. Needless to say Kerri’s relieved she won’t have to go through the time and expense again when she needs any job description… but she’s still a little miffed with me that I hadn’t given it to her earlier.

Click below to find out how you can get your hands on our new Job Descriptions Toolbox.

Slash your recruitment costs by 45%...

How many times have you placed a recruitment ad, and received hundreds of irrelevant CVs? 98 out of a 100 don’t have the correct work experience, qualifications or competencies. And you spend hours of your valuable time wading through all of them to try weed out the 2 of value to you, if you’re lucky enough to find them at all.

As Kerri realised the hard way, if you have an exact job description your entire recruitment process is sped up and made easier.

With a detailed job description you can create recruitment ads in mere minutes. Simply list the qualifications, experience and competencies from your job description and you’re guaranteed that your ad specifies your exact requirements. This alone will halve the number of CVs you receive – and save you 3 hours.

How to assess CVs in 30 seconds or less to reduce your recruitment time even more

Each job description has a list of Qualifications, Experience and Competencies needed for each job.

So, to speed up the tedious process of reviewing CVs, simply do this:
Open the CV and answer the question, does the candidate’s qualifications and work experience match your job description?

NO? Move onto the next CV.

You can be guaranteed that if your candidates don’t meet the job description requirements they won’t be able to do the job.

You can now assess CVs in 30 seconds, easily saving you another 2 hours.

Don’t forget all the time you’ll save interviewing. Interviews and assessments can take days. You’ve already eliminated the irrelevant CVs, so you’ll only have to interview the best candidates.

You’ve just reduced your recruitment time by a whole day… all by just using exact job descriptions!

Order now to save yourself time and your company money!

How to identify poor performers that are costing your company money

Recruitment costs aside… Everyone has a poor performer in their company. That one person who never pulls their weight, avoids certain tasks, and blames management for their ineptitude saying, “You didn’t tell me it was my responsibility…”

Put an end to such rubbish NOW! If each person has a job description, it clearly and precisely explains what their job entails. It includes their key responsibilities and main activities so they can’t argue about what you expect them to do.

When your bookkeeper doesn’t submit your company Vat return on time and you get slapped with a 200% penalty from SARS, pull out her job description and show her that it clearly states: “Vat Returns must be complete and submitted to SARS by the 25th of every month”.

This makes managing her performance easy. Follow your disciplinary process, give her a written warning and explain that if she misses a Vat deadline again you’ll take action to dismiss her… you can be sure she won’t miss next months deadline!

So, you’ll be able to easily identify the poor performers at performance review time – compare the list of Key Responsibilities and Main Activities from the job description and easily assess if they’re completing all of their tasks.

Also save R13 000 and have more time in your day

Perhaps you’re like Kerri and spend hours or days drawing up job descriptions. This is a waste of your time and company money. It cost our company more than R2 400 in Kerri’s time (plus the R1 930 she paid to our HR Consultant and the useless book she bought).

If she were to draw up job descriptions for every position in her team, it would take her more then two weeks and cost the company more then R12 000 in lost productivity.

Or maybe you pay a consultant by the hour to create them for you? This can cost you more then R1 300 per job description. Even if you only have 10 employees, you could end up paying more than R13 000 just for job descriptions!

That’s ridiculous. And that’s why I’m writing to you today, because I believe you’ll find untold value in our latest new Toolbox. I guarantee it can save you money and give you extra time so you CAN leave the office at 5pm.

169 ready-to-use job descriptions for 28 work areas

I met with six of my HR and Labour Specialists. Together they have more then 94 years experience and have written more then 6 300 job descriptions.

Together we’ve compiled 169 Job Descriptions – they’re definitive, easy-to-use, comprehensive, relevant to all industries, legally compliant, guaranteed to save you time and money, and are easily customisable for every position in your company.

They’re in an easy-to-download word document format, so that it’s quick and effortless for you to use. We divided the job descriptions into 28 different work areas. From Senior Management and Finance to Administration and IT, we even included industry-specific job descriptions for Engineering, Retail, and Catering, etc.

If you had all 169 job titles drawn up yourself, it would cost you more then R219 700. And it would take you about four and half months, which is 86 days or 688 hours… You’d need to hire a new staff member to do your normal work for you while you write job descriptions!

The best part is they’re all available at the click of your mouse… you won’t have to do the research yourself or wait for your HR Consultant to get back to you, and you won’t have to dread the arrival of their invoice.

And, you can WOW your boss with your efficiency.

We’ll send you a website login and password and you can view all 169 job descriptions, you can download them in word document format or print them out.

I know that not every company needs all 169 job descriptions, which is why we’ve also tailored a specific package for smaller companies… more about that later.

1 – 2 – 3 and you’ll have your customised job description

Let me show you how easy it is...

Step #1:
If you need a job description for your Training Manager, simply look under the work area “Human Resources”.

Step #2:
Select the “Training Manager” job description
Plus, if you want to confirm what level the job should be at, simply use the handy organogram for each work area, which clearly shows who he should report to and his level of authority.

Step #3
Add your company logo, complete the details and print it out… that’s it. Five minutes and you’re finished.

Each job description includes:

  • Job title, to clearly identify the area of responsibility
  • Job title this position reports to, to clarify reporting linkages
  • Direct reports, to identify scope of management
  • Brief description of job purpose, to understand the job positioning within the organisation
  • Qualifications, experience and competencies to clearly identify the skill-set needed for appropriate performance
  • Key responsibilities of this role, to clarify the deliverables of the job
  • Main activities of this role to identify the tasks that need to be successfully achieved to ensure effective delivery.

Choose the job description package that’s perfect for you

This is the most comprehensive Job Descriptions Toolbox available, but we know that not all 169 job descriptions will apply to your business. So we phoned up some smaller business to find out what job descriptions they most need in their company.

Then we created the “Small Business Job Descriptions Toolbox” with 47 job descriptions just for you.

Included in this package are the following job descriptions:

CEO / Managing Director
IT Director
Sales and Marketing Director

Finance Manager
Finance Clerk
Accountant/Management Accountant

HR Manager
HR Officer
HR Assistant

IT Technician
IT Assistant
IT Database Administrator

Administration Assistant

Call Centre Manager
Call Centre Operator

Sales Manager
Sales Representative / Business Development Executive
Telesales consultant

Marketing Manager
Marketing Officer
Marketing Assistant

Production Unit Manager
Production Supervisor

Distribution Manager
Distribution Supervisor
Distribution Clerk

Warehouse Manager
Warehouse Secretary
Warehouse Supervisor

Projects Manager
Projects Clerk

Facilities Co-ordinator
Security guard

Stores Manager / Storeman
Stores Supervisor
Stores Clerk

Health and Safety Officer

Shop Manager
Shop Assistant

Order now and receive your job descriptions within 48 hours!

Complete the order process and within 48 hours of receiving proof of payment, we will email you will your website log-in details and website link.

You’ll receive:

  • 169 Job descriptions worth more then R219 700
  • You save yourself 86 days of hard work
  • Peace of mind - all job descriptions are created and checked by qualified HR and Labour Specialists with 97 years of experience and6 300 job descriptions under their belts.

Now, it’s decision time. The choice is yours – you know what to do, order now.

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