57 Recruitment Tests

57 Recruitment Tests
57 specially designed tests for selecting the right employees!
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80% of South African companies have proved interview tests play a very important role in choosing the right employee for the right job.

How do you know if the jobseeker is the perfect candidate for the job?

Increase the effective selection of employees by 97%!

Dear employers and HR managers,

The season for "hunting" for new employees is on its way. And I urge you to consider new possibilities when searching for a person to fill a specific position. Recruitment tests will help you separate the right candidates from the ordinary!

Feedback from people who have used these tools has been so positive that they’re now boasting about how well-trained and efficient their employees are.

57 specially designed tests for selecting the right employees!

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I recommend this practical, effective testing tool! 57 tests to hire the best people gives you the option to test candidates for a particular post.
Compiled by human resources specialists, intelligence tests help you see if the jobseeker in front of you is qualified for the job or not.

Order now! 57 tests to hire the best people! It will help you select employees who are 100% right for the job!

Who really hides behind the CV or cover letter? Do you know?



When hiring someone, you only have 30-60 minutes. Sometimes not even. Say you’re looking for an employee to fill a position in the finance department. Would you take the risk of hiring someone without knowing their moral character, emotional intelligence, level of knowledge, skills, etc.?In these tests, all these questions have been researched and proved! The right man must match that perfect job description!

Order now! 57 tests to hire the best people! Discover everything you need to know about the person in front of you. The 57 studies from our experts outlines the most accurate "snapshot" of the strengths and shortcomings of the candidate in question. The tests are ready to print! Save time and energy! Plus, ensure you’ve hired the perfect employee!

Objectively evaluate your candidate’s qualities! IQ, creativity or emotional intelligence!

The 57 variety of tests I recommend will provide 97% efficiency in selecting the right employee! These tests will help you assess the candidate in terms of:

Verbal intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Lateral thinking
Creative intelligence
Technical intelligence (skills)
Degree of motivation

Full contents of the product contain the following types of tests and quizzes:

Motivation questionnaire

Technical skills
Spatial skills
Physics analysis
Understanding verbal communication
Numerical skills
Critical analysis

Personality analysis
How ambitious the candidate is

Calculations and logical thinking


Imaginary forms
Creative logic
Creative solutions

Order digit

Extroverted or introverted
Optimistic or pessimistic

The responses and interpretation of the candidate’s answers will help you decide if he or she is the person for the job. Order now! 57 tests to hire the best people!

For just R1 499 + VAT compared to the standard price of R2 140, this CD will help you find the perfect candidate for the job!

What are the benefits for you?

Job opportunities are becoming scarce these days, but the jobseekers continue to rise. You can’t rely on just the CV, a cover letter or an interview anymore. Hiring the right person for the right job is now more critical than before! Choose the one who deserves it!

57 tests to hire the best people will help you:

Eliminate risk when you select employees
Work easily, quickly and efficiently
Get real results
Form a perfect team of employees who are trained for the relevant jobs

Order it now! Did you know that labour productivity is directly proportional to the level of training and dedication of your employees? The 57 test to hire the best people will ensure:

Increased productivity
Earn big profits and
Lower costs for professional training.

In short, reduce recruitment and replacement labour costs!

Order it now! 57 tests to hire the best people! It will help you make FAST, accurate decisions on the most suitable employees for the job!

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With all regards to your decision,

Taryn Strugnell
Product Manager,
HR Management Division

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This offer has a warranty of 30 days or your money back! If, after you receive the product and you’re not happy with the content, you can return it within 30 days. You will get back the entire amount paid without any additional questions from us.

Because we want you to have 100% customer satisfaction!


"My choice was brilliant. Doing the quizzes on the CD increased efficiency. We hired three very suitable people for the relevant post. And because of the skills tests I was able to "remove" a few unsuitable candidates. An excellent control tool! Worth every cent! Thank you "- George Timoianu, responsible for HR, Bacau

“Great test for creativity! For a publisher, it’s the perfect tool to assess creative people! Your CD was really useful! "- Gabriel Sincai, editor, Ploiesti

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