How to Survive a SARS Tax Audit

How to Survive a SARS Tax Audit
How confident are you about your business's tax compliance? The SARS audit is generally an unwelcome experience; dreaded and feared. It instils feelings of uncertainty or nervousness. You worry about not knowing what SARS'll focus on, if SARS'll agree with the legitimacy of all your transactions or with your interpretation and application of the different tax laws. Unless you're 100% sure your business is 100% tax compliant – no grey areas, nothing that could be misinterpreted by prying eyes – you're not immune to a SARS audit.

In this How to Survive a SARS Audit guide we aim to place you in the shoes of the SARS auditor; share information on what he's trained to look for; and what SARS'll consider as risk areas.
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Are you ready for your SARS tax audit?

How to deal with your 'unwelcome' guests

How survive tax audit

After receiving hundreds of questions about audits from business people just like you, the team at FSP Business has compiled a resource that’ll make sure the SARS auditors are out of your hair as soon as possible.

We’ll put you in the shoes of the SARS auditor by showing you what auditors are trained to look for, and what they’ll consider risk areas, so you won’t face any unpleasant surprises.

You see, if there’s one thing I know about auditors it’s this: The longer they take to search for what they need, the longer they’ll be at your office, and the more likely it is that they’ll uncover more than what they were looking for (and the higher your penalties will be).

The key to getting through a SARS audit is preparing for it before your unwelcome guests arrive

That’s why we compiled How to survive a SARS tax audit.

This guide reveals audit secrets like:

  • What risk areas SARS’ auditors are interested in
  • 4 Expenses SARS’ll target during an audit
  • What SARS will consider about your transfer duty
  • The 9 risky strategies used to avoid tax liability
  • 11 Questions you’ll be asked about your cash flow
  • And so much more…

I’m sure you can see how tips like these could reduce the headache of a SARS audit significantly.

Introducing your guide to surviving the SARS audit mine-field…

How to survive a SARS tax audit was written by one of our accounting gurus, David van Niekerk.

David’s a qualified Chartered Accountant and is registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. He’s also a SARS registered tax practitioner.

He’s been involved in tax consulting since 1999, helping clients with everything from complicated legal tax interpretation, structuring and advice, as well as assisting them with basic tax filing. He’s also involved in statutory and forensic auditing, accounting, risk and internal control assessment and planning.

With David at your side, your business couldn’t be in better hands.

And now, David’s knowledge and experience is available to you in one easy-to-read guide that’ll get you through the entire auditing process without losing your mind.

Knowledge like…

  • What to expect from an audit: Audit types and targets
  • 7 Steps the auditor takes to review your income taxes
  • Why you must give director’s remuneration special attention
  • What to disclose in the cash flow statement
  • What your rights are when it comes to document requests and retention
  • How to determine your success with a profitability analysis
  • And much much more!

Your audit could be around the corner! And SARS is hungry for money! If you’re not careful, an audit could burn an irreparable hole in your wallet. That’s why you need to get your hands on this valuable information right away!

Save your business from penalties by being an instant audit expert!

With penalties as high as 200%, you can’t afford to stay in the dark about the auditing process. You need to know your rights, your responsibilities and obligations, and you need to know them before it’s too late…

How to survive a SARS tax audit gives you access to everything you need in one easy-to-understand resource. You could literally be a few hours away from having the peace of mind of knowing you can survive anything SARS throws at you this audit season.

And to top it all off, we’ll give you 21 checklists absolutely FREE…

  • 6 Ways SARS can target you for a tax audit
  • What type of audit are you facing?
  • Is SARS respecting your audit rights?
  • Risk indicators the auditors will look for
  • Retain these key documents – your audit team will ask for them!
  • What does your income statement reveal about you?
  • Assess the risk areas on your Statement of Financial Position (Balance sheet)
  • What risk areas pollute your statement of assets and liabilities
  • Know your risk areas in the computation of taxable income
  • Don’t forget to assess risk in the sundry areas
  • Do you have audit exposure?
  • Know your liabilities and the audit risk
  • Are your income records waving big red flags?
  • Check your expenses to reveal your risk
  • Dividends Tax and your risk
  • Minimise your payroll audit risk
  • Isolate your transfer or stamp duty risk
  • Questions to ask when disputing an assessment
  • What records must you keep and for how long?
  • What records to retain if they relate specifically to companies
  • What records must you keep that relate to CCs

You can print and re-print these checklists as and when you need them. It couldn’t be any easier!

You get access to How to survive a SARS tax audit and all these checklists for just R499 ex Vat.

I’m so confident this resource will help you survive audit season, I’m giving it to you with our…

This essential resource gives you everything you need to adequately and efficiently prepare for an audit once you’ve received the dreaded notification.

7-Day money back guarantee!

If you’ve read this far, it’s obvious you leave nothing to chance. The truth is, you can never be too sure when it comes to SARS!

That’s why I want you to judge for yourself!

And remember, there’s no way to completely avoid a SARS audit but you can be completely prepared.

Get your copy today and make sure you’re prepared.

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