Ultimate Trading Series

Ultimate Trading Series
Find out how to exploit the markets for big, quick gains whether they’re going up, down or sideways 

Compiled by the experienced FSP Invest team the Ultimate Trading Series consists of four easy-to-read books that will show you everything you need to know to be your own trading guru!

Get the whole series today and learn how you can use a small portion of your money to make quick lunch-time profits over and over again!

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Now you can discover how professional traders make their millions

'Ex landscape gardener, turned professional trader, reveals JSE secrets'

Grab your chance to learn how to make your first R1 Million from a pro. It's easier than you think!

I'll show you how to make your fortune using the same techniques I use to bank consistent double-digit gains

Ultimate Trading Series

Dear reader,

Years ago you’d have found me designing and landscaping millionaires’ lawns. From Tuscan villas and Mediterranean landscapes in Sandton to the rolling lawns of Constantia mansions, I was in my element working outdoors.

Although I have a degree in Business Management under my belt, I’m passionate about nature, so a career as a landscape gardener seemed ideal…

But day after day, as I stared at thousands of rands worth of plants, imported for the finest lawns in the country, and the magnificent houses of millionaire clients, I began to realise I wanted my own millionaire-worthy garden one day.

And so I began to study everything I could about trading on the stock exchange…

I read every book I could find and tried every software program out there. I practised with dummy accounts in my spare time and generally hoped to find a mentor who could open the door…

And finally one day I had enough successful trades to show someone at one of the top proprietary trading firms in Johannesburg – Golding Torr and de Decker.

Sure, I was still a rookie. But they gave me a desk and a computer and let me start trading fulltime. I had great mentors on tap – I could ask them whatever I was unsure about. Their advice was priceless. It catapulted me into the experienced trader I am today, getting returns of 50% to 80% regularly.

So I understand how much you all need a mentor when starting out as a trader.

And I’m ready to be yours.

In fact, I won’t be your only mentor. Another top trading partner of mine is ready to share his expertise with you too – Timon Rossolimos.

That’s two mentors for one person… With all our guidance you’ll be an expert trader in half the time it took us to learn everything!

“Two experts to help you
build your retirement fortune”

But first, let me introduce myself to you properly.

My name is Warren Jeffery and I lead a team of trading experts at FSP Invest – the biggest independent investment advisory in South Africa.

Five days a week, my team and I trade the markets and show clients how to make the maximum amount of money possible.

That’s our job. That’s what we do best.

We live and breathe making money by trading.

And we’re so good at it we’d like to show you how to do it for yourself.

But we can’t take the credit for the idea… We were asked to start sharing our expertise.

You see, subscribers to our trading advisory services make lots of money listening to us telling them what to do. And once they’ve seen how it all works, many of them want to start trading like professionals themselves.

Many would like to give up their 9 to 5 jobs, move out of the city and start trading from a beach home in Plettenberg Bay… or a smallholding in Dullstroom.

And frankly, that’s a realistic plan, if you know what you’re doing.

All one really needs is a laptop and an internet connection. And the know-how…

And we can give you the know-how.

After all, we know from experience there’s no rocket science behind successful trading.

You simply need a mentor, a guide, someone to show you the way.

And that’s what we’d like to do for you. In a few minutes I’ll reveal exactly how…

“We’re going to share years of
trading secrets with you”

My team and I have almost two decades of trading knowledge between us. We’ve racked up gains like 138.78% regularly, and sometimes even 60% in just a single day. 

We both have different trading passions – Timon prefers Forex, whilst I prefer CFDs, and so it goes. But we’ve both got our eyes firmly on the same thing – making the most money in the shortest amount of time. That’s what trading’s all about.

With investing, one often has to let a share mature in the market for up to three years before one can bank an 80% gain… And we don’t all have the time for that… Especially when we’ve left our retirement plans a little late.

Trading is about entering the market quickly and exiting quickly, for far higher stakes.

But it’s also about money management and things called leverage, and watching the margins…

And once you’ve mastered these basics, you’re halfway there.

And you’ll have our help every step of the way.

Then come the different techniques we’ll share with you… Chart analysis… Historic market patterns… They may sound complex but they’re not hard to use at all.

With our help you’ll come to see them as fun tools to use. You don’t have to do any calculations yourself and most of these things are just software tools.

Say you want to check historical market patterns for a currency? Click a button and away you go. Just like us, you’ll be fascinated by all the different tricks and tips there are behind trading. It’s great fun and can be addictive…

Once you’ve mastered these skills you’ll be on a roll. The potential is unlimited.

Of course, because it’s addictive, you need to know what you’re doing…

Which is where we can help you

Everything you ever wanted to ask a pro
about trading, but never got the chance to…

Now you can discover how to make your own millions…

We’ve put all the knowledge and expertise we have into four step-by-step guides to THE MOST profitable trading strategies on the JSE.

And to add to this, we hold regular webinars, where you can ask us any questions you have!

Remember, the average guy, without all those tips and tools, doesn’t have a clue. YOU’LL get access to all the JSE secrets Mr Average never will!

It’s sad, but too many amateur traders NEVER reach their full potential and retire early. NOT because they’re not smart, but because the knowledge of how to trade MOST PROFITABLY is kept hidden from them!

I’ll admit, there’s a certain secrecy about JSE traders and how they do what they do.

There’s a tradition of them jealously guarding all their techniques and secrets from amateurs who want to get into the highly profitable world of trading.

I’m not sure why.

In truth, I think it’s all about the trader “image”. Trading is a way to make money faster than any other career, and I think most of them like to maintain that whole mystique… about how smart they are…

Especially when they’re burning cash in trendy bars in Sandton and flaunting their Porsches to impress women… Let’s face it, being able to say, “Hey, I’m a trader on the JSE” is bound to get a new date smiling at you every time.

But here’s the thing…

It isn’t rocket science at all.

You don’t have to have a degree to trade successfully. In fact, most traders I know don’t…

Almost everyone I know who began trading had a mentor – someone to show them the way. Someone to show them what techniques and strategies to use – and when and why…

And that’s exactly why we want to…

“Reveal all the JSE secrets to you!”

So you can make a fortune trading like
professional traders do!

Secret # 1
How to pay for just 10 shares but get the profitability of 100!

Now this is going to sound unbelievable but it’s absolutely true. With the special trading technique called Single Stock Futures trading – revealed in full in the Ultimate Series guides – you’ll discover how to only pay for 10 shares but profit from the gains of 100!

That’s the power of leverage!

Now if you’ve read Forbes Magazine, you’ll have heard of all those super rich “hedge fund managers”, who have 80 foot yachts and 6 mansions around the world...

Well, this is how they make so much money!

This is why clients pay them such high fees to trade their money for them!

This is how huge financial institutions make their billions.

You can see why...

It’s like paying a 10% deposit on a R500 000 house and later selling it for R600 000 to make back double your deposit – as profit – in a very short time. And while the property market may have gotten tight, Single Stock Futures trading is alive and kicking...

But not many people know Single Stock Futures trading isn’t just for the mega fat cats... It’s available to independent traders too...

Now here’s the best part... In the Ultimate Single Stocks Futures Guide I have ready to send you today, you’ll discover every single step-by-step tip you need to trade like this successfully!

I’m sure the hedge fund managers won’t like my team and I much, but hey, it’s a free world. We can share this knowledge with whoever we want to!

And right now, that’s you!

In the Ultimate Single Stocks Futures Guide you’ll discover:

  • The easiest way to calculate the futures price of any share, so you can act swiftly when the time is right!

  • “JSE Insider Secret” trading strategies you can start using today!

  • A step-by-step guide to making a successful futures trade

  • What markets are available and which are the most profitable!

  • And even more easy-to-use tips and techniques I can’t reveal right now!

But it doesn’t end there... Let me reveal what the second secret can do for you...

Secret # 2
Earn dividends and profit when the share price rises
without even owning the share!

Again, you’ll think this is bizarre, but another incredibly profitable way to trade on the stock market involves not buying a single share!

You can collect dividends on shares and returns on rising share prices, without ever actually owning a share!

And the profit potential is HUGE...

I can’t disclose everything here, but in the Ultimate Contracts for Difference Guide we reveal exactly how you can boost your retirement fortune by...

  • Massively inflating the normal profitability of a share– converting a 10% rise in a share price into gains of up to 101% or more!

  • Avoiding lots of levies and charges with this type of trading you get away with paying far less!

  • Profiting even when share prices dive – we tell you how in the Guide. This is one of the greatest things about “contracts for difference” trading!

  • PLUS more “JSE insider” tips and techniques I can only reveal in the Guide itself!

But that’s not the only other trading strategy that can make you a retirement fortune…

Wait till you see what the third secret can do for you...

Secret # 3
The fastest way to Retire Rich... Starting with just R500!

This area of the market is fast-paced, exciting and a permanent money-spinner.

And the really great thing is you can start profiting with as little as R500!

The Forex market is fast-paced, exciting and famous for creating fast millionaires.

But you need to know the insider secrets to trading it profitably. The important thing about Forex is the speed with which things can change. Forex is like a gold rush – everyone knows it can make them wealthy really fast, but without expert guidance to predict which currency is going to soar, beginners can see their “stake” diving before their eyes.

But that wouldn’t happen to you, because you’re on the verge of discovering everything a professional currency trader needs to know...It generally takes years to build the wealth of knowledge we’re going to send you, but you’ll be able to play this market really quickly once we share our insider secrets with you!

Again, with Forex, leverage plays a huge part in how fast you can make a fortune. And because the Forex market is one of the most leveraged in the world, you can make double digit gains in minutes and triple digit gains in just days!

There’s no waiting for months on end to reap the rewards of this trading strategy.

In the Ultimate Secrets to Forex Trading guide you’ll discover:

  • The most profitable trading strategies of all time!

  • The easy-to-use tools that make Forex trading fun and addictive!

  • The most important elements to look at in order to predict which currency will start soaring soon!

  • The professional insider secrets that ensure beginners succeed!

  • And even more I can’t reveal here!

And finally, all wouldn’t be well in the world of high profit trading if we didn’t share the fourth secret....

Secret # 4
How to make an 47.81% gain from
an 4.72% rise in a share price in just 7 days!

Spread trading is extremely lucrative too, but the great thing is you can open an account with as little as R500!

See, when you spread trade, you never need to buy a share or commodity to profit from its price hike. You simply “bet” on whether you think a market or share will rise or fall.

So you could buy gold valued at R16,500 for just R350! For that you can get exposure to an ounce of gold and profit from the movement on the full value.

I’m not kidding!

The only money you need to stake is a broker’s deposit – which is typically about 10% of the market price.

That’s the power of spread trading. It’s the world’s most affordable trading technique!

And with the Ultimate Spread Trading Guide, we’ll guide you through the JSE’s best kept secrets to high-profit trading in this area! You’ll discover insider secrets like:

  • Why knowing which type of spread trader you are will help you profit faster!

  • Why there’s never been a better time than now to start spread trading!

  • The most important things you need to know about spread trading!

  • The easy way to analyse opportunities for great spread trading profit!

  • The insider secrets professional spread traders keep to themselves!

  • And so much more I can’t share right now, but which you’ll discover in the Ultimate Spread Trading Guide!

We’ll guide you through a step-by-stepprocess on how to use the strategies of professional traders to make huge profits!

Here are just a few examples of how real people made real money from spread trading over the last year...

  • In just ONE day on the 14th of November 2013 traders banked a whopping 38% gain by trading the GBP/AUD currency pair.

  • On the 11th of September 2013, they banked a 45% gain from another trade on the GBP/AUD currency pair in a single day!

  • And then they collected another 23% gain from an AUD/USD currency trade...

Now you see why we’re so confident we can help you grow a wealthy retirement portfolio! And there I was, working in landscaping almost a decade ago! I don’t like to think of all the great trading opportunities I let slip by, before I saw the light.

And I don’t want you to either!

Listen, my best advice to you today is this... I don’t know what profession you’re in, but it’s time to test drive your own skills and realise your potential, just like I did.

Whether it becomes a fun, addictive, highly lucrative hobby, or delivers an income stream beyond your wildest dreams – it’s all up to you!

I just want to get you started, because I know...

“If a former landscape gardener can do it, so can you!

You can see now how the information provided in the Ultimate Trading Series can help transform your life completely.

Now if you’re game, we’re ready and waiting to start helping you build that retirement fortune faster than you’d dreamed…

But there’s something else very important I need to tell you about...

Your 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you’re not completely satisfied,
you get all your money back!

My team and I are so confident we can teach you how to be a professional trader, we’re not asking you to risk a thing.

You’ll receive our iron-clad 100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 days.

You’ll have a full 30 days to see for yourself how easy it is to start making explosive gains from trading, with JSE insider knowledge!

Simply open a trading account with one of our recommended brokers – who’ll give you preferentiall discounted brokerage fees just because you’re an FSP Invest customer. Then follow the advice in the Ultimate Trading Series guides. Try everything out for yourself.

Give yourself the chance to earn thousands of rand in the first month...

Even after you make money with our insider knowledge, if for ANY reason you’re not satisfied, you’ll still have every right to return the Ultimate Trading Series guides to us for a complete refund!

We’ll give you every cent back, immediately.

But there’s a Special Bonus I’ve forgotten to tell you about...

If you order the Ultimate Trading Series guides before 31 December 2014, you’ll also qualify for our…

“Exclusive Package Deal which saves you R401!”

On their own, each of the Ultimate Trading Series guides normally retails for R399...

But we’ve arranged an exclusive package deal for you, in which you’ll get the entire set of four guides and only pay for three!

Instead of R1,596, you’ll only pay R1,195..

Now if that isn’t a great deal, I don’t know what is.

So don’t delay!

Every day that goes by, your retirement dreams get a little more expensive... Every lost opportunity means thousands of rand you could have earned. And there’s no risk. If you’re not 100% satisfied, for any reason, we’ll give you your money back!

So tell me, are you game?

Because we are. We can’t wait to share the JSE’s insider secrets and change your life! It’s complete nonsense that only guys in pinstripes, driving Porsches retire early...

You’re as capable as they are! So...

“Grab your chance to retire early today!”

Order here now, to get your exclusive R401 discount and the insider secrets to retire early!

To your retirement fortune,

Warren Jeffrey
Head of Trading and Research, FSP Invest

PS. Order HERE now to get your exclusive package deal saving of R401. We can only extend this offer for a limited time, so hurry!

"I have always wanted to learn how to trade but never knew where to start. A friend recommended your Ultimate Trading Series books a few months ago and I am now trading with confidence on a regular basis and enjoying some fantastic gains, thank you!"
-R Jones, Bryanston

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