Nutri- Sure - Maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Nutri- Sure - Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Nutri-Sure contains a unique nutrient – discovered in tree bark – that boosts in vitro insulin activity 20 FOLD! That’s a BIG difference – that alone could be enough to keep your blood sugar numbers right where you want them.

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Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels has always been an uphill battle... UNTIL NOW

The ultimate discovery in blood sugar support...

It's been sitting under our noses for CENTURIES And now YOU could jump start your benefits in as little as ONE WEEK!

Is your body sending you a 

Take a look at the following list. These subtle signs could signal that you might need some help keeping your blood sugar in balance...

  • Stubborn excess weight that hangs over your belt no matter what you do,
  • Urgent cravings for sweets, chocolates, chips... and all the other things on your doctor's "no-no" list,
  • Nasty mood swings that ruin your day (and the day of anyone unlucky enough to cross your path)

If ANY of these signs sound familiar, KEEP READING to discover how you can start giving your body the support it needs.

Dear Health-Savvy Friend,

I've got some downright astonishing news that could change the way you think about blood sugar forever. Researchers have finally uncovered the real secret to supporting healthy levels...

And it's not a strict flavourless diet OR an expensive membership to a fancy gym!

It's much, much simpler.

Believe it or not, the secret to ultimate blood sugar balance is a substance you've already stockpiled inside your body.

Imagine not having to give your blood sugar a second thought again!

Get ready to turn that dream into a reality - because you're about to discover...

The blood sugar secret No one's talking about!

Believe me, I've looked long and hard for the secret to easier blood sugar control. But time and again, my search came up short... Leaving just diet and exercise.

I'm sure you've noticed just how hard it is to keep your blood sugar from yo-yoing out of control - even if you're doing everything right.

It's frustrating. 

And, when you think about what problems it can lead to - it's more than a little scary, too.

IMAGINE: Not worrying about your blood sugar ALL the time!

  • Stop feeling guilty about not being able to follow your doctor's long list of "do's" and "don'ts" ALL of the time
  • Shake those nasty mood swings
  • Turn your body into a leaner fat and CARBburning machine!
Get ready to turn that dream into a reality - because you're about to discover the effortless secret to supporting your blood sugar levels...

That's why I was so excited to learn about what may very well be the major culprit behind imbalanced blood sugar. You see, maintaining healthy blood sugar isn't just about what you eat... Or DON'T eat...OR how much you exercise.

The fact is, one completely overlooked substance holds the key that could...

Bring your blood sugar
back from the brink of boiling over!

Researchers have finally discovered a way to boost your body's levels of it... And I'm thrilled to be able to share the secret with you. But first - what exactly is this little-known substance?

It's called adiponectin. I know: "Ade-WHAT?!" It is a mouthful (though, for the record, it's pronounced "ad-i-po-neck-tin").

Scientists have known for years that it promotes normal blood sugar levels by helping your body use insulin efficiently. But they didn't realise just how important it was to boost your adiponectin levels until recently.

The problem was, they had NO IDEA how to do that.

Injections didn't work. And neither did diet and exercise. The experts were stumped. Until one group of researchers discovered that...

The Ultimate Discovery of blood sugar balancers
has been sitting under our noses

It's a medicinal mushroom called Agaricus blazei. And for centuries, it's been used for just about everything else - stress relief... Immune boosting... Supporting healthy cholesterol levels...

But in hundreds of years no one ever tested its effects on blood sugar!

In fact, the very first study on Agaricus and glucose metabolism occurred just two years ago. And the results of the trial were stunning. 

Researchers found that the mushroom actually boosted adiponectinlevels.

More adiponectin means your body can stop working so hard... Because it can clear sugar from your blood quicker and more efficiently.

And that means you'll...

Don't settle for
temporary "fixes"!

It's really no wonder that so many people have been plagued with blood sugar problems for generations... 

But now, thanks to Nutri--Sure, you could have all the help your body needs to make sure its glucose-metabolising machinery works more effectively...
  • Have more energy to get through the day - without feeling like you're running on fumes
  • Be able to ENJOY your food more - without guilt and without worrying
  • Shake those nasty mood swings that always happen at the worst possible time
  • Finally have better blood sugar control!

And right now there's only ONE formula that combines adiponectin-boosting Agaricus with another three blood sugar supporting ingredients.

That's why I'm truly delighted to be able to introduce you to Nutri-Sure. With Nutri-Sure you can be sure your body has the support it needs to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

But as revolutionary as the discovery of adiponectin is... And Agaricus' role in supporting healthy blood sugar levels...The fact is, I'd be hard-pressed to recommend any blood sugar support formula that didn't contain biotin and chromium. 

Turn your body
into a leaner fat - and CARB - burning machine!

Biotin and chromium are probably the most extensively researched nutrients for blood sugar support. 

Here's just a sampling of what researchers discovered...

  • One double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on biotin showed that it sparked two specific glucose-metabolising enzymes - called ACC and PC - into action.
  • Another study done in Japan showed that, in experimental animals, biotin improved the body’s ability to use glucose, without affecting insulin levels.
  • In research done over 50 years ago, scientists discovered that chromium could actually REVERSE impaired glucose metabolism.Nutri

Nutri-Sure could become yourbest-kept beauty secret!

It won't take long before you feel your energy levels rocket through the roof, thanks to Nutri-Sure's combination of ingredients. But don't be surprised if you start looking as vibrant as you feel, with...

  • Thicker, more lustrous hair
  • Glowing skin
  • Strong, healthy nails

You see, biotin, one of Nutri-Sure's key ingredients doesn't just play a part in the metabolism of glucose...

It's also well known for its hair, skin and nail-strengthening properties. In fact, it's a common addition to many cosmetics.

And with Nutri-Sure you'll get all of biotin's benefits, inside AND out.

But even if you don't care about the science lingo relating to this nutrient duo, I've yet to find anyone who doesn't appreciate... That both of these nutrients help your body burn protein, carbs and fat. In other words, they help you burn off what you eat... Instead of storing it in your hips, thighs and midsection.

And with all that fuel to keep you going, you could say goodbye to those 3 o'clock slumps and caffeine "fixes." In fact, people in America who have been taking Nutri-Sure are raving about their renewed energy, take a look at these extracts from just some of the letters our sister company in the US has received...

"I have been taking Nutri-Sure for a few weeks now and have definitely noticed a huge improvement in energy state after eating carbs... It used to be that I would experience fatigue after eating carbs, both mental and physical along with body aches, but the experience now is of even energy.There also seems to be better energy at the end of the day. Over all... I think it gets a huge "thumbs up!"

-- William M. 

"I have been taking Nutri-Sure for approximately 2 months now and it has made a huge difference in how I feel. I seem to have more energy and just feel better in general."

-- John K. 

"I love it! I have noticed a pretty dramatic increase in my energy levels. Thank you!Finally, something that actually does work!"

-- Debbie F. 

"I've been impressed with Nutri-Sure. Often,I struggle to stay awake and get by without a nap. Or I'll get super shaky. When I take this with lunch, I zoom right through the afternoon without that feeling and don't feel like I need a snack either. I'll keep getting this!"

-- Terry F. 

Just like these people, Nutri-Sure could help you achieve a constant, natural supply of energy to keep you going all day long - thanks to its remarkable ability to help you keep your blood sugar nice and steady.

If Nutri-Sure stopped right there, it would certainly cover the bases of glucose regulation. But this knockout formula's final ingredient hits a grand slam that could help you...

Get a jump start
On your results... in as little as ONE WEEK!

The secret to this fast support is a little cucumber-shaped gourd that families in India have been eating for generations.

It's called Coccinia cordifolia. And one of the early animal studies on Coccinia found that it beat other traditional blood sugar supporting herbs!

And a brand-new, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial showed downright remarkable results.

By the end of the trial, the Coccinia group's blood sugar had improved, dropping as much as 18%while the placebo group had a 7% 

Real people...Real results...
Really FAST!

"After using Nutri-Sure for a month I am convinced that it is helping me to maintain healthy glucose levels. I noticed a change just after a week, but I have maintained healthy blood sugar while taking it."

-- Nathan L. 

"Nutri-Sure exceeded my expectations!!! I was concerned with my blood sugar levels. I started taking the Nutri-Sureand they have cleared up. I noticed the changes right away, within a week. I will be a loyal customer."

-- Stephanie B. 

Now, don't get me wrong: This isn't a license to stock your pantry with potato chips and biscuits. We both know that junk food isn't going to do you any favours. The point is, it's possible to support your blood sugar levels without constant worrying and complete deprivation - and Coccinia could offer one of the most effective ways to do that.

And success stories like these show just how well Nutri-Sure REALLY WORKS…

"I am a 57 year old woman and I try very hard to eat a healthy diet but there are times when I "slip up." I decided to try Nutri-Sure and have been on it now for almost two weeks and I have to say I was skeptical, but hopeful, and I am finding myself happily impressed! On Friday night I had corn tortillas and oatmeal cookies but didn't feel that 'sugar high' and then crash."

-- Linda W. 

"I am so happy that I have found your product. My blood sugar has quit the roller coaster it has been on for years. It is working so well. I am attempting to stay away from white flour and sugar. It is very difficult to do. I'm due to order some soon. It is one thing that I will not stop taking. Thank you for such a fine product."

-- Samantha W. 

But as common as Coccinia is in India, it's not so widespread in the west...

Hard-to-find ingredient 
without the exclusive price tag!

That sort of "exclusive access" usually comes at a hefty price. And when you consider the other powerhouses packed into Nutri-Surealong with Coccinia...

Agaricus - a blood sugar balancer that showed could help support your body's critical adiponectin levels...

Biotin and Chromium -- Two of the most renowned nutrient combo for ultimate blood sugar support...

It's an ingenious strategy for supporting healthy blood sugar levels. And it's the sort of combination you'd expect to pay a lot of money for. 

Yet, if you order your six monthly supply and get three bottles of Nutri-Sure FREE. You save over R1,099 every six months. Or order your three monthly supply and get one bottle FREE – you save over R349 every three months… Or, save R1,800 every year by joining our Smartship Programme.

Still, we here at FSP Nutritionals want you to be as sure of the value you're getting as we are. That's why we're backing this revolutionary blood sugar breakthrough with...

The 100% guarantee
that puts the "SURE"
into every bottle of

We believe Nutri-Sure is the long-awaited solution that could help you break the vicious cycle of yo-yoing blood sugar levels... So we want you to give it a try with absolutely no risk to you.

Try it for 60 days. And if Nutri-Sure hasn't lived up to every promise we've made you here, then feel free to return all your bottles of Nutri-Sure (used and unused) for a FULL REFUND - no quibbles.

So you've got absolutely nothing to lose by trying...

With Nutri-Sure, you've got what your grandparents and parents never had -- an easy solution for supporting healthy blood sugar levels... One, I believe, you'll WANT to pass down for generations to come.

"Keep up the good work!"

"I realised that my blood sugar has been staying level in spite of 'slip ups' on my diet for the past week or so. My doctors are wondering what is going on and I told them I was taking Nutri-Sureand they said to keep doing it - it is obviously working!"

-- Sarah K. 

"When I last visited my doctor he was shocked at the difference he was seeing. I told him aboutNutri-Sure, then sent him info about it. He said to keep up the good work. Yeah! Thanks, Nutri-Sure!"

-- Sarah L. 

Here's to your good health, 

Karin Iten
Research Manager, FSP Nutritionals

Amount per Daily Serving% Daily Value
Biotin1,000 mcg333%
Chromium (as chromium picolinate)333%
Ivy gourd 15:1 extract830 mg*
(Coccinia cordifolia)
Agaricus Blazei extract (fruiting body)338 mg*
(standardised to 40% polysaccharides)
* Daily Value not established

Nutri-Sure could become your best-kept beauty secret!

It won't take long before you feel your energy levels rocket through the roof, thanks to Nutri-Sure's combination of ingredients. But don't be surprised if you start looking as vibrant as you feel, with...

Thicker, more lustrous hair
Glowing skin
Strong, healthy nails
You see, biotin, one of Nutri-Sure's key ingredients doesn't just play a part in the metabolism of glucose...

It's also well known for its hair, skin and nail-strengthening properties. In fact, it's a common addition to many cosmetics.

And with Nutri-Sure you'll get all of biotin's benefits, inside AND out.

Take 2 Capsules daily preferably with meals.


Safety for use while pregnant or breastfeeding has not been established– avoid use.
Diabetics should use this product under the supervision of their practitioner.
Discontinue use at least 2 weeks prior to any surgical procedure.
If you suffer from liver disease, avoid using this product.
Consumers are cautioned to read all labels and follow all directions.
You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.
"I am a 57 year old woman and I try very hard to eat a healthy diet but there are times when I "slip up." I decided to try Nutri-Sure and have been on it now for almost two weeks and I have to say I was skeptical, but hopeful, and I am finding myself happily impressed! On Friday night I had corn tortillas and oatmeal cookies but didn't feel that 'sugar high' and then crash."
-Linda W. 

"I am so happy that I have found your product. My blood sugar has quit the roller coaster it has been on for years. It is working so well. I am attempting to stay away from white flour and sugar. It is very difficult to do. I'm due to order some soon. It is one thing that I will not stop taking. Thank you for such a fine product."
-Samantha W. 

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Just return all your bottles (used and unused) within 60 days of purchase and we'll happily give you a 100% refund.