SanVia Gold - Ground Chia seeds

SanVia Gold - Ground Chia seeds
Imagine a food so perfect that just a tiny bit every morning could transform your entire day. Simply stir a bit into your cereal or yoghurt, and pesto...
Suddenly, you’re surging with energy all day long, and sleeping better at night...
You’ve never been more regular. Occasional constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, gas and cramps simply disappear...
Weight-control becomes more manageable, as hunger pangs and cravings vanish, and you feel amazingly satisfied...
Now stop imagining! This can be your reality thanks to super-grain called SanVia Gold.
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Dear Health Conscious Friend,
What if I told you that this “ultimate superfood” has been sitting right under our noses for over 500 years…
And totally ignored until just recently!
It’s a grain you've never heard of, yet the ancient Aztecs prized it more highly than gold.

They fed it to their athletes, used it as medicine, even offered it up to their gods and…

They believed that this grain gave them
supernatural ENERGY AND POWER…

And maybe it did, in a manner of speaking. (As you’ll see!)
Yet, when the Spanish Conquistadors looted and ruined the ancient Aztec Empire, this nutritional treasure all but vanished with it. The Spaniards named the grain Salvia Hispanica L – and then it was promptly forgotten.
Well, so far it’s just a colourful Aztec legend, right? But everything suddenly changed when…

500 years later, researchers finally started running tests… 

And when the first results came in, they nearly fell over. They noticed that Salvia Hispanica L came in two colours – black and white. The black ones proved… unremarkable. But the white ones tested off the charts!

So they bred a strain of purely white grains, tested them again – and the results clearly showed they had found a nutritional goldmine.
They renamed this super-grain SanVia Gold. And just for starters, it turns out to be…

A rich, dense SUPER-SOURCE of Omega 3s…

Plus, each tiny granule, gram for gram, contains more fibre than flaxseed, more protein than soy, more calcium than whole milk, 15 times more magnesium than broccoli and it can be mixed into practically all of your favourite foods!
More later about how easy it is to use and cook with. But first, let me explain exactly why this stealth health food truly turns out to be “the food of the gods.” You see, SanVia Gold is so nutritionally dense that just two tablespoons a day could help you.

Super charge your heart health… 

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about Omega 3 fatty acids. I recommend it to my readers. The American Heart Association confirms that Omega 3s can help: 
  • Promote healthy heart functions…
  • Balance cholesterol levels…
  • Lower blood pressure…
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system… 
Maybe you knew all that, but until recently, nobody knew that…
SanVia Gold is among the richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids of any whole food in the history of nutrition! In fact, gram for gram, these little granules contain 8
times more Omega 3 fatty acids than the equivalent weight of fresh Atlantic salmon.
Mind you, I’m not saying “stop eating salmon.” Salmon contains different kinds of Omega 3, including high amounts of DHA and EPA… while Sanvia Gold's Omega 3s are
mainly in the form of alpha linolenic acid. And it’s best to have all of these forms.
But SanVia Gold's heart health benefits don’t stop there…
Because your heart and arteries also need plenty of magnesium. And many people, my readers included, don’t get enough magnesium in their daily diet. Yet, here’s where SanVia Gold comes to the rescue again. 
Gram for gram, SanVia Goldhas 15 times more magnesium than broccoli! 

Dial down  your digestive distresses… 

I bet your doctor’s told you “Get more fibre in your diet.”
And I’m here to tell you that he’s absolutely correct. The right kind of fibre can help you solve a huge array of digestive distresses, including: 
  • Diarrhoea…
  • Constipation…
  • Bowel Discomfort
  • Cranky Colon…
  • Bloating…
  • Gas…
Great, but there’s one major catch. Most high fibre supplements taste like sawdust so even my own patients often give up on them. 

SanVia Gold is a good source of fibre. Just a little bit each day goes a long, long way and makes your morning cereal, shake or smoothie even more delicious! (As you’ll see, you can even bake yummy cookies with it.)

Give your bones a big boost…

You’ve heard it a million times: you need calcium to build strong bones. And the very best way to get it is in calcium rich foods. Yet according to The US National Dairy Council, only 25% of us are getting the recommended amount of calcium in our diets.
Gram for gram, SanVia Gold has 6 times more calcium than milk.

Muscle up! 

Ever notice how, as we get older, we tend to lose muscle mass and tone? Even if you’re exercising, your ageing muscles won’t stand a chance unless you power them up with plenty of protein – every day.
And here lies a problem, because many protein sources harbour health risks of their own. It’s hard to find good quality red meat… and the jury is still out on how much soy is too much.

Yet again, the solution is simple. SanVia Gold! Not only does SanVia Gold contain more protein than soy – it’s higher quality protein. 

You see, the protein in SanVia Gold contains all the essential amino acids your body needs. It’s efficiently digested and it’s notprocessed with chemicals (like many soy products are) plus, SanVia Gold will help you…

Flush out those nasty free radicals…

I call them “nasty” because free radicals are like little terrorists, threatening your cells. These unstable oxygen molecules are created when your cells burn fuel. Your body is swarming with them and they’re one of the biggest culprits in the ageing process. 
Well the good news is that you can “clean out” these free radicals with compounds called antioxidants. And maybe you’ve heard that blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants. They are. But did you know…
Gram for gram, SanVia Gold has almost three times the antioxidant capacity of fresh blueberries! So maybe you’re starting to see how…

SanVia Gold simply blows away other “superfoods”!

Why? Well one reason is that SanVia Gold is so nutritionally dense. Unlike fruit, berries and vegetables, which are mostly air and water… each grain of SanVia Gold is like a “neutron star” of nutritional goodies, packed with millions of wonder molecules. So many that you need just 2 tablespoons a day.

PLUS: A fabulous weight loss aid…

SanVia Gold , like other foods that are rich in fibre expands in the stomach. Result? It makes you feel fuller longer. That’s fantastic news for dieters. If you’ve been trying to lose weight, SanVia Gold could be your new best friend!

And it’s so easy to add to your meals…

Personally, I like to stir SanVia Gold into my morning oatmeal. It just disappears – you never know it’s there. But that’s just the start of all you can do with this superfood. As you’ll discover, you can:
  • Stir SanVia Gold into yoghurt…
  • Sprinkle it onto your favourite salads…
  • Bake it into breads, brownies, cookies and other treats…
The ground version is a fabulous thickener for soups, stews and sauces! You can even use it as a crispy coating for oven fried chicken!
It all works like a charm because SanVia Gold has a neutral flavour that seamlessly blends in with other ingredients. Plus, you can stock your pantry without worry of SanVia Gold spoiling. SanVia Gold has a 5 year shelf life, without any need for artificial preservatives. Just try the recipe on page 4 tonight and I bet you too will be hooked… 

In fact, SanVia Gold contains more than 30 nutrients in their pure form…

That’s right, in addition to everything I’ve detailed above, SanVia Gold is also surprisingly… rich in vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, C and Thiamin. Plus 20 minerals and trace elements, 17 fatty acids and 16 different amino acids. Starting to see why I’m recommending it to all of my readers?

Plus, SanVia Gold is completely:
  • All natural!
  • Non allergenic!
  • Gluten free!
  • Non GMO!
And SanVia Gold is grown under highly controlled conditions in Peru – known for its ideal climate and pristine environment.
This new superfood is so cutting edge and at this time there’s only one company in South Africa authorised to offer SanVia Gold by direct order. And I wanted to make sure you get first dibs on this limited supply.

As you’ll see below, you’ll be getting an extremely reasonable price. And FSPNutritionals is so sure you’ll be thrilled with the results, they’re inviting you to try it RISK FREE!

You’ll start feeling healthier, stronger, more energised, PRONTO – OR GET


Don’t just take my word for it. Try SanVia Gold and feel the results for yourself. Within the first 7 days, I’m betting you’ll experience renewed stamina, strength, power and energy with a new sense of well being. Then week after week, you’ll feel and look even better! 

But listen, I want you to be thrilled. So we here at FSPNutritionals are giving you an exclusive guarantee: If you’re not blown away by how much better you feel, you can ask for your money back within the next 60 days. So there is no risk. If you are not delighted you get your purchase price back!

But quantities are limited, so please don’t delay…
I could bend your ear for 8 more pages, but why not simply give SanVia Gold the ultimate test – RISK FREE. Just return the enclosed RISK FREE Trial Certificate and soon you’ll see why researchers are heaping such high praise on this new breakthrough!
Remember though, FSPNutritionals is the only direct source for SanVia Gold in this country. And orders will be honoured on a first come, first serve basis. So don’t delay. RSVP today!


Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher - 
FSP Nutritionals
P.S. Remember, the more you order, the more the savings pile up! And you have absolutely nothing to risk today. See the “RISK-FREE Trial Certificate” below and supercharge your diet today! Order now!

Nutritional information
Amount Per 100g Sanvia Whole
Calories73 g
Calories from fat39 g
Total fat4.6 g
Saturated fat<0.5 g
Total Carbohydrate6.6 g
Dietry fibre5.7 g
Sugars0 g
Protein2 g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Alpha- Linolenic)2127 mg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Gamma Linoleic Acid)590 mg
Potassium24 mg
Calcium71 mg
Magnesium35 mg
Iron1 mg
Copper0.05 mg
Thiamin0.1 mg
Riboflavin0.02 mg
Folate (Folic acid)9.2 mcg
Seleniumu<0.1 mg

SanVia Gold can be topically added or integrated into almost any food you can imagine. SanVia Gold's neutral flavour and moisture retaining qualities will enhance the nutritional value withouttaking away from the experience of your favourite meals.

Grind SanVia Gold in a coffee grinder. Store any extra ground SanVia in the freezer.

Mix one tablespoon(15g) of SanVia Gold with 240ml of lemonade,thin juice, or your favourite beverage. Shake periodically for a few
minutes until the seed becomes evenly suspended, then sip for a refreshing performance enhancing energy drink.

Uses for Ground SanVia Gold: Gravy thickener, soup,oatmeal, etc. When baking, use 3 parts flour and 1 part SanVia Gold, or adjust as needed.

How to make SanVia Gold gel: Slowly add 2 tbsp. of SanVia Gold to ½ cup of cold water and stir. Refrigerate any remaining gel.

Uses for SanVia Gold gel: Add to yoghurt, pudding, cereal, any hot or cold beverage. ¼ cup of SanVia Gold gel replaces 1 egg in recipes.Refrigerate after opening.

Due to the fibre content in SanVia Gold, it is always recommended to take it with at least 240-250ml of water.
  • It's the perfect fat replacement. SanVia Gold makes foods more moist and delicious, because it absorbs 12 times its weight in water. Plus, of course, you can replace less heart-healthy fats with SanVia Gold - rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • An ideal thickener for soups, stocks and gravies because it absorbs so much water.
  • Awesome addition to vegetarian dishes, because it's so rich in protein. And remember, this is complete protein, with many of the essential amino acids you need.
  • No gritty texture. It virtually disappears into the recipe.
  • No woody after-taste. Unlike flaxseed, SanVia Gold has a neutral flavour, so it can be seamlessly added to recipes.
"I had loose stools but SanVia Gold has helped firm them up!" 
-Mark H

"SanVia Gold helps keep me very regular. I am so pleased with the results and found it started to work within 12 hours!" 
-Katy L

"The first day I started taking SanVia Gold, I began feeling less hungry. Now I eat less and feel better every day!"
-Elbert H

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