Seasonal Diets from the East

Seasonal Diets from the East
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Have you got stubborn fat that won't budge?

I hate stubborn fat - it just won't shift. No matter what you do: Punish it with long hours in the gym. Tempt it with nutritious meals. Coax it with yogic relaxation techniques. Humiliate it with team games. Or as a last resort - try starve it out! But - nope - it just won't budge...

Well, there is a solution. And it's not a diet...

Rachel Linkie
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Are you eating yourself sick?

Ever felt tired, listless, stressed, overweight or just plain ill?

Well it could all be down to your diet...

Are you eating yourself sick?

Dear Health-Savvy Friend,

For years we’ve been told to eat less fat, or eat nothing but greens, or work like a cart horse at the gym... all in the name of good health. But new research suggests that this could be wrong. In fact, an amazing new book reveals a health secret that’s been used in the Far East for over 3,000 years to promote weight loss, prevent disease and live a long and robust life…

But if you think this is about counting calories and banning red meat, alcohol and dairy products, think again. You see, this ancient diet and nutrition system actually encourages you to eat the foods you love guilt free. In fact, this diet claims by doing this, you could be on your way to health so strong and vital that most diseases could never take hold.

Imagine – no more pills or tasteless fad diets, no more sweating at the gym. Now you could have vibrant health crackling with energy. And it’s all down to one, simple secret.

The 3,000-year-old secret to strong health and a fit, slim figure...

You see, new research suggests that the root of good health lies in a secret diet and nutrition system based on the changing seasons of the year... and our panel of doctors were staggered by the results.

Now this may seem like a new idea to you and me, but the seasonal diet has been used by generation after generation of people in the Far East for over 3,000 years... aiding the prevention of ailments including gall bladder and liver disorders, heart and lung problems, as well as shedding ugly fat.

And now you could discover this ancient, all natural diet from the Far East (together with the latest health and nutrition research here in the West), in a brand new book – Seasonal Diet Secrets From The East, in our opinion the most powerful, comprehensive and natural diet to have ever been published, which reveals:

  • Why you must NEVER eat strawberries in winter.
  • There are not four seasons in a year – there are FIVE! Understand this tremendous secret, and your health could flourish like never before.
  • Why you shouldn’t detox straight after Christmas! Discover a perfect time to cleanse your body – and feel good health course through you.
  • Why eating ‘bitter’ foods in the summer can strengthen your heart far more than any other time in the year.
  • Why you must make this change to your diet when leaves change colour in autumn! This one trick could strengthen your lungs and iron out any digestive problems that may have been dogging you.

In fact we believe this diet breakthrough in South Africa is so important, we’d like you to be one of the first to try it RISK-FREE!

Just imagine – your life could be free from crippling illnesses that attack so many people in their later years. No painful surgery, no dangerous drugs that change your personality or render you docile, no debilitating diseases...

In fact, imagine feeling and looking great, year after year after year, instead of simply accepting ill health and dwindling energy as part of getting older.

Well this isn’t an idea torn from a science fiction novel... we’re convinced this is exactly what the Seasonal Diet Secrets From The East could do for you:

·Want to add healthy years to your life...?
We’ll show you the ‘elements’ that dictate how you feel and how your body functions – and show you how you could control them.

·Could you really force pain and illness out of your body with everyday foods? 
According to these Far East diet secrets, it’s not what you eat, it’s when you eat certain foods and in what combination and quantities. We’ll show you amazing new combinations that we think are so powerful, they may make some drugs a thing of the past!

·Build robust health that could help you avoid nursing homes for good! 
Just imagine living to 90 or longer – in robust, energetic confident health!

·Enjoy more time with your children and grandchildren
An age-old combination of foods could help you to keep alert, active and full of vigour while others can barely focus or stay awake!

In short, Seasonal Diet Secrets From The East strikes us as being the most natural and logical way to be healthy, live longer, slow ageing and prevent disease ever taking hold!

In short, we’re convinced you probably won’t find a better way to keep fit, agile, mentally sharp and free of disease well into your golden years. Plus these diet secrets help you lose weight – and keep it off forever! 

Seasonal Diet Secrets From The East shows you how you can build powerful, graceful health ... so easily you won’t even notice it!

At last you’ll learn that dieting DOESN’T mean sacrifice. Just eat the right foods at the right time of year, and you could feel better than ever before...

... all by using the power within your food to help your body avoid fatigue and prevent illness.

It’s been used for centuries in the Far East, and now you could discover:

  • How to lose unhealthy, unattractive weight like never before this summer, p.39
  • The hidden cause behind most people’s ability to lose weight – is this affecting YOU?, p.21
  • How you could avoid excruciating gall bladder attacks without surgery, p.31
  • How this simple two-week liver detox may help you shift cellulite, p.35
  • Why you should not eat till you’re full. Make this small adjustment and you could rejuvenate your liver and kidneys instantly, p.16
  • The herbs and foods you could use to work on any imbalances in your body and help it achieve its perfect level. Just imagine being as powerful and robust as you were in your 20s, p.1
  • How enjoying these foods at certain times of the year could make a huge difference to your figure... and your overall health, p.11
  • Keep away from the misery of ‘yo-yo’ dieting by building a new, slimmer, vivacious, healthier you from the inside. At last you really could lose the weight you want, and stay slim and healthy! p.4

But I don’t just want you to accept what I say as gospel. I want you to experience the power of the Seasonal Diet Secrets From The East for yourself. I want you to feel boundless energy flowing through your veins. I want you to feel healthier than ever before. In fact, I won’t be satisfied until you’re staring in disbelief as the weight starts falling off and stays off! And I want you to do this without risking a cent of your hard earned money.

Seasonal Diet Secrets From The East costs R299.95... 

That’s for a 190-page comprehensive guide leading you through every single aspect of this amazing health plan. We’ll tell you what you are meant to eat (and what you absolutely MUST avoid) during each season, what foods tackle what ailments, how to lose ugly fat naturally, the little known benefit of ‘living’ foods and much, much more.

You’ll discover how to cook foods to seal in all of their vital nutrients, plus have dozens of mouth watering recipes to use with each step of the diet, so you’ll barely feel like you’re dieting at all!

And remember, you can try this book absolutely risk free!

If you don’t see and feel the difference for yourself, and don’t get friends and family commenting on how healthy and good you look, simply send back the book within 30 days and we’ll buy the book back from you!

That’s right, you won’t lose a cent!

So why hesitate? Claim your copy of Seasonal Diet Secrets From The East for only R299.95 – and start building pure and powerful health from the inside, with secrets that have been used to help prevent ailments and disease for over 3,000 years.

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