Superfoods for The Healthy New You

Superfoods for The Healthy New You
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Protect yourself against high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer and more...
Superfoods fuel your body with all the essentials you need to live a longer, healthier and disease-free life...
But as healthy as Superfoods are, it’s important you get the right amount of each Superfood you choose to eat, to make sure you’re reaping their optimum health benefits.
And that’s why you need to get your hands on Superfoods for The Healthy New You...
It’ll show exactly what the different Superfoods are, what health benefits they provide and how to eat them so you can reap all their benefits.
Carla Pinto
A5, full colour, 70 page book
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Price: R 199.95

Say hello to Mother Nature and

her health-powering foods

Dear Friend,

If you’re:

  • Looking to add new foods to your meals that contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Suffering from a medical condition that may improve by eating the right foods
  • A parent looking for nutritional guidance for your children
  • Sluggish and your energy levels have hit an all time low
  • Super busy and need your body to work as hard as you do
  • Over your ideal weight and want to find a super healthy way to lose those extra kilo’s

Then this book is for you!

You see, you don’t need to pop unnecessary pills to live a healthy life and prevent life-threatening diseases. 

It’s all thanks to Mother Nature and the precious health-powering foods she provides...

They contain all the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your body needs to be healthy, prevent diseases, look and feel younger and maintain your ideal weight.

So what are these health-powering foods?

They’re known as Superfoods...

Start living a healthier life today...

Superfoods will help you:

  • Maximise your nutrition to improve your health
  • Slow the ageing process and fight diseases 
  • Power up your immune system to prevent colds and flu’s 
  • Fight free radicals to reduce your risk of cancer by 30%
  • Improve your heart-health to prevent heart disease and heart attacks by 35%
  • Boost your metabolism to help you burn calories and be energised 

I want to share all the information about Superfoods with you so you can take charge of your life and start living a healthier life today...

Here's to a healthier you...

Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher Fleet Street Publications

“Superfoods are the greatest foods identified by the greatest civilizations in the history of the world. They are foods that have a whole array of tricks under their sleeve. They are extremely easy to use and agree with a lot of different body types and metabolisms.”
-Dr David Wolfe

“In a new study out of Europe, researchers found that women who ate higher amounts of foods with flavonoids – Superfoods, were half as likely to develop stomach cancer as were women who ate the smallest amounts.”
-Dr Jonathan V Wright

“Eating Superfoods goes beyond the idea of dieting. It's really a way of life. 'It's the non-diet diet.' It's food you can eat for a lifetime."
-Dr Steven Pratt

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