Underground Treatments - Know your healing options

Underground Treatments - Know your healing options
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Starting today, YOU can decide how healthy you want to be. No matter what you're suffering from - arthritis, heart disease, chronic pain, impotence, depression - there is something that can be done NOW. These breakthrough discoveries are so new that your doctor probably doesn't even know about them yet. Find the answers you seek, in the ultimate guide to "underground" cures.
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**********NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE**********

The Greatest Medicines of All Time

* A mushroom that is proven to stunt tumour growth by as much 85% in less than three weeks

* Yale-trained scientist develops powerful combination of natural extracts to treat high blood pressure - proves 88% effective in Brazilian study

* A powerful phytonutrient found in the ocean that could save your eyes from macular degeneration and blindness. Hint: it's twice as effective as beta-carotene - and 80 times more effective than vitamin E!

* The secret Chinese enzyme that prevents heart attacks and dissolves deadly blood clots within hours

* Want to know why Moari’s hardly ever get arthritis? We reveal why the waters of New Zealand hold the most effective arthritis relief yet


The FDA has lately been threatening and ruining producers of cutting-edge natural medicines simply for printing the truth about what they actually do. That's exactly what billion-rand drug giants want...
But they can't silence all of us! Today’s most gifted researchers are constantly telling us what they can't tell you.

You haven't seen these award-winning, lifesaving
underground treatments mentioned anywhere else...

Please use this privilege immediately. The threat to free speech and innovation in natural healing is at our doorsteps now. You are holding the answer. Just page through this breakthrough report and discover the life-giving truth about...

A sweet "fix" for high cholesterol…
I'm sure you've heard about its dangers from your doctor a hundred times. Too much cholesterol in your blood is at least partly responsible for clogged arteries, heart attacks, strokes and circulation problems

That's why statin drugs are one of the most widely prescribed drugs. And I won't argue that they effectively lower cholesterol, but they also carry a frightening track record of side-effects ranging from stomach pain and cramps - to headaches - to fatal organ failure.

That's why I'm excited to tell you about a safe, proven alternative that lowers cholesterol more effectively and much more SAFELY than statin drugs. It's derived from something you may already be eating on a regular basis - sugar!

Study after study proves Ayurvedic arthritis fix is more
effective than conventional treatments

Rheumatoid arthritis is a crippling and mysterious autoimmune disease. For reasons that aren't clearly understood, it prompts the immune system to malfunction and begin attacking healthy tissue, especially cartilage in the joints. Unfortunately, though drug companies have designed formulations meant to ease joint pain and swelling and slow progression of the disease, they all have dangerous side effects ranging from stomach pain and bleeding - to heart failure - to fatal infections. Consequently, millions of people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis haven't had a safe and effective treatment option. Now they do!

There's an Ayurvedic remedy, a specific combination of 8 herbs, which is proving to be more effective than some conventional arthritis drugs, without the hazardous side effects. And this amazing product does much more than mask the pain. It attacks the agents that increase inflammation, create pain, and destroy joint tissue. In one study patients reported excellent improvement in their symptoms after just six weeks of treatment...and not one of them reported any adverse side effects. In another study only 12% of patients receiving the herbal combination had any joint pain left at all, and stiffness was completely wiped out in all patients. 

Meanwhile, 33.3% of the conventional treatment group was still complaining of pain and half the patients continued to experience stiffness. This same treatment is working wonders with osteoarthritis too!

Turn your health around permanently with disease-fighting
discoveries from a powerful "underground network"

Now, through a special exclusive arrangement with Agora Health Books we can release this information to you in the form of 158-page book containing 23 amazing and effective treatments. The book is called Underground Treatments (the fifth edition), and it's all the information I told you about here. But what I've written is just the beginning. Whatever plagues you, you're sure to find solutions within the pages of Underground Treatments. You'll find specific details on...

...a powerful phytonutrient found in the ocean that can save your eyes from macular degeneration and blindness. Hint: it's twice as effective as betacarotene - and 80 times more effective than vitamin E! ...turn to page 17

...the natural libido enhancer for women: Find out why Alice H. is saying, "we are behaving like sex-crazed kids!" ... turn to page 23

...Greta K, who was suffering with the worst urinary tract infection of her life. Antibiotics did nothing but waste her time, but when she tried a specific formulation of seven botanicals - the same combination used in India for the past 35 years - her symptoms "vanished" within 48 hours! This same product also wipes out excruciating kidney stones ...turn to page 89

...overcoming sugar cravings and sugar addiction in 21 days with a powerful chewing gum...but hurry it's available in very limited quantities...page 99

...a fungus found in the highlands of China, Tibet, and Nepal that when mixed with cartilage from a sea animal has corrected high blood pressure in 88% of patients ...page 125

And, you'll find so much more in Underground Treatments.

The proof you NEED to feel comfortable applying these secrets to
your own life

Underground Treatments is written in plain English. You will not need a medical degree to read it - though many doctors would benefit from its contents! You'll get a full, easy-to-understand description of how each treatment works and where to get it...who to call if you want more information on a specific product...possible risks...and recorded clinical results and case-studies for every single treatment.

It's the only "guarantee" for GREAT health

You can't possibly decide if you're going to benefit from all the remedies in Underground Treatments overnight; we don't expect you to. That's why we'd like to send you your own copy of this amazing book and let you keep it for 60 days! Then, if you decide it isn't the best investment you've ever made in your family's health, you can return it for a full refund

  • Be first to the breakthroughs! We consistently get the scoop, because our global network is literally everywhere. You could buy 15 books and still not learn as much.
  • Learn what others can't tell you! Doctors are highly restricted in what can they say about their own natural medicines. But we sell no medicines, so we have freedom of speech - and we use it.
  • Get impartial advice! We play no favourites. Many times, we have refused offers of compensation for reporting on new medicines. One more reason why scientists trust us to break the stories of their discoveries.
  • Know all your healing options! Each doctor favours his or her own special treatments. Underground Treatments shows you the best of them all. When your life's at stake, don't you deserve to know everything?

There's no risk at all when it comes to owning your own copy of Underground Treatments. The only risk is not having the information you need when you need it!


Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher Fleet Street Publications 

Get your copy of Underground Treatments and open yourself up to a world of healing possibilities.


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