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Five Penny Shares You Need To Own

Here are all the details you need to know to invest in the five hottest stocks on the market right now — the five stocks that could help turn R10,000 Into R57,767...
Every month, financial analyst Francois Joubert – one of South Africa’s top penny shares experts – guides Red Hot Penny Shares investors to the most lucrative shares in the fast-moving small-caps market.

Find out how to get your hands on these 5 amazing share tips plus a FREE Investment Library worth R1, 040.
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Wealth research expert reveals, step-by-step, how you could have turned R10,000 into more than R2.8 million in less than two years...

It's happened before - Now it could happen to you

Unlock the Secret R10,000 Retirement Blueprint!

Dear Retirement-Seeking Reader,

I’m about to show you the “Secret R10,000 Retirement Blueprint” in live action.

In the coming real-life example, R10,000 could have turned into more than R2.8 million in just five simple, quick-fire steps.
Simply copy this blueprint and you could retire a millionaire.

Sound impossible? It’s not!

To do this…

You do NOT need an MBA.

You do NOT need a lot of money (only R10,000 to start).

You do NOT need a lot of time.

But, you DO need to know how to get rich...

This is where I can help, but if you don’t have the will to learn this then you can stop reading right now.

Still with me? Great!

Then let me tell you how this works…

It’s a little-known stock market investing secret.

Don’t worry if you’ve never bought a share before, it’s as easy as checking your email (or making a quick phone call). Anyone can do it!

But these aren’t big, expensive shares like BHP Billiton or Anglo Gold.

The “Secret R10,000 Retirement Blueprint” doesn’t work with big shares.

You need to use something called a “penny share…”

Why Penny Shares?
There are hundreds of penny shares on the market in all types of industry. Such as technology, commodities, health, agriculture, energy and more.

But what makes penny shares different from other “normal” shares is that they’re cheap.


Shares can go for as little as a few cents to a few rands. So even small (or first time) investors can afford to play the market.

Better still, penny shares can deliver truly explosive gains.

In fact, they’re potentially the most profitable shares on the JSE.

Let me show you what I mean…

With a big “blue chip” share it can take years for a R50 share to turn into R100.

But with a penny share, a R1 share can become R2 overnight! After all, the share price only has to go up one measly rand!

So with penny shares you could double your money at lightning speed.

Making the same profit with a big share could take years! If you make a profit at all!

Fact is penny shares are the best way to get rich, let me show you proof…

Proven to Outperform Bigger Shares
When I say penny shares are the best way to get rich… that’s not just my opinion.

That's just a little-known FACT.

Most people think penny shares are riskier than bigger, better-known shares, but they’re wrong.

Renowned investment researcher Roger Ibbotson points out that - "[penny shares] have outperformed large-cap shares... over the last 80 years."


Look at just the last decade for even more proof... 

Since 2001, the All Share Index has climbed 276% (The ALSI tracks all shares listed on the JSE). 

Meanwhile the Small Cap Index ballooned 481%! (The Small Cap Index tracks smaller companies, many of which are penny shares).

Yet no one is talking about the Small Cap Index and the tiny companies it tracks!

You won’t hear about penny shares amazing profitability anywhere else but here.

That’s because the mainstream media ignores them!

Here’s the shocking reason why…

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?
If penny shares are so great, you’d expect everyone to harness their amazing profit building potential and get rich.

Especially for the chance to turn R10,000 into more than R2.8 million.

But that’s not the case at all!

You see penny shares are so small, the big fund managers can’t trade them.

This is because big investment firms can buy up millions of shares at a time… but if the company they buy into is a penny share, then the share price flies through the roof with a big order.

This immediately cuts into their potential profits, so a penny share just isn’t a sensible way to play the market, when you’re a “big boy.”
The JSE's most ignored shares could make you a retirement millionaire. I'll show you exactly how next...

However they’re great for the little guy and first time investors!

But because the “big boys” ignore them, the mainstream media does too.

This is why most people don’t know about penny shares, or just don’t trust them because they don’t get the same media attention big blue chip shares like BHP Billiton and Anglo Gold.

But just because penny shares aren’t mentioned on the news or someone's TV show, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them.
In fact it’s better this way…

Like I said, they're PROVEN to have outperformed the bigger shares… so let’s keep this secret to ourselves.

So let’s look at how profitable penny shares really can be…
Real Life Example: Secret  R10,000
Retirement Blueprint
Let me show you just how potent penny shares can be when you follow the “Secret R10,000 Retirement Blueprint.”

Step-by-step I’ll show you how R10,000 could have turned into more than R2.8 million.

This strategy is risky and requires a lot of luck. I would never recommend it to my readers. This is simply an “accelerated” example of how potent penny shares really can be.

That said…

These penny shares price explosions actually happened.

So although it’s highly improbable you’d be this lucky, it’s NOT impossible. That’s important to remember.
All right, here we go…

Retirement Blueprint Step #1:

R10,000 Turns Into R27,800 in 15 Days!

African Eagle Resources (AEA) is a mineral exploration and development company operating in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia.
If you haven’t heard of them before then you’re not alone.

Remember, the best profit opportunities are rarely featured on T.V. or covered by the financial newspapers.

In February 2009, shares traded for a tiny 18c.

With the news of a major breakthrough in its exploration activities in Africa, the share price rocketed!

After a buying frenzy by investors, African Eagle Resources was then trading at 50c.

That’s a 178% gain in just over two weeks!

If you bought shares at the very start and held on… you could have quickly turned R10,000 into R27,800.

That’s a nice start but chump change compared to what’s next.

Before we move on though, let’s suppose you put your original R10,000 back into your savings account to cut your risk.

So you’re going to roll R17,800 profit into the next step.

This way you’re playing with house money now, so you can’t lose!

Retirement Blueprint Step #2:

Collect R124,600 After 600% Mega Gain!

This is an excellent example of penny shares unmatched profitability…

You could buy Jubilee Platinum (JBL) for a meagre 100c per share in March 2009.

This miner soon embarked on an aggressive international acquisition trail. 

Predictably, this good news sent the share price soaring!

If you had invested your R17,800 profit from Step #1, the resulting mega-gain would have put a staggering R124,600 in your pocket!

Not bad for a handful of mouse clicks and few months “work.”

Now, compare that with a big share like Anglo Platinum.

During the same period, its share price jumped a whopping R71.38.

That’s impressive… for a big company.

BUT, before this hefty jump Anglo Platinum shares were already changing hands at R482. So you would have only bagged a 14.7% gain.

Now look at penny share Jubilee Platinum again, it jumped a mouth watering 600%!

Like I said, penny share gains are unrivaled.

Here’s even more proof…

Retirement Blueprint Step #3:

Bank R191,844… Now You’re Cookin’ With Gas!

You’ve already seen how you could have made R126,600 starting out with a tiny R10,000 initial investment.

But now things are really going to heat up…

Right after Jubilee Platinum's run up, you could have rolled your R126,600 into a little-known business solutions company called Enterprise Outsourcing Holdings (EOH).

It was trading for just 610c a share in July 2009.

But by early December, shares were trading for 940c!

That’s enough to turn your R124,600 into R191,844!

Or looking at it another way, you’d be banking an average of R498.10 every day!

Only penny shares are this potent.

Retirement Blueprint Step #4:

A quarter of the way to ONE MILLION RAND!

Compared to the explosive penny shares alreadycovered in this profit chain, pharmaceutical company Ciplamed (CMP) is a real snail.

From December 2009 to March 2010 you could have bagged a 31% gain.

That’s right, a pitiful 31%…

But it would have been enough to take you to over a quarter of a million rand!

In fact you could be R251,368 richer now, to be precise.

Imagine it, a quarter of a million rand from just four, quick-fire trades!

Simple trades you can make from a computer with an internet connection, or your telephone.

What an amazing feeling it would be to see over a quarter million rand in your bank account, and it’s all YOURS!

But keep your hands off because we’re not done yet, there’s one last step…

Retirement Blueprint Step #5:

More Than R2.8 Million in Only Four Months!

In this day and age, a million rand isn’t “retirement money.”

However R2.8 million in less than two years could certainly be a great start, here’s how you’d get it…

SAC Oil Holdings (SCL) is a little known mining company... and in 2010, business was very good!

In fact, between March and December 2010, its share price soared from 15c to 168c.

That’s a 1,020% gain!

Rolling your R251,368 into this run-up, you’d collect R2,815,321…

In other words, you’d be a retirement millionaire!

That’s R10,000 into more than R2.8 million in less than two years!

Remember, these penny share explosions happened. That’s the truth. So although it’s improbable you’d ever ride a profit wave just like this, it’s NOT impossible.

That’s why I’ve given you this example, because I want you to see for yourself the amazing potential of penny shares.

When you do, you’re one step closer to…

Ultimate Freedom!

You can do a lot with R2.8 million these days.

Look after your family and friends, pay off your bond, and put your sister’s kids through university. Or perhaps you’re a little more extravagant?

Then drink Dom Perignon, eat caviar, drive exotic cars and mingle with high-society on million-dollar yachts.
Or how about this…

Bank your R2.8 million into a savings account with 6% interest and it’s like you’re getting paid R168,919.26 a year for doing zip!
Talk about the rich getting richer!

Only this time, YOU are “the rich!”

The point is penny shares could help you get here.

And a heck of a lot faster if you’re lucky enough to successfully implement your own “Secret R10,000 Retirement Blueprint!”
Life on YOUR terms.

Frankly, it’s what you deserve, right?

So isn’t it about time you take the first step?

Then let me tell you who I am, and how I can help you kick-start your own millionaire’s retirement…

Yours for Penny Share Profits

Hi, my name’s Francois Joubert.

I’m the chief investment strategist for Red Hot Penny Shares and I believe it to be the best penny share newsletter in South Africa.
Here’s why.

Before Red Hot Penny Shares, I studied engineering and went onto work as a business analyst for a number of local mining and engineering companies in SA.

I learned a lot about the stock market and particularly the pricing of companies like gold and platinum mines. And those jobs helped me master the most important skill of all when it comes to picking potentially profitable shares…


With hundreds of shares out there it’s very difficult to pick a winner. So you need to sift and screen for weeks on end!

That’s work you won’t have to do, if you subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares.

Let me do the grunt work.

I bring an analytical eye and scepticism to every company I look at. I won’t make a share recommendation until I’m absolutely convinced I’d recommend it to my own mother!

Perhaps more importantly, my research is 100% independent.

Companies don’t pay me to “pump” their shares. I’m not a member of any “old boys” club and I’m in no one’s back pocket.
I answer to you. That’s it!

Few in my industry can say the same.

My only goal is to deliver my readers results because that’s the only way I stay in business, and so only the very best share picks get by me and into my readers inbox.

Picks I believe could put you on the fast track to ultimate freedom and happiness.

I have one more ace up my sleeve to make sure this is absolutely always the case…
 My PowA!  Money Multiplier 

Strategy: Scientifically Selectsthe 
Best Penny Shares…

The PowA! Penny Share Screening System is a scientific strategy for uncovering the JSE's most explosive shares.

I've developed it over many years exclusively and now use it exclusively for Red Hot Penny Shares!

Here’s how it works…

First the PowA! Penny Share Screening System automatically analyses thousands of shares, looking for proven tell tale signs of a potential penny share profit explosion.

Out of many hundreds of penny shares, my PowA! system locks onto a select few that show tremendous potential for profit.

Next, I painstakingly research each of these shares the PowA! Screening System has highlighted, looking specifically at five crucial factors common with some of the most profitable penny shares in history…

PowA! Play #1: Sales Growth

In any business, sales are #1.

That’s why I closely watch penny shares that consistently grow their revenue year after year. It’s a tell tale sign of a company on the up… usually share price goes the same way.

In a FREE report I have for you called — The Hottest Shares to Start your PowA! Portfolio  — one of the companies scores full marks for sales growth.

They’re growing revenue at a remarkable rate, and the market they serve is exploding! The share price is a bargain right now, but I fully expect it to jump quickly, so hurry.

You’ll get this company’s ticker, and my full analysis of it FREE, when you subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares today.

PowA! Play #2: Profit Fortress

Examples of a Profit Fortress would be a patent, superior brand or exclusive market access….

Something that makes the marketplace more competition-free. This makes it easier for a company to make more money.
And of course that’s great news for shareholders!

If a company doesn’t hold a Profit Fortress, then it’s got to be pretty darn impressive in other areas before it gets by me.

PowA! Play #3: Profit Catapult
When I was researching Pan African Resources (PAN), it was looking at the acquisition of a mine in Barbeton.

Soon after acquiring the mine, the management team turned the business around and the share price catapulted as production improved.

Red Hot Penny Shares readers who bought Pan Af when it was first recommendedwere sitting on a very tidy 223% gain.
This is just one example of amazing gains we've delivered readers recently.

PowA! Play #4: Business Shock Factor

When I’m assessing the business shock factor of a company, I’m looking for innovations or products that can shake up an entire industry…

Like how the Ford Model T turned the motor-industry on its head.

Or how the iPod transformed the MP3 player market.

Companies that have fresh, new ideas that appeal to a market are bound to see the sales curve go only one way — UP!

Usually, the same thing happens to shareholders' profits.

PowA! Play #5: Black Cloud Factor

“black cloud” might be a lawsuit, regulatory issue, or even just bad press… something that can temporarily hold back share price.
But when the Black Clouds clear, share price rockets right back up!

Let’s look at the Verimark controversy surrounding the pile of shares being issued to management mid last year for a good example.
The Verimark share price was beaten down with all the bad press. 

Many investors bought that share, because despite its problems Verimark is still a player in the market.
As the black clouds clear, the shares was up 71%!

After I filter shares through these five crucial steps, I’m left with the very best, the top of the pile penny shares!
That’s what I then share with my readers.

But how effective is the PowA! Penny Share Screening System at picking winning penny shares?
I hope you’ll write me a letter soon.

In fact, I’ve used my PowA! Strategy to lock onto three promising new recommendations.
They’re all yours FREE just for signing up to Red Hot Penny Shares today.

Here’s how to get them…

Join Red Hot Penny Shares
Risk-Free Today and Get These
Great Bonuses — FREE!
With amazing results like you’ve just seen, Red Hot Penny Shares really could help kick-start your very own “Secret R10,000 Retirement Blueprint.”

Join today and you could be on the fast track to riches. 

Each issue is jam-packed with profitable information you could literally take to the bank, including at least one new share recommendation.

I’m confident you’ll be giddy with excitement every month when your new issue of Red Hot Penny Shares arrives in the mailbox.
Best part is it’s in plain English too, so anyone can understand!

But that’s not all you get with your membership. When you act today, I’ll also throw in four value-packed financial guides.
Here they are…

Fast Mover Bonus #1 — The Hottest Shares to Start your PowA! Portfolio!

I’m really excited about these shares…

They're very strong companies bringing breakthrough services to the market, and could double your money in a matter of months.
Best of all, they’re dirt-cheap penny shares!

Your first pick in this report in the inside scoop on the most exciting, explosive profit-packed player in the energy sector.
For savvy investors, this ultra profitable niche could bring decades of wealth… and I believe I’ve found the best penny share to ride through this era of new riches.

Right now, it’s a steal, but hurry before shares rocket!

And that's just ONE of the FIVE outstanding opportunities I've identified for you inside The Hottest Shares to Start your PowA! Portfolio!
This little dynamo of a share could soar soon.

And that makes this report immensely valuable, yet it’s yours FREE to keep forever when you simply subscribe Red Hot Penny Shares today.

Fast Mover Bonus #2 — How to Make Money in the Exciting World of Penny Shares!

This is perhaps the most valuable report I’ve put together because it covers the timeless fundamentals of successful penny share investing.

It’s a crash course perfect for beginners.

Inside you’ll discover…
  • Exactly how much money you should invest in a penny shares.
  • Why brokers don’t care if you win or lose… they make commission no matter what, so be wary of what they recommend! (See bonus #5 for a solution).
  • The fastest, easiest way to make money in the market (hint: it’s NOT those big shares you hear about on TV).
  • 5 tell-tale signs of a breakout penny share.
  • And much, much more!
JoinRed Hot Penny Shares risk-free today and this report is yours to keep, even if you cancel your membership! 

Fast Mover Bonus #3 — The Investor's Toolkit

Anyone can make some money buying shares, but by following a few simple techniques, you can make a SERIOUS amount of money. 
With this report – you'll quickly grasp the tools for evaluating any share – including PE ratios, earnings yield, net asset value, cash flow, and more. 

Plus, it reveals many of the secrets behind our highly profitable PowA! Money Multiplier system.

That’s what you get with this third report called, The Investor's Toolkit!

This report is yours FREE, with your risk-free membership to Red Hot Penny Shares.

But wait, there’s more!

Fast Mover Bonus #4 — The Best Brokers!

I’m going to be frank, it’s a minefield out there and so whether you have a broker or not, this report will be invaluable.
You see a broker can make or break you.

And it’s not just about who has the lowest commission fees, saving on commission may cost you in other areas, so doing your research is crucial.

That’s why I’ve put this short-cut report together for you.

I cover the most popular brokers in this report, and it’s yours FREE, to keep no matter what, when you subscribe risk-free to Red Hot Penny Shares!

All of these bonuses are available instantly. As soon as you take advantage of your risk-free membership to Red Hot Penny Shares, I’ll rush these reports to your email inbox.

You can be reading them less than 30 minutes from now! 

But because reports #1, #2 and #3 are so important, I’m going to mail you hard copies too. Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the postage.

What’s more, all these reports are yours to keep forever, no matter what… even if you cancel your subscription to Red Hot Penny Shares

Dirt cheap for everything you get. Look at all those bonuses! In fact as far as I can tell this is the best offer I’ve ever made!

But if Red Hot Penny Shares is so good, why am I practically giving it away?

Here’s the bare-naked, warts and all truth…

To turn a profit, we need your repeat business.

That means giving you a superior newsletter… one you’re so thrilled with, you’ll stay with us year after year.
If you don’t, we go broke!

Remember our research is 100% independent, so we’re not making any money on the side from crummy companies paying us to pump their shares.

So it’s in my best interests to really over-deliver here. Something I’m confident I can do in every way.
That’s why Red Hot Penny Shares is so cheap.

And that’s why I’m adding one last clincher to seal the deal for you…

When you subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares today, you do so completely risk-free.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose by acting right now!

Here’s my unbreakable promise to you…

I’m sure you agree that’s a square deal.

If I don’t deliver, you don’t pay a cent.

But if I do deliver…

This time next year you could be drinking cocktails on a beach, forever free from the rat race and without a care in the world, simply because today, you made the decision to join Red Hot Penny Shares.

With the amazing profitability of penny shares and the “Secret R10,000 Retirement Blueprint”, you could make R2.8 million in less than two years…

It sure sounds impossible, but you know it’s NOT!

When you think about it like that, you simply have to respond to this offer right away. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t…

Here’s What to Do Now
Are you ready and willing to harness the wealth generating power of the “Secret R10,000 Retirement Blueprint?”

Then I urge you to subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares today.

You do so with a full six month money-back guarantee.

This is your best shot at ultimate freedom.

Also, when you subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares today you’ll get instant access to all four FREE bonus reports, yours to keep no matter what.

I’ll email your reports immediately so there’s no waiting around.

Simply click the order button below to get started…

Here's to unleashing real value,

Francois Joubert
Chief Investment Strategist
Red Hot Penny Shares

P.S. Because penny shares can skyrocket overnight, I urge you to respond right now while it’s on your mind. If you miss out on a one-day gain of 50%, 100% or more, you’ll kick yourself. So Add to Cart now to get started…

“I'm delighted with the advice and information I receive from Red Hot Penny Shares which grew my portfolio by 30% in 3 months. The information you provide on shares is accurate and well researched." 
- Adam, Cape Town

“As a Red Hot Penny Share subscriber I would like to share a wonderful story. My first share was Pinnacle which I bought last year, the share soared up and in 9 months I made 67% profit. Your system really works. Viva RHPS team. Keep up the good work!" 
- S L Radebe, Jo'burg.

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