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South African Investor
Make great profits in good company! 

Each month the powerful South African Investor network, led by Chairman Warren Jeffery, shows you how to access the safest, most profitable wealth creation and preservation opportunities so you can profit.

The South African Investor a private club where members can share ideas and get expert opinions from a panel of investing experts to overcome investing challenges and build a well-diversified and rewarding portfolio.

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There's an unusual way to escape the
daily rat race and get wealthy on
your own terms...

Without working 9 to 5
Without greedy brokers
Without much money to get started
Here's how this secret could double, possibly triple,
your money in just 6 months

Dear Prospective Member,

At first glance, Matthew Freeman looks like your average guy. He’s in better shape than most 57-year-olds, he drinks too much espresso and has a modest home.

What’s amazing about Matthew is that he hasn’t gotten advice from a financial newspaper or CNBC in over 20 years… Yet he makes thousands more in the markets than any of his friends.

Matthew spends countless hours having fun with his three sons. He frequently travels to a secluded oceanfront ranch on the Pacific. He visits a stunning chateau in Normandy each April.

He’s even taking golf lessons!

Indeed, Matthew does what he wants when he wants. And he’s done it without working 9 to 5 or any help from Wall Street.

It’s the same one that helped Peter Hoffman reach "Millionaire” status.

Just a few years ago, Peter was barely making ends meet, working 12 hour days and rarely saw his family. Now he lives life on his own terms and has plenty of free time to spend with his son.

But they’re not the only ones growing wildly wealthy without “working” anymore.

Doug Fine escaped the daily grind too.

How do they do it?

The short answer is, Matthew, Peter and Doug – like all "Millionaires” – share a common secret.

They found a way to “sidestep” the mainstream all together.

Since “sidestepping” traditional methods for building wealth… They now have plenty of money and time to really enjoy their lives. They go bungee jumping in Zambia… Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef… Do volunteer work in Soweto… Spend time with family… And they never, ever worry about money.

Today, I want to introduce you to several “Millionaires”. A small group of everyday South Africans who’ve found an unusual way to consistently explode their wealth…

Without help from mainstream media or government handouts.

Their secret contradicts what most people believe about making money – but I believe it could make you incredibly rich.

Bottom line: If you’re interested in escaping the daily rat race and building wealth on your own terms… I’ll show you how.

Widow stumbles upon “secret” to effortlessly
boosting monthly income – Now does what she
wants, when she wants

Some people become a "Millionaire” by chance.

That’s exactly what happened to Shelley Stevens, a retiree who was forced to handle the finances after her husband passed away.

You see, when Shelley discovered that “traditional” income-generating investments like unit trust and money market accounts couldn’t provide her enough income to live life on her own terms...

She set out to find a better way.

As she put it:

“I have many things I want to do with my life, including starting my own business. Critical to this plan is my ability to put my money where it will deliver a steady income and support my business aspirations and lifestyle.”

How is she doing?

Since joining a small group of “millionaires,” she now effortlessly boosts her income, without help from a broker or financial adviser...

Instead of earning a measly 7% in her savings account… Shelley discovered an incredible investment that has catapulted her income.

How do I know all this?

Because I’m a “Millionaire” myself…

Secrets of an “Millionaire”

My name is Annabel Koffman.

Over ten years ago, I discovered the secrets of these "Millionaires” and escaped the daily rat race, forever.

Fortunately, I joined an unusual network.

As you may have guessed, this network is the secret shared by the people you’ve met in this letter.

This ambitious group includes entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, artists, authors, musicians, engineers, scientists, retirees and many “everyday” individuals who all have a common interest in creating and protecting their wealth.

But membership in this group is not for everyone.

If your goal is to become a millionaire overnight or to “get rich quick,” then this is not for you.

This network is for people who enjoy the occasional thrill of booking short-term, explosive profits… But who have a long-term approach to investing.

The truth is, long-term, steady accumulation of wealth is our top priority.

Before I give you more details on this organisation and how it could help you double your wealth…

I want to introduce you to one more “millionaire” with a great story…

Business owner discovers powerful “secret”
– Escapes corporate rat race, forever

After a 26-year career in the semiconductor industry, Doug Fine reached “Millionaire” status six years ago – and broke free from the corporate rat race.

Here’s his story, in his own words…

“I own two small businesses. I retired from the corporate rat race back in 2004, but I still keep busy with my businesses. I also enjoy spending time with my friends, [and] going on fly-fishing trips with my hunting and fishing club. I truly believe that you too, can have the same great experience I’ve had.”

You see, since discovering this network, Doug now collects more income and pockets bigger gains than ever.

Over the years, he’s had the opportunity to take advantage of investments that soared 72.98%... 119.43%... And even 299.96%.

But recently, he did something very important – something that most people never consider doing.

“As much money as I’ve made… I’ve also learned the importance of protecting it. Today, I’m proud to say that I’m in the process of making the bulk of my money 100% secure, out of the reach of anyone who might want to sue me or take what I’ve earned. And it is so much easier than I expected.”

Now Doug has a solid plan in place to protect his wealth, and it’s bulletproof, from anyone who tries to get their hands on it.

How did he do it?

That’s why I’m writing you today…
A proven path to a lifetime of wealth

I imagine this all sounds a bit mysterious. But I hope you’re intrigued.

Because the secret I’m talking about is something called The South African Investor.

And I’m inviting you to join us.

You may have heard of The South African Investor. But did you know that since 1999, we’ve helped our members quietly and unconventionally amass billions of rands in wealth…?

That our experts don’t go on television and reveal our recommendations. We don’t buy or sell shares for you. We aren’t financial advisers or brokers.

We’re 100% independent – not attached to any bank, brokerage or fund company.

Our only focus is… To help our members build wealth – and protect it

Our members know you can’t get rich chasing “hot” share tips… Trading risky breakout shares… Or by following the herd.

They also know that by the time information hits the mainstream, most of the profits have already been made.

So how do we do it?

As you’ve probably learned through experience, truly valuable information can only be found through a private network of trustworthy and knowledgeable friends and peers.

Like our members, I think you’ll enjoy the powerful feeling of strengthening your financial wellbeing through our close-knit network of ambitious and success-oriented individuals.

And I’m inviting you to join us.

Extraordinary opportunities others will never see

The South African Investor isn’t an ordinary network and the financial secrets we share with members aren’t ordinary either. We don’t chase “hot trends” or try to time the market. Our members have come to expect a different kind of investing experience.

Yes, our experts uncover plenty of unusual ways to boost your monthly income, but our team specialises in finding “unconventional” opportunities in the markets.

For example, do you know you could…
  • EARN BIG FROM THE WORLD’S BIGGEST RESOURCE SHOP: This smart resource company is preparing to make HUGE inroads into China’s ferocious commodity appetite.
  • COLLECT 12 WORK-FREE PAYCHEQUES A YEAR: Our experts just uncovered eight ways to make money from the market without lifting a finger... And we’ve isolated eight amazing companies that you can tap into right away to start collecting 12 paycheques a year.
  • MAKE HUGE GAINS FROM SA’s TOP DEFENSIVE PLAY: This company is doing something incredible. It’s found a way to tap into a R27.4 billion industry. And with 70% of this market in its pocket, you’ll want to get in today before it soars on the back of increased demand.
South African Investor members have begun taking advantage of these opportunities and suggest you do the same.

You can get complete details, in our reports:
  • Profiting in Uncertain Times: Six Bomb Shelter Shares
  • The Perpetual Income Report
  • Your Complete Guide To Investing Offshore – Protect Yourself Against Fraud, Theft and Investment Scams
You’ll receive each of these reports absolutely free. I’ll tell you how in a moment…

But first, if you are intrigued by the financial freedom these ideas can bring you…

Let me give you a peek inside the network…

Let me introduce you to The South African Investor

Before I show you everything you’ll get if you decide to accept this invitation, there’s something I need to tell you.

There are two reasons The South African Investor is opening its doors to new members right now:

1.) We’re on a mission… To restore the wealth lost by so many individuals during the financial crisis. You’ve worked hard your entire life. And yet your future is left completely at the mercy of greedy institutional bankers and unscrupulous politicians. We want you to regain control and take back what’s rightfully yours.

2.) At The South African Investor, we believe every investor deserves the chance to profit just as much as the top traders. For decades, the top returns have been reserved for only the elite. We want to change that.

Our goal is to help you make sense of these volatile markets, grow your wealth and become a smarter investor.

It starts with our flagship newsletter, The South African Investor. You’ll begin receiving it as part of your risk-free membership.

Each month, it shows you how to take advantage of innovative companies, ways to boost your retirement income, how to avoid paying too much in taxes, techniques to protect your wealth and much more.

As of this writing, some of our experts’ top recommendations include…
  • An oil company that invented one of the most lucrative inventions in history.
  • A South African bank that’s profiting from China’s “big move” to Africa.
  • A one-stop resource shop that’s catering for the emerging market’s ferocious need for just about anything.
You’ll gain access to every one of these recommendations in our member’s only core portfolio consisting of our Six Bomb Shelter Shares.

You’ll know exactly when to buy in… And how to protect your gains.

But these are just the opportunities found in our South African Investor Core Portfolio.

As a new member, you’ll also have access to our Perpetual Income Portfolio, which offers you a unique way to collect 12 paycheques a year.

No wonder this group of unusual “Millionaires” are able to escape the daily rat race and live life on their own terms.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what members are saying…

Make 335.56% gains from 11 shares in 15 months

It’s no secret that most brokers keep the best investments for themselves. That’s why most people don’t know about investment trends before they happen.

If you haven’t, you aren’t alone. Most South African don’t know how to take advantage of them. In total, you could have made 335.56% gains investing in just 11 shares in our Portfolio in the past year.

It’s just one of the many ways South African Investor members are building wealth, without doing a single minute’s extra work.

As I’m writing this, South African Investor members are sitting on gains as much as…
  • 23.42% from an innovative pharmaceutical company
  • 40.94% on a retailer that doesn’t slow down in any economy
  • 158.22% on a leader in the mining sector
  • 192.60% on a telecommunications giant
  • 261.66% on an integrated energy and chemical company
And that’s just to name a few…

Most people never hear about these opportunities. But you will.

Here’s the thing… Although our experts show members how to make a killing in the stock markets, sometimes they uncover unconventional ways to catapult your wealth, without investing in the financial markets at all.

Let me show you what I mean…

Can you really get rich without investing in the

Several members I spoke with are having great success building their wealth by taking advantage of investments that don’t involve investing in ordinary shares, unit trusts, currencies or any other equity.

For instance, do you know how to pocket huge profits on fine art by artists like Picasso, Rembrandt and Warhol, to name a few, without buying a single painting?

Well, recently, a top art expert sent me an incredible briefing with full details on how to acquire “shares” of paintings – just like you would a stock. And you profit each time a painting is bought or sold.

Or do you know which collectibles market investing legend, Bill Gross, says is “better than the stock market?” The minute you join, you’ll receive an amazing report with complete details on this unique, wealth-building strategy.

Another unusual way to explode your wealth involves limited-edition gold coins. Several members I spoke with have found a great way to buy rare coins. The last time we offered readers the opportunity to buy gold coins, we secured the ten years of democracy Nelson Mandela coin for R4,400 just seven years ago. This coin’s now worth R38,000 – an astonishing 763.66% gain!

I don’t know if these ideas are right for you, but I do know any one of them could put thousands in your pocket and is worth considering.

If you decide to join, there’s so much more you’ll get…

A unique financial fellowship

When you join The South African Investor, you’ll have access to a unique financial fellowship with many profitable resources at your fingertips.

Your membership includes:
  • The South African Investor Communiqué: Delivered to you monthly, the Communiqué is jampacked with wealth-building insights, trading strategies and our best upcoming profit opportunities.
  • Portfolio Updates: The minute a big story involving one of our recommendations breaks, you’ll receive an update. That way you’ll know exactly where we stand… And what action to take.
  • The Perpetual Income Report: Start every year with the certain knowledge that you're going to collect twelve work-free cheques directly from the JSE. You'd recieve them no matter how well or badly the market, or your portfolio's performing. And you'll keep getting paid year after year for as long as you want. In this comprehensive report, you'll discover this simple and flexible strategy. It's lucrative and safe in all markets. In fact, it may be the single best investment ever devised.
  • Premiere Investor Reports: Sometimes an opportunity arises that deserves special attention. These aren’t everyday plays. They’re unusual investments that can catapult any portfolio practically overnight. In these rare cases, we’ll rush you an urgent investor report with full details, so you can profit right away.
  • MoneyMorning Bulletin: An irreverent daily email. This fast paced e-letter brings you local and global expert commentary on what makes the economy tick and how to profit financially and intellectually from future trends before everyone else… You’re guaranteed to get reliable, actionable, even contrarian, advice that is ALWAYS provocative!
With all the uncertainty surrounding the economy, no one knows for certain where the markets are headed in 2012 and beyond. We could see another crash after last year’s rally.

Accepting this invitation to join The South African Investor is a great way to ensure financial security for years to come.

There’s something else I want you to have for free…

The Nobel Prize-winning secret to maximising returns

Many people make a good living trying to predict what the economy and financial markets will do next. But nobody really knows for certain.

But as Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. Harold Markowitz figured out, you can profit DESPITE economic uncertainty.

In his famous paper, Portfolio Optimisation Through Mean Variance Analysis, he detailed exactly how to maximise your returns while minimising risk.

And while the title of the paper may sound complicated, Investment Director Alexander Green and I have devised a surprisingly simple and highly profitable investment strategy based on Markowitz’s groundbreaking concepts.

It allows you to…
  • Always buy low… And sell high
  • Side-step the effects of inflation
  • Eliminate broker fees and unnecessary taxes
  • Consistently outperform the market
The best part, you can implement this strategy in just 20 minutes, relax and then go fishing.

That’s why we named it The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio.

You’ll discover everything you need to know in The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio: The Nobel Prize-Winning Secret to Maximising Returns and Minimising Risk. If you agree to give The South African Investor a risk-free try, you’ll get this report for free.

A special invitation for new members

And right now, because we know how difficult the financial crisis has been for most, membership dues are at an all-time low…

It’s my “Welcome to The Club” – gift to you.

By joining today, you get five special reports, our monthly Communiqué, the How to make BIG Money from Beautiful Things e-report and the daily MoneyMorning bulletin – plus so much more

That’s six times less than you’ll pay for a cappuccino at Mugg & Bean!

And, when you sign up today as a new member, you can lock in our lowest rate of R1500 a month for the first year.

But times are still tough, and many investors outside the club are still down in their portfolios.
They simply aren’t ready to commit to anything.

So to ensure you get every detail on all the opportunities we’ve uncovered – I want to make the decision a complete “no-brainer” for you…

Your 100% satisfaction guarantee

The truth is, if The South African Investor doesn’t provide you with countless money-making opportunities – like it has for current members – it wouldn’t be right for us to keep your money.

It’s my “Welcome to The Club” – gift to you.

When you join The South African Investor today, I promise you’ll receive a continuous stream of profitable opportunities that most people will never hear of...

If I can do that, the R5.00 per day investment it takes to join The South African Investor will prove to be the wisest investment you’ve ever made. I guarantee it.

So go ahead and claim your membership, along with everything I’ve mentioned. Read the reports. Review the Communiqué. Paper trade an investment or two.

And if you feel we don’t deliver, simply let me know in writing within 30 days and you’ll get your membership fee back. (Also, keep in mind that if you cancel after 30 days, we will simply stop your membership. We don’t believe in locking anyone in who doesn’t want to be a member.) Either way, you can keep everything you’ve received, including these reports…
  • The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio: The Nobel Prize-Winning Secret to Maximising Returns and Minimising Risk
  • Profiting in Uncertain Times: Six Bomb Shelter Shares.
  • Your Complete Guide To Investing Offshore – Protect Yourself Against Fraud, Theft And Investment Scams
Explore our members’ only website, review all the premiere investor reports and valuable resources that are available to you. Then let me know what you think. If you’re not absolutely thrilled by everything we have to offer within 30 days, simply keep all the reports and we’ll send you a refund. No quibbles.

Why am I offering you this 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Because I receive many letters just like this one from Member G Fritz:

“The South African Investor helps me invest by providing info on risks in the current world economic environment. Without The South African Investor I would have certainly made costly mistakes.”

And I’m confident The South African Investor can help you turn your investments around too.

The best part: You can access all The South African
has to offer!

Simply join today and claim all of your FREE reports within a matter of days...

Simply Add to Cart and, in a few days from now you’ll have access to everything mentioned in this invitation. And a whole lot more. 
It literally takes just three minutes to get you started alongside the people you’ve met in this letter.

But before you do, there’s something else I need to mention, and it’s important…

There are two requirements of membership I need to tell you about.

1. You must agree not to disclose any of the Club’s investment recommendations, strategies or secrets to anyone.

2. You must agree to keep the Club private. Although you’ll meet fellow members, you’re prohibited from using their names in any commercial way.

That’s all there is to it.

I’m offering you the chance to profit from fine art, unique collectibles, coins, wine and much more for FREE...

I’m offering you the chance to build your wealth by tapping into the hottest trends, building a bomb shelter portfolio and even discover how to collect 12 work-free paycheques from the JSE – for FREE...

Plus, I’m offering you the chance to get our monthly Communiqué, Portfolio Updates, Premiere Investor Reports and MoneyMorning bulletins
This is what we have to offer you.

It’s substantial. It’s affordable. It’s going to help you escape the daily rat race and get wealthy on your own terms.

Maybe you want to boost your investment portfolio…

Maybe you want to generate more monthly income…

Maybe you’re interested in discovering unconventional opportunities and investments most people will never see…

If so, then The South African Investor is ideal for you. And I sincerely hope you’re ready to join us.

To start your risk-free South African Investor membership, join now.

We’ll rush a Welcome Kit to you right away in the post and send you some of the special reports via email in your confirmation letter in the next few days.

Simply join now. I look forward to welcoming you as our newest member.

Annabel Koffman
The South African Investor

P.S. Remember, I’m so convinced The South African Investor will significantly boost your wealth, that if you’re not 100% thrilled, you have 30 days to get a full refund. That way, you risk nothing. And whatever you decide, everything you receive is yours to keep.

P.P.S. If you join today, you’ll also get our exciting e-report, The Perpetual Income Report. This comprehensive e-report is a must-read for any serious wealth-seeker. In it, you’ll discover ways to collect 12 work-free cheques from the JSE every year. Simply join now.

“Something happened to me that changed the way I look at money and investing. It brought me greater wealth than I honestly expected and a level of independence and security I didn’t think was possible. It has made a very deep and real difference in my life.”
-Peter Hoffman

“Your correspondence interested me as I had been looking for advice in protecting and growing my portfolio. This was a good move on my part as for the very short time that I have been a member I have found your articles extremely interesting and useful.”
-R.G Williams

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