Ultimate Contracts for Difference Guide

Ultimate Contracts for Difference Guide
Make safe, consistent profits from tiny changes in the price

We all know the saying: “With great risk comes great reward.” Right? Well, today I’d like to show you why this isn’t always true. Now there’s a way to reap massive rewards without risking the bank. And it’s so easy and versatile, even first time traders can do it.
Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Make returns in 30 days or less with this secret strategy. Find out how today...

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Make huge gains off tiny moves in the stock market

Without buying a single share!

Discover how you can take advantage of the secret used
by the super-rich to grow their wealth whether the
markets are going up, down or sideways!

Dear Reader,

On the 12th of August this secret made R2,650 in less than 24 hours.

This same secret also made R3,263 on the 1st of September in only one day.

And on the 29th of September it made a further R2,711 in the same period of time.

But no shares were bought.

In addition to benefiting from the share movements’ people using this secret also received dividend payments and enjoyed all the benefits of investing… Without actually owning any of the shares outright.

Exponentially grow your money!

Before I tell you more about this secret, let me explain how it’s possible to make huge gains from tiny moves in the share price without actually buying any shares.

It’s all about trading using the power of financial leverage.

Leverage allows you to multiply your profits ten times or more and limits the amount of money you’ll have to invest on each trade.

The power of leverage means you don’t have to pay R9,800 to gain exposure to 100 Standard Bank shares at R98 each. Instead, you pay only R980 but still benefit from all 100 shares.

And the potential for quick profits is huge!

Get started TODAY!

So how do you take advantage of this secret?

Trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs)! They are one of the best ways to make money using the money-multiplying power of leverage.

Here’s why trading CFDs perfect for you:

1.Multiply your wealth ten-times – This is perhaps the greatest benefit. You can trade CFDs for a mere fraction of the cost of buying a share… and you can leverage your profits enormously.

2.Don’t risk a cent more than you have to! – With any CFD trade you can set a “stop loss” – a predetermined point where you get out if the market moves against you. This strategy makes it possible to quantify your maximum risk when you open the trade.

3.Manage your accounts easily – CFDs have no expiry date. Essentially, they’re continuous futures contracts. This means you don’t have to worry about any expiry dates and you save yourself the costs of rolling over your contracts into the next quarter.

4.Make money even when the markets go down – “Going short” means reversing the process of buying low and selling high. In a bear market, you can make money selling high and buying low!

5.Get your feet wet with small trades while you’re still learning– You always choose the exact size of the trade you place. The CFD brokers don’t even care if you start with only a handful of CFD contracts! That makes it very easy (and not too costly) to learn the ropes.

And now, it’s easier than ever for you to start taking advantage of this amazing opportunity.

FSP Invest has compiled the essential beginner’s guide to trading CFDs. It'll take you from knowing absolutely nothing to making your first profitable trade in just seven days

Your guide to continuous profits

Learn all about trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) in the Ultimate Contracts for Difference Guide: How to make big gains on small rises and falls in a share price. In it you’ll learn:

·Everything you need to know about CFDs
·Don’t lose money! Everything you need to know about money and risk management
·Become an instant pro: CFD trading strategies used by professionals
·Make money right out the gate: How to get started in CFDs immediately
·And much more!

Get started trading CFDs and rake in all the benefits with none of the stress.

I’m so confident that this guide will help you get quick profits with no stress; I’m offering it to you with the FSP Invest stamp of confidence…

Our 30 day money-back guarantee

The Ultimate Contracts for Difference Guide come’s with FSP Invests 30-day-money-back guarantee.

This means you risk nothing.

You have a full 30 days to read the book from cover to cover and decide whether it’s worth the investment. If you have any doubts or aren’t happy for any reason whatsoever, simply return it and we’ll give you your money back.

No questions asked!

And, if you act now, you qualify for our special introductory offer…

The Ultimate Contracts for Difference Guide trading retails for R599.

But for this special introductory offer you’ll get this amazing introduction into the world exciting world of CFDs for just R399.

Every second you wait is a wasted opportunity to make money!

The time you waste being indecisive could be much better spent reaching your financial goals using the dynamic world of trading CFDs.

Get started TODAY!

Happy trading!
Warren Jeffery
Head of Trading and Research, FSP Invest

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