Ultimate Spread Trading Guide

Ultimate Spread Trading Guide
How to build a BOMB SHELTER for your investments

South Africa’s stock market’s up one day, and down the next. The rand continues to weaken, while global markets are heading into recession. Like most other investors, you may be totally confused. Is the market going up again? Is another bull market around the corner or are we going to continue facing massive risks and downturns? There are ways to protect yourself and profit when times are tough, and it’s about time you learnt the easiest and safest among them… Discover how to take advantage of volatility using financial spread trading.

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Find out how you can transform

your finances with just R350 in


2014 could be the most exciting year for your finances!

Discover the secret that could take you from 'getting by'

to 'living the life!' in as little as 7 days!!
Dear Reader,

2014 could be the best financial year of your life.

How can I be so sure?

Because today I’m going to tell you how to use a mere R350 to transform your finances.

You see, unlike other opportunities, which are simply designed to make the rich even richer, today I’m going to show you how to easily and effortlessly get your hands on the most dynamic investment opportunities for a fraction of the cost…

Now you can get your hands on R14,500 worth of gold for just R350.

Commodities not your thing?

Then how would you like to ‘buy’ Wall Street for as little as R45?

And, on top of all this, your earnings could be magnified up to ten times or more… In just a few days!

I honestly think this could be the most exciting opportunity to ever land in your inbox.

But before I tell you about this huge opportunity, let me introduce myself…

“Let me reveal the secrets of the super-rich to YOU!”

My name is Warren Jeffery and I’m the Head of Trading and Research here at FSP Invest. I’ve spent years mastering the art of short-term trading at one of the leading trading firms in the country, Golding, Torr and De Decker.

And now I want to share my knowledge with you!

I truly believe this opportunity is one of the best ways for you to make money without making any drastic changes to your life…

No huge withdrawals from your account.

No massive financial risks.

And no expensive maintenance costs.

This is the easy, stress-free way to consistent and repeatable profits!

Choose the easy way to profits

I’m talking about spread trading.

The easiest and most accessible way for a novice to make money in the exciting and profitable world of trading.
As well as the cheapest!

The potential of this opportunity is huge! As is the amount of money you could make in a matter of days!

In a matter of days you could’ve made big money from spread trades like these:

·In a single day you could’ve made a gain of 32.5% from a 65 cent rise in Old Mutual’s share price.
·In just 14 days, you could’ve made an 18.75% gain from a 15 cent move in the platinum price.
·And you also could’ve made a 23.68% gain in just eight days when the MTN share price went up by R4...

This is the boundless potential of spread-trading.

It’s simply one of the best ways to make money fast – and it’s completely within your budget!

Here’s why I’m so in love with Spread trading and why you should be too:

Four reasons why this is the perfect opportunity for you

1.Don’t risk your hard earned cash! Easily make small trades while you learn

With spread trading you can start out with really small trades. This means you don’t have to risk huge amounts of money while you’re still learning.

2.Make money even when the markets go down!

Imagine actually making money from the huge dips you hear about in the news. While everyone else is panicking, you’ll be watching your bank balance grow exponentially! Whether the markets go up, down or sideways, there’s a way to make money – spread trading.

3.Restrict your losses

You can set guaranteed stop losses to minimise the amount you lose.

4.Protect your current investments!

One of the great benefits of spread trading is the ability it gives you to protect yourself against shares that you already own dropping in value. Which can save you a FORTUNE! Even if this was the only benefit of spread trading, it would be worth learning more about it. But it isn’t!

And that’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to a guide that’ll help you get started in less than a week!

Introducing your step-by-step guide to riches

My team and I have compiled a comprehensive beginner’s guide to making big money spread trading. It contains everything you need to make your first trade in seven days or less!

Use the power of spread trading to cheaply multiply your wealth, and with this new guide, it’s never been easier!

It’s the world’s most accessible trading instrument with the lowest funding requirements. The Ultimate Spread Trading Guide: How to make money in bull and bear markets using spread trading will take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step to financial success.

Learn things like:

·Strike while the iron’s hot!: Why there’s never been a better time to start spread trading
·Going from newbie to pro: What fundamental analysis can do for you
·The key that separates the losers from the winners: Making the most of technical analysis
·Get started tomorrow: The golden rules for profitable spread trading
·And so much more

I assume you have no prior knowledge so I take you through the whole process, step by step.

I cover everything, from how to open a spread trading account to how to use the strategies of professional traders to make huge profits… But with none of the high costs!

I’m so confident this guide will help get you quick profits; I’m offering it to you with the FSP Invest’s ultimate stamp of confidence…

Our 30 day money-back guarantee

The Ultimate Spread Trading Guide comes with FSP Invest’s 30-day-money-back guarantee.

This means you risk nothing.

You have a full 30 days to read the book from cover to cover and decide whether it’s worth the investment. If you have any doubts or aren’t happy for any reason whatsoever, simply return it and we’ll give you your money back.

No questions asked!

Act today to qualify for our special introductory offer!

The Ultimate Spread Trading Guide retails for R599.
But for this special introductory offer you’ll get this amazing introduction into the world exciting world of spread trading for just R399.

Every second you wait is a waste of money!

The time you waste being indecisive could be much better spent reaching your financial goals using the dynamic world of Spread trading with as little as R500. Act now and never look back

Get started TODAY!

Happy trading!

Warren Jeffery
Head of Trading and Research, FSP Invest

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