Practical Tax handbook - Digital version
How to avoid tax penalties of up to 200% today. Get tax advice, checklists and case studies on how to save tax in your company.
R 2,344.98
Practical VAT Handbook - Digital version
VAT refunds in 21 business days? Get inside info in the Practical VAT Handbook on how to get SARS to pay your Vat refund.
R 1,995.00
Input tax 101 e-report - 34 Input tax savings
Input tax 101 opened A whole new world of 100% legal input tax claims submitted to SARS will be at your fingertips.
R 910.86
Vat 201 E-report - Complete your Vat return correctly
An easy-to-use guide to the new VAT201 form, helping you to complete your Vat Return. It’s the only guide of its kind on the market, for South...
R 876.32
How to Survive a SARS Tax Audit
How to handle a SARS tax audit from A-Z . From reducing your risk right through to questions to ask when disputing an assessement
R 568.86
Companies Act e-report - How to comply with the Companies Act
There are 11 law changes from the Companies Act that directly affect financial managers. Do you know what they are? Not yet? Just open the 2008...
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How to successfully complete your IT14SD form
Use this e-book to complete the IT14SD form correctly. In this ebook you'll discover how to reconcile your PAYE schedule; Income tax reconciliation...
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How to Survive a SARS Vat Audit E-report
Ex-SARS auditor reveals the five red-flags SARS looks for when doing a Vat audit… Discover what steps the audit team will take when they audit your...
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