Input tax 101 e-report - 34 Input tax savings

Input tax 101 e-report - 34 Input tax savings
All it takes is just one mistake for SARS to deny your input tax claim and slap you with penalties and interest! Now imagine how relieved you’ll feel knowing that every time you want to claim input tax you’d know if you can and to do it correctly.

That’s where Input Tax 101 e-Report comes in...Put together by Dee Bezuidenhout. Just one of the tips you’ll find in the Input Tax 101 e-Report could save you R1 500 per month. That’s R18 000 per year! And because you know all our information is 100% correct, you won’t worry about facing a Vat audit or be liable for thousands of rands in additional penalties.
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You could be missing out on 19
input tax Vat savings...

You’re a business finance savvy individual, so I’m sure you claim input tax credits back on goods and services you supply or buy ...

But are you 100% sure you’re claiming all the input tax credits back available to you?

For example, are you sure you’ve claimed input tax on these five office expenses?
  1. Plants for the office
  2. Flowers sent to sick staff
  3. Medical bills
  4. Promotional gifts
  5. Stationary orders for the office

Let’s say, last month you spent R2 000 on plants for the office, R329.25 on flowers sent to a sick member of staff, R25 000 on medical bills for your staff, R70 567 on promotional gifts and R3 000 on stationary orders for the office...

If you calculate all five these office expenses together, you could slash R12 390.84 off your Vat bill in one month alone!

Now imagine if you saved that much EVERY month!

And that’s just the start!

There are 19 input tax claims you can use to your advantage...

Find out what they are here...

Introducing your Input Tax 101 e-Report

Input Tax 101 e-Report was written and compiled by Vat expert, Dee Bezuidenhout. Dee’s a former Vat manager at BDO, ex-SARS law administrator and interpreter and auditor with over 23 years SARS experience behind her.

Dee has drafted several Vat guides for SARS and assisted several other countries with the implementation and drafting of their Vat laws. Dee is also the presenter for FSP’s very successful Vat Seminar 2-day series.

Here’s some of the great feedback we’ve received for Dee so far:

“The Vat information I received from Dee was priceless!” Pat de Saxe - Financial professional
“The theory is well explained with practical examples.” Helene Anderson- Financial Manager
“Finally! Dee provided clarity on what can and can’t input tax be claimed on!” Nancy Reddy - Deputy Financial Controller

So there really is NO one better to teach you everything you need to know about input tax!

With Dee at your side, your Vat couldn’t be in better hands. Dee knows all about how difficult input tax claims can be and that’s why she’s written this special report to show you how to claim every input tax credit available to you and get the maximum benefit from the Vat System.

Input tax 101 is a cutting-edge, easy-to-use Vat bill slasher!

When you use Input tax 101, you aren’t justgoing to save money on your Vat Bill, you’re going to do it quickly and easily.

This e-report has great search functionality and is user friendly.

Simply open the e-report and start...

A whole new world of 100% legal input tax claims submitted to SARS will be at your fingertips.

Plus, with two HANDY checklists containing 7 items you should NEVER claim input tax on, you won't make COMMON mistakes.

It'll save you hours of unnecessary paper-shuffling time through old tax invoices, trying to double check if you made the correct input tax claim or not.

 Increase your cash flow, minimise your Vat bill and get your Vat refund quicker by becoming an instant input tax expert!

Can you really afford not to be 100% sure about every input tax claim you submit?

Just one of the checklists you’ll find in the Input Tax 101 eReport could save you R1 500 per month. That’s R18 000 per year! And because you know all our information is 100% correct, you won’t worry about facing a Vat audit or be liable for thousands of Rands in additional penalties.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering…

How much does this Vat bill slashing tool cost?

A Vat consultant could charge you anything up to R2 000 an hour and still not show you all the tips and tricks of input tax you’ll know after reading Input Tax 101 e-report.

For a fraction of the cost, you’ll discover

9 items you can claim input tax on
10 more items you CAN claim input tax on, but didnʼt know about
5 exceptions to the rule against entertainment expenses
8 Motor vehicles you can claim input tax on

And much, much more!

Get all the benefits – peace of mind, 100% Vat compliance and hours of saved time – for only R799 exc Vat (R910.86 incl Vat).

In fact, I’m so confident Input Tax 101 e- report will put more cash back in your cashflow I’m giving it to you with our 7 day money back guarantee!

If you’ve read this far, it’s obvious you’re a person who leaves nothing to chance. The truth is, you can never be too sure when it comes to SARS!

That’s why I want to guarantee that there’s no risk to you! And it’s why you get a 7 day money back guarantee to see for yourself.

Your boss definitely won’t mind signing the invoice off and approve the payment for Input Tax 101. With your new found Vat knowledge you're going to save your company R1 000s every year! It's a small price for a lot of gain…

Plus, you'll get your e-Report in 24 hours helping you to implement 34 Vat bill slashing tools before the end of the month! Imagine the surprise on everyone's faces when you've saved R12 390.84 on your company's Vat bill by the end of this month – just by using 100% legal input tax deductions you've claimed!

Judge the e-report for yourself!

Get your copy of Input tax 101 e-Report here, implement all the Vat-saving tips for 7 days and if you’re not completely convinced it’ll save you time, money and effort, simply return it to me during this period and I’ll give you your money back.

No questions asked

Get your copy ofInput tax 101 e-Report today.

Kind regards,

Natalie Cousens
Product Manager: Business Division

P.S. Check out the index of Input tax 101 e-Report

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Input tax 101 e-report - 34 Input tax savings

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