Practical Tax handbook - Digital version

Practical Tax handbook - Digital version

139 reasons why SARS doesn't want you to see this...The Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service

The Practical Tax Loose Leaf provides practical tax advice in plain English (with no legalese), with step-by-step instructions, checklists and many, immediately understandable examples to make sure you know your rights when it comes to SARS, never pay too much tax or end up with penalties of as much as 200%

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The Practical Tax Handbook provides practical tax advice in plain English (with no legalese), with step-by-step instructions, checklists and many, immediately understandable examples to make sure you know your rights when it comes to SARS, never pay too much tax or end up with penalties of as much as 200%

How to make yourself invisible

to SARS...

Dear Taxpayer,

SARS is hungry for money.

Your money.

It's teetering on the edge of around a R150 million shortfall... and if it falls in, lights will go off, roads will crumble and water will become undrinkable.

So, SARS' only hope is to go after taxpayers with a vengeance.

But not individual taxpayers.

No. It's set its sights on corporate taxpayers, like you.

And that's why it doesn't want you to see this letter...

Because with it, you'll uncover no less than 139 ways for your business to legally pay less tax.

Here are the first five (for example)...

  • The 22 little known allowances that you could deduct so you pay less tax
  • The 7 expenses you incur for legal activities that you can claim deductions on
  • A 3-point checklist that guarantees the repairs you make to your office, machinery or tools will qualify as a deduction
  • The 3 ways to deduct your bad debts
  • Seven expenses to always include in your travel claim to maximise your tax savings

But wait.

Deductions aren't the only way to reduce your tax bill. Here's another completely legal strategy...

The key to reducing how much tax you pay is staying off SARS' radar

SARS conducted 1.8 million audits. It's added 100s of new tax collectors and auditors to its payroll and each one has his own collection targets to meet. This means two things:

  1. If you’re not compliant, your chances of an audit this year has just doubled, and
  2. You will pay more in penalties.

But I have a perfectly legal way for you to reduce your risk, including...

What you can do to avoid unnecessary attention from SARS using these 6 secrets

How to make every transaction legit with this one simple step

The one letter you must ask to see BEFORE any audit starts... or refuse to comply

Still... knowing your rights, and insisting that SARS honours them - is only ONE battle to win in reducing your tax burden.

Which is why SARS doesn't want you to learn about the 139 ways the Practical Tax Handbook has identified to help your business pay less tax, legally.

And that's EXACTLY why I want to get this information to you today!

But, before you read more about what this service has uncovered, here's why you should listen...

A combined experience of 91 years... and a mission

I'm David van Niekerk and I have one single mission: To help businesses like yours save tax. My team and I at the Practical Tax Handbook service have developed a perfectly legal way to do just that. Let's meet the team.

David van Niekerk - Qualified chartered accountant and registered tax practitioner with SARS

I'm a qualified chartered accountant and registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. I am also a registered tax practitioner with SARS and have been since 2004.

I believe in absolute integrity and the highest quality service when handling my client’s business and personal portfolios. I have been involved in tax consulting since 1999, offering clients both complicated legal tax interpretation, structuring and advice, to assisting with basic tax filing.

I am also involved in statutory and forensic auditing, accounting, risk and internal control assessment and planning. I am passionate about my client’s business, knowing that dedication and motivation holds a natural reciprocity to providing professional services.

Natalie Cousens- Advisor to over 30 000 tax professionals

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Business Management degree through Oxford Brookes University, along with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing Management.

But what does marketing have to do with tax? Natalie’s prestigious qualifications helped ignite her passion for numbers and analysis.

She works closely with her team of leading tax experts from around South Africa analysing the complex tax laws.

It’s through her unprecedented access to these experts that she’s able to advise tens of thousands of people every day, showing them the tax saving tips, secrets and loopholes to make their businesses more profitable. Together with her panel of tax experts, she helps bring her clients the latest tax news in a practical forum.
Annja Louca - Certified internal auditor, registered with the International Internal Auditing Board of SA

Annja is a qualified chartered accountant and is registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants and has been a registered tax practitioner with SARS since 2010.

In addition to external auditing, she is a certified internal auditor and is registered with the International Internal Auditing Board of SA.
Thomas Jordi - Master tax practitioner at the South African Institute of Tax professionals 

Thomas has an honours degree in advanced taxation. Working as a tax and business consultant, he gained a knowledge and understanding of the inner working of small to medium business with a focus on compliance issues stunting the potential for gowth.

During this time he joined the South African Institute of Tax professionals as a Master Tax practitioner.

He has also published a tax manual for use in an introductory tax course.

Lizelle Talbot - Group tax specialist for a large listed group of entities

Lizelle has a BCom Hons and a Masters degree in taxation from the University of Pretoria and is a registered Master Tax Practitioner with the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners.

She's been specialising in tax since 2007 and has been an independent tax consultant since 2012 and is currently acting as the group tax specialist for a large listed group of entities.

Ettiene Retief - Chairman of the Tax Technical Committee at South African Institute of Professional Accountants

He's on a first name basis with Trevor, Pravin and now Oupa... all so he can fight for the cause of taxpayers like you.

Every chance he gets he bends their ears and challenges SARS' interpretation and application of South Africa's tax laws. As a chairman of the Tax Technical Committee at South African Institute of Professional Accountants, he's in a position that those in power can't ignore.

Together, this team works day and night to uncover every legal way to help you protect your rights and to reduce how much tax your business must pay.

What they find is so powerful, SARS doesn't want you to see it.

Here are just three examples of what you can expect from this tax team of experts in the Practical Tax Handbook .

How to structure your salary to save R1 000s
(Yes, you can still save on tax this way)

Let's say your company pays you a gross monthly salary of R10 000 with medical contributions of R1 500. Then the medical aid company increases its premium to R2 000.

Under the usual system of structuring salaries, you would make a salary sacrifice of R500. AND you'd need to comply with all the legal requirements to make that sacrifice as well. Then you can only claim your tax-free portion back in the month you make your contribution...

The Practical Tax Handbook team has a better way to do this, one that doesn't involve sacrifice and extra work. One that SARS won't look at twice, reassess and penalise you for.

In fact, the salary structuring solutions that the Practical Tax Handbook team has uncovered allow you more leeway to structure salaries in the future without affecting your gross salary now.

These include...

The 11 deductions salary earners can still claim

The three non-negotiable requirements your employment contracts must meet to minimise your tax

The most common mistake taxpayers make when calculating their pension fund deductions... and what you must to do to avoid it

Five tax safeguards to include in your employment contracts

The solutions also allow you to know the exact cost to company of all your employees, so making management decisions will be easier... especially when review time comes around again.

Then there's this 100% legal strategy...

Save R26 983 by keeping an accurate logbook

Maintaining an accurate logbook is a tedious affair but the benefit of additional tax savings may make it worthwhile.

An accurate logbook means you can base your claim for travel expenses for business and private use on the actual distances travelled. You may also be able to reduce the taxable benefit of the company vehicle you use. No logbook puts you at the mercy of the provisions of the Income Tax Act, that can in some cases be extremely costly.

In fact, if you’re using the gazette rates per kilometre method for calculating your travel claims, then no logbook means no claim!

Our practical example below shows you how you can easily save R26 983 by keeping an accurate logbook.

Who can benefit from an accurate logbook?

  • Sole proprietors, commission earners
  • Employees who receive travel allowances
  • Employees, directors, members, etc. using a company owned vehicle

Example: No logbook

Mr Smith uses his personal vehicle for business purposes. He didn’t maintain an accurate logbook. His vehicle costs him R250 000 including Vat, but excluding finance charges. His travel allowance is R69 970 for the tax year ending 29 February 2012. He travelled a total distance of 17 600 kilometres for the period 1 March 2014 to 29 February 2015.

Mr Smith won’t have a claim because he didn’t keep a logbook.

Example: Logbook kept

Assume that Mr Smith maintained an accurate logbook as follows.

Business travel 10 518 km
Private travel7 082 km
Total distance travelled17 600 km

Mr Smith’s travel deduction is calculated as follows.

Fixed cost = fixed cost/Total km: ((79 185/17 600) x 100)= 479.26c
Fuel cost= 120.50c
Maintenance cost= 41.6c
Total cost= 641.36c

Business km x total cost 10 518 x 641.36c

Allowable deduction= R67 458
Tax saving based on a marginal tax rate of 40%= R26 983

Mr Smith will benefit in paying R26 983 less in taxes, compared to not keeping a logbook.

With SARS hungry to increase its collection revenue, it doesn't want you to know how to pay LESS tax like this. Nor does it want you to know any of the 139 secrets the Practical Tax Handbook has uncovered for you. So today I'd like to give you the opportunity to put this service to the test, risk free

  • Keep 100% up-to-date with tax law
  • Opinions and tips on how to save on tax
  • Access to ask our experts any tax question you may have
  • Sample contracts, letters, policies, forms on everything you need for tax saving
  • Practical tools and simple guidelines to help you with your everyday tax problems

I'll explain more in a minute... but first, here are a few more secrets you can use to pay less tax, guarantee your compliance and generally just make your job (and life) easier...

Other secrets you'll uncover with the Practical Tax Handbook

  • If SARS asks you to sign this document... STOP! Put down that pen. You have the right to refuse
  • What R5,000 can do to boost your annual deductions, and how to maximise its effect
  • The ONLY way you'll NEVER pay donations tax
  • Use your company car in these three ways and you WON'T pay tax
  • The 27 capital allowances for your business

Today, I've only shown you a few of the 139 reasons why SARS doesn't want you to see this. Space is limited. Your time is precious. So, instead of going into more detail here, I want to give you the opportunity to uncover for yourself ALL the tax-minimising, compliance-maximising strategies the Practical Tax team has covered, I'd like to send you the Practical Tax Handbook risk free.

Remember, independent consultants check all the tips, tools, strategies and checklists you'll discover in the Practical Tax Handbook . That means everything you'll find in this Handbook is 100% legal.

Let's take a look inside the Practical Tax Handbook...

Tax topics for finance professionals- concise and understandable formulated and presented clearly.

But see for yourself ...

  • Every checklist...
  • Every sample and formula...
  • Every case study and example...

Here's what you'll receive….

And this is just the start

The Practical Tax Handbook comes with an essential updating service, the special report: Take on SARS and Win!, access to the 24/7 expert Tax advice helpdesk and three bonus tax saving reports.

You'll also immediately receive FIVE FREE BONUS GIFTS tohelp you take the hassle out of tax, audit-proof your business and make the Receiver your friend!

Combined, these gifts have a total value of R1 200 - Yours absolutely free

To welcome you as a new subscriber, you’ll get instant tax savings, with these FREE five gifts and services:

  1. You’ll find out how to save thousands of rands and precious time with the alternative dispute resolution method.
  2. You have access to a personalised Tax Helpdesk service where a team of tax experts are available 24/7 to answer your specific questions.
  3. 5 Tax deductions to save you over R110 000 in your company today!
  4. How to save R80 660 in Company Car Taxes
  5. 30 Quick Tax Solutions for Busy Taxpayers

Total Value R2 997

But you only pay R997 

(And it's backed with my 100% satisfaction guarantee) 

The Practical Tax Handbook is developed by tax experts, who individually charge their clients over R1 000 an hour, but here you pay just R997 for their 24/7 advice.

The full subscription is valued at only R2 997…. which is a pittance, compared to the tax savings you’ll make within a few months.

Today, you can secure the full subscription for as little as R997 excl VAT - a massive R2 000 saving.

Your entire package includes:

The 500 page Practical Tax handbook
valued at R1 797
Essential updating service
billed separately
Take on SARS and Win
valued at R159
Free expert advice to solve your tax problems
valued at R599
Tax deductions that will save you over R110 000
valued at R149
How to save R80 660 in company car taxes
valued at R149
30 Quick tax solutions for busy taxpayers
valued at R149

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: When you subscribe to The Practical Tax Handbook Subscription Service, you will be invoiced for the option you select. The handbook comes with an essential updating service to keep you on top of updated legislation and new information. The cost of each updating issue varies depending on the number of pages it contains and you will be invoiced for these when they are sent to you.

Yours sincerely

David van Niekerk
Editor in Chief:The Practical Tax Handbook 

PS. Here's my personal guarantee to you. If at any time during the next 30 days, for any reason whatsoever, you decide the Practical Tax Handbook service isn’t for you, simply call or email us and return the Practical Tax Handbook in its original condition.
You will be refunded every cent of the subscription price.
It doesn’t get any simpler than that.
No pressure – no gimmicks – no strings attached.
"I’m very happy with the Practical Tax Loose Leaf, it’s always very helpfull and informative."
-C Le Sar

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