Provisional Tax 101 e-report

Provisional Tax 101 e-report
Every six months, when provisional tax is due, confusion reigns as taxpayers try to sort out what needs to be paid over to SARS, and when they must do this.

We’ve compiled this special report to explain what provisional tax is, how to estimate your liability, how and when to pay SARS, and what to expect.Written in simple English, Provisional Tax 101 gives you the step-by-step advice you need to estimate, calculate and pay over your provisional tax correctly - yourself! You won’t need to call an expensive consultant to do it for you.
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Has SARS sent YOU a nasty penalty assessment because your provisional taxes were incorrect?

Provisional Tax 101 e-Report

Picture it: You submitted your provisional taxes before the 28 February 2014 deadline. And you were pretty confident that you had everything right… But now you’re staring at a nasty letter from SARS, demanding you pay penalties for the errors you made.

You’ll be paying SARS an administrative penalty of up to R4 000! And this penalty amount doubles after thirty days… Plus interest. Oh, and don’t believe for one second that SARS will listen to your excuses… Pay now, argue later, it says.

Getting the thumbs-up from SARS isn’t simply about handing in a return on time. It’s also about getting the estimates, calculations and paperwork 100% right… Yet this is where taxpayers most often slip up and find themselves facing serious penalties for non-compliance. 

We have the ultimate provisional tax guide!

With the help of tax experts who’ve helped countless clients make it through the provisional tax season in one piece, we’ve developed the e-Book that will finally answer your prayers!

Called Provisional Tax 101, it covers provisional tax from start to finish. Take a look…

Here’s what the Provisional Tax 101 e-Book covers:

  1. What is provisional tax?
  2. Who is a provisional taxpayer?
  3. Test: Are you a provisional taxpayer?
  4. Checklist: Who DOESN'T have to pay provisional tax?
  5. Registered for provisional tax, but you don’t actually qualify anymore? 
  6. Your provisional tax liability depends on whether you’re a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 taxpayer 
  7. What to include in your calculation of provisional tax 
  8. The 10 documents you need to calculate your provisional tax 
  9. How to calculate your provisional tax in seven steps 
  10. How to complete your provisional tax return (IRP6) via eFiling
  11. How to correct errors – or check on the status of your return
  12. How to check if your account with SARS is paid up
  13. Steep penalties await the taxpayer who doesn’t follow the rules 
  14. How to rescue yourself from interest charges if you’ve under-estimated your liability 
  15. Nine provisional tax questions answered

Written in simple English, Provisional Tax 101 gives you the step-by-step advice you need to estimate, calculate and pay over your provisional tax correctly- yourself! You won’t need to call an expensive consultant to do it for you.

Order your copy now for the special launch price of just R699!

And let’s be honest – few small businesses and individuals can afford to cough up the extra thousands SARS demands!

How to get your copy of Provisional Tax 101 in 4 easy steps

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Step #2: Pay theprice of R699, incl Vat.

Step #3: 24 hours after we’ve captured your order, you’ll receive an email from us, with the link where you can download the e-Report.

Step #4: Click to download and save the e-Report to your computer.

Step #5: Print it out and use it to save money, avoid penalties and get the thumbs-up from SARS!

With this e-Report, there’s no excuse for non-compliance and silly tax management errors anymore.

Shanice Naidu

Managing Editor, Provisional Tax 101 

P.S. Get your Provisional Tax 100% correct, using this great e-Report!You’ll kick yourself if you miss out....

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