Doctors Secrets to Living Younger

Doctors Secrets to Living Younger
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In Doctors Secrets to LIving Younger you'll discover the best and safest natural breakthroughs to slow and sometimes reverse the whole body's ageing process (not just skin deep) with the use of nutrition and supplementation.Dr Wright reveals some vitally important “don’ts” that can drastically accelerate the ageing process.

Once you’ve got your copy of this special new report, you can take the necessary steps to avoid these pitfalls and get on with a healthy, active, pain-free life.You’ve got nothing to lose by getting yourself a copy of this book… Except maybe your wrinkles, excess weight and joint pain.
Dr Jonathan Wright
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Dear Friend,

As the editor of Health Bytes, it’s my job to find out what works (and what doesn’t) – then pass those findings on to you. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: There is no single “magic bullet” that’ll keep you looking, feeling and acting younger than your years. Anyone who says differently is selling something you don’t want.

But youthful, vibrant good health isn’t just a selling tool – it really exists, if you’re willing to ignore the mainstream…

Notice that I said there’s no single miraculous secret to staying young. There are actually hundreds of things you can do to help freeze (or even reverse) the effects of ageing. And they aren’t hard to do or expensive, either.

In fact, many of the best anti-ageing techniques and substances are practically free. But because they’re natural (and can’t be patented, packaged, or sold as drugs), you’ll likely never learn about them from your doctor or anyone else. 

A Note from Dr. Wright

What your ophthalmologist won’t tell you about the leading cause of blindness in those over 55…

I’m sure that most eye doctors would balk if I told them I’d found ways to stop macular degeneration from progressing or even restore vision in 70 percent of patients I’ve treated for the disease. That’s right: 7 out of every 10 patients who’ve come to me for treatment of macular degeneration after conventional doctors failed them are now still reading, driving and seeing the colourful world around them – many of them better than they have in years. What’s my secret?

Focusing on an area of the body that most eye doctors ignore, yet one that’s inextricably linked to our eyesight. And actually, it’s not a “secret” at all. I’d love nothing more than if mainstream doctors would just open their eyes (no pun intended) and recognise the correlation between declining vision and the body’s own diminishing ability to absorb nutrients as we age. If modern ophthalmologists would embrace my findings, a lot more people would be seeing a whole lot better. I’ve devoted quite a bit of ink to this subject in Doctor’s Secrets to Living Younger – Year After Year, a special anti-ageing report. In it, I’ll explain the complex relationship between your stomach and your eyesight
– and I’ll also tell you about all the vital vision-boosting nutrients you should be taking, and how to get them, too. You can find out more about how to get your own copy of Doctor’s Secrets to Living Younger – Year After Year by reading further.

Dr Jonathan V. Wright

How do I know about these powerful age-fighters? Because I’m fortunate enough to know a man whom I consider to be the world’s foremost expert on anti-ageing. You may know him as Dr Jonathan V. Wright, he is as an endless fountain of alternative health solutions – and the absolute authority when it comes to beating father time. And now, you can learn all his secrets to defying the years, too…

Now, you can discover proven ways to “roll back the mileage” – from alternative medicine’s ultimate insider…

Dr. Wright put together his 30-plus years of clinically proven anti-ageing wisdom into one comprehensive, easy-to-read resource – a single report that could help you enjoy vigorous good health and vibrant youthful beauty once again.

Entitled Doctor’s Secrets to Living Younger – Year After Year, this report is packed with little-known, yet safe and effective treatments to combat the effects of ageing – natural solutions that’ll help keep you young-looking, strong, sprightly and free of harmful prescription drugs.

Doctor’s Secrets is like an owner’s manual for your body, complete with recommended “maintenance”, easy-to-understand “troubleshooting” tips and nutrient “additives” to help combat the health problems that come with age (and mileage). I’ve just received the first batch of this extensive report. And now, I’m making it available to you – at a price that’s less than a single bottle of some skin creams!

Remember, helping you stay “forever young” is how many companiesstay “forever rich”

The brutal truth is that most of what you probably hear about anti-ageing through the mainstream channels (like TV ads for cosmetics) is little more than industry propaganda. Everyone with a product to hawk– especially the big vitamin, cosmetic, soap and skin cream makers – is jumping on today’s “fountain of youth” bandwagon, eager to cash in on the insecurities (not to mention aches and pains) that go hand in hand with our increased 21st century longevity.

And even though some of the stuff they’re pitching is quite expensive, a lot of the “science” behind these products is just useless hype. It’s like Dr. Wright always says: “There’s no such thing as a wrinkle cream deficiency”.

Yet there are natural substances and techniques out there that can really work to keep your skin smooth and young looking, your body supple and pain-free, and infuse you with youthful vigour – the problem is that you’re simply not hearing about them. Now, with Doctor’s Secrets, I’ve found a way to bring the best of them to you.

Age-defying solutions your doctor probably doesn’t even know about (but would use himself if he did)

Doctor’s Secrets to Living Younger – Year After Year is a comprehensive report that catalogues all of Dr. Wright’s best anti-ageing solutions. In it, you’ll find 114 (or even more – I lost count!) specific recommendations of nutrients, foods, treatments, therapies, tips, tests, products and advice that work hard to keep you feeling young – and enjoying sports, sex, exercise and the active life for years longer than you ever thought possible. 

In Doctor’s Secrets, you’ll discover an amazing variety of age-defying solutions that’ll have your friends and neighbours asking: “How do you do it?” Things like:

  • An arthritis-busting “triple-play” – a natural healthy-heart animal oil, a popular seasoning spice and an inexpensive, easy-to-get nutrient that can be as effective as glucosamine in easing your pain and boosting your activity levels.
  • The two foods you should be eating more of than any other to preserve your strong bones and help them retain calcium – and the popular calcium-robbing drink that’s probably right under your nose as you read this.
  • A quartet of vital nutrients that most of us don’t ingest nearly enough of, but without which your body can actually lose bone mass – even if you’re getting plenty of absorbable calcium in your diet.
  • The eight-nutrient “checklist” that you should be taking every day for strengthening, maintaining and rebuilding healthy bones – and the common digestive system deficiency that can keep you from reaping their benefits.
  • A powerful trio of fatigue-busting nutrients (including one that’s in your pantry right now) that can help reverse a commonly undiagnosed glandular cause of exhaustion – and get you tossing the grandkids around again.
  • The safe, natural alternative to mainstream Hormone Replacement Therapy that Dr. Wright pioneered – and that’s been helping his female patients successfully cope with menopause (and feel like themselves again) for more than 20 years.
  • Five potent nutrient powerhouses for boosting your libido and sexual vigour – and the delicious foods (like chocolate!) that can help unsaddle your rambunctious “inner stallion” once again.
  • A three-fold nutrient attack that neutralises decalcifying mouth acids and combats tooth decay naturally – and the single nutrient shown to reduce pre-cavity lesions by up 60 to 90 percent.

Enjoy sports, sex, exercise and an active life for years longer than you thought possible!

These few examples are just the tip of the iceberg. This Doctor’s Secrets report is so much more than just a reference of anti-ageing techniques – it’s a durable report of alternative health solutions that only a lifetime of pioneering research and dedication could yield. And remember – if Dr. Wright himself wouldn’t recommend it to his patients, you won’t read about it in Doctor’s Secrets.

Don’t just roll over and let time take its toll – fight back, and feel the years melt away as you eat your way younger…

To the rest of the world, what’s the most obvious indication of your age? That’s right – it’s your skin. And judging by the hundreds of thousands of Rands we spend on its upkeep, skin health (and appearance) is mighty important to us. But a lot of what we’re buying is no more than expensive makeup. In Doctor’s Secrets to Living Younger – Year After Year, you’ll discover the natural way to healthy, resilient, and younger-looking skin – by nourishing it from the inside out with the proper blend of important (but all-too-often overlooked) vitality-enhancing nutrients.

With Doctor’s Secrets, Dr. Wright will show you how one of the most common nutrient deficiencies is taking its toll on your youthful glamour – and how easy it is to correct with delicious, heart-healthy foods that boost your body in ways that are more than just “skin deep”. You’ll also learn about a pair of common metals that are largely missing from our diets – but that are absolutely essential for resilient and blemish-free skin.

Doctor’s Secrets will also clue you in to the complex relationship between your digestive health and the appearance of your skin – and some simple things you can do to improve them both, including stepping up your daily intake of a common vitamin, as well as a not-so-common Asian herb that can increase your skin’s resistance to tearing. These and other treatments and techniques will help you show the world your good side every day – and make the people you meet wonder how you manage to stay so young-looking.

A full-on assault on the years depends on what you put into your body – and what you leave out, too…

Remaining youthful and young looking as the years march by isn’t just about what you do to stay healthy and vigorous, but also what you don’t do that can age you faster.

In Doctor’s Secrets to Living Younger – Year After Year, Dr. Wright reveals some vitally important “don’ts” that can drastically accelerate the ageing process. Things like:

  • The common types of refined foods that have been staples of the western diet since the fifties – and are a major contributor to obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, and skin conditions.
  • How certain everyday foods and beverages most people think of as harmless can drastically increase the risk of unsightly wrinkles.
  • The commonly recommended prescription drugs for arthritis that studies show results in a significant increase in heart attack risk over some equally effective, side-effect-free natural pain-relieving alternatives.
  • A group of commonly consumed, seemingly unrelated foods and plant products that can trigger and exaggerate arthritis pain.
  • How certain phosphate-laden drinks that many people gulp by the glassful every day actually strip our body of vital bone-boosting nutrients – and the tasty, healthful substitute for it that most of us ignore.

This is just a sampling of the many age-accelerating things we unwittingly do to ourselves every day that Dr. Wright reveals in Doctor’s Secrets. But once you’ve got your copy of this special new report, you can take the necessary steps to avoid these pitfalls and get on with a healthy, active, pain-free life.

You’re only as young as you feel, right? So feel younger, starting right now…

Less than 20 cents a piece. That’s how much the techniques, tips, and secrets that have been of the life’s work of an extraordinary alternative medicine doctor –a pioneer of modern anti-ageing who has finally committed all of his best age-defying secrets to print – will cost you if you order now. 

And I’m so confident that Doctor’s Secrets will help you stay more active, pain-free, and younger looking than you would ever have dreamed (or than your conventional doctor would have told you), that I’m backing every report with a 30-day money back guarantee. That’s right, order now and you can keep the report for a whole month, risk-free. If Dr. Wright’s age-defying solutions don’t help you “reel in the years,” just send it back for a complete refund.

It’s that simple.

As Dr. Wright’s publisher, I’m proud to have taken part in putting together this revolutionary anti-ageing “owner’s manual,” and I’m sure it will help you stay active, attractive, and young at heart.

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying it… Except maybe your wrinkles, excess weight and joint pain.

Yours truly,

Shimanga Mubitana
Research Manager:

P.S. With more than 30 years in practice and over 35,000 patients treated at his Tahoma Clinic, Dr. Wright has proven himself to be the medical world’s #1 authority on non-traditional healing techniques that work – especially when it comes to anti-ageing. So if you’re tired of looking old, feeling tired, and making excuses for why you can’t play golf or tennis with your friends – or hide-n-seek with your grandchildren – get your copy of Doctor’s Secrets to Living Younger – Year After Year now.

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