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Health and Safety

Audit Smart -Programme that helps you audit your OHS Act compliance and 19 health and safety regulations
Ensure you comply with the OHS Act by using this audit programme.
R 4,556.58
Health and Safety Advisor Digital Loose Leaf service
Tips, tools and practical advice to easily implement health and safety in your workplace
R 2,119.26
The Health and Safety Training Loose Leaf Service
The OHS Act says you must train employees in health & safety to make sure they maintain safety standards. The Health and Safety Training manual will...
R 2,114.70
SHE file CD - Your health and safety toolkit
You could be risking 1-2 years in prison for healthand safety non-compliance! Here are 106 electronic templates to start your Health & Safety System...
R 1,599.00
Health and Safety Environment Rep Toolkit - Health and Safety Environment Representative Toolkit
The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Representative Toolkit CD gives you all the templates, forms and checklists you need to perform your health...
R 1,499.00
Construction Compliance Guide - Your guide to complying with the 2014 Construction Regulations
Construction Compliance Guide: How to be 100% Compliant with Construction Regulations to help ensure every phase of your project is 100% legally...
R 1,138.86
Risk Assessment Toolkit -  Effectively and compliantly manage health and safety risk in your business
Risk Assessment: The 100% legally compliant risk assessment toolkit is the only resource you’ll need to make sure you’ve done everything you...
R 997.00
Your 29 Essential Health and Safety Inspection Checklist
Your 29 essential health and safety inspection checklists
R 795.00
Appointment Letters Toolkit - 68 health and safety appointment letters
You’ve appointed a fire marshal, first aider and HSE rep, but if you haven’t done this one thing, you’ll be in hot water when the DoL comes to...
R 524.25
COID and OHSA Booklet - Copies of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and COID Act
Printed booklets of the 2 acts anyone in H&S should have – the COID (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases) Act and the OHS...
R 498.00