Lycopene Plus

Lycopene Plus
Nature's Miracle Worker
Scientists have discovered a remarkably powerful
antioxidant! It's called Lycopene: A natural extract of
tomato and other red-coloured fruits!
It's the 100% natural age-old wonder that will help you turn your body into a fortress against illness and disease, it:
- REDUCES the risk of breast and cervical cancer up to 5 times
- RESTORES impaired vision and promotes healthy vision
- Has a powerful ANTI-AGEING effect on the body...
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37.19% fewer people 
died from cancer last year

And this 470-year-old 'anti-virus' secret weapon could be one of the reasons...

Dear Reader,

When you think of cancer what comes to mind?

Chemotherapy? Radiation? Pain? Suffering?


What if it could be a potent “anti-virus” that could stop cancer in its tracks from progressing… Or prevent you from getting cancer in the first place?

I have news for you…

It CAN be.

There IS an “anti-virus” that protects your immune system and stops cancer cells from multiplying…

And this “anti-virus” could help you to…

#1. Protect you from lung cancer 

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health recently published a study showing that men and women who consumed this “anti-virus” were up to 25% less likely to get lung cancer. And for those who never smoke, lung cancer risk dropped by an astounding 63%.

#2. Prevent cervical cancer

A team of cancer researchers from the University of Illinois (Urbana) found that women who regularly consumed this “anti-virus” had five times LESS risk of developing pre-cancerous conditions of the cervix.

#3. Stop skin cancer 

According to research conducted by Ribaya Mercado et al, this “anti-virus” may reduce the damaging effects of UV light and could boost protection against sunburn and skin cancers.

#4. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer

In a 6-year study of 47,000 male health professionals, Harvard Medical School researchers found that eating this “anti-virus” more than twice a week was associated with a 21%-34% reduced risk of prostate cancer. A Harvard School of Public Health study found that men who consumed more of this “anti-virus” every week (10 servings per week) were 45% less at risk for prostate cancer.

#5. Protect against digestive tract cancers 

A high intake of this “anti-virus” was linked to protective effects against digestive tract cancers in a case-controlled study.

#6. Positively defend against breast and ovarian cancer

Various studies have found a positive relationship between this “anti-virus”, breast tissue and breast cancer risk. In cell cultures, the substance was found to inhibit breast cancer tumours more efficiently, when compared to alpha and beta-carotene. And a case-control study reviewed the diets of 289 Swiss women with confirmed breast cancer against 442 controls. The results showed that this substance was significantly inversely associated with breast cancer risk.

#7. Reduce your risk of liver cancer

Dr Hoyoku Nishino of the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in Japan presented the results of this five-year clinical study examining the protective role of this “anti-virus” and other nutrients in people at high risk of liver cancer. There was a 50% decrease in liver cancer in participants who consumed 10mg of this substance, plus other tomato phytonutrients, daily.

And there are hundreds more studies confirming the success of this “anti-virus” for your body…

It’s considered the most powerful anti-oxidant available to us 
and it’s been under our noses for the last 470 years

What is this “anti-virus”? 

It’s Lycopene.

You might be familiar with it already – but just not aware of its power. It’s the pigment that gives tomatoes their juicy red colour. And we’ve been eating tomatoes for the last 470 years.

Lycopene is considered one of the most aggressive anti-oxidants available to us today – 10-times stronger than alpha-tocopherol (a vitamin E relative) and twice as powerful as beta-carotene (a vitamin A relative).

It’s so powerful, it’s been labelled the “anti-virus” for your body!

But what does this antioxidant do exactly?

Before I can answer that, you must understand the process of oxidation. It’s what happens when metal rusts, fruit goes brown, or butter goes 

rancid. Essentially, oxidation breaks down material to its basic element and typically, during this process, poisonous by products are released.

An antioxidant is a compound that stops this happening.

Lycopene stops the
free radical “bad guys” in their tracks!

The problem is, during the body’s metabolic processes toxic substances called “free radicals” are produced as by-products. These are highly reactive and combine with other molecules in the body. Being unstable compounds, free radicals are constantly on the look-out for an electron to attach to, to become stable. That’s where an antioxidant like Lycopene comes in.

Lycopene gives that free radical the electron it’s scavenging for. And makes it stable (so prevents it from being destructive to your cells).

It has an exceptionally high single oxygen quenching ability. So, it saves tissue from oxidation damage caused by those free radicals. Lycopene also interacts with other active oxygen species, such as hydrogen peroxide (which can generate a hydroxy radical in your DNA) and nitrogen dioxide (an air pollutant that damages your cell membranes). These active oxygen species can cause DNA mutations, which could result in tumours.

And that’s why anti-oxidants are crucial to our well-being.

Think of anti-oxidants as your body’s ‘police’. They fight the free radical bad guys before they can harm your cells. By controlling free radical damage, you could help slow down ageing… Help prevent illnesses… And protect your body’s energy stores.

If Lycopene is found naturally in tomatoes,
why don’t I just eat tomatoes then? 

Lycopene is considered to be one of the most effective free radical scavengers available to us. And tomatoes are the richest natural source of it. But, to get all the benefits of Lycopene you must first meet five requirements…

Requirement #1: There is about 5mg of Lycopene per 100g of ripe tomato. So, you’d have to eat about 10 perfectly sun-ripened, organic tomatoes a day to get the necessary protection.

Fact: Each capsule of Lycopene Plus contains 5.2mg of activated lycopene.

Requirement #2: Lycopene concentration in tomatoes significantly increases during the ripening process. The riper the fruit, the more benefits you derive from it. But not just any old ripe tomato will do. The tomato must ripen on the vine. If you eat tomatoes that have been picked green and ripened in store – which is how almost all tomatoes are ripened – you’re wasting your time.

Fact: Because Lycopene Plus contains tomato extract, taking just one capsule is like eating the right amount of perfectly ripened tomatoes every day!

Here’s another quick tip for you. When you buy your tomatoes, smell them. If there is no healthy scent, you’re not giving your body all the goodness it deserves.

Requirement #3: Scientists believe you must consume the whole fruit – pulp, skin and seeds (tomatoes are classified as fruits, and not vegetables as you and I generally regard them).

Fact: Lycopene Plus contains a lycopene extract and a powdered form of the whole tomato.

Requirement #4: Lycopene is easier for your body to digest if combined with oil.

Fact: Lycopene Plus contains vitamin E oil - combined with the tomato extract during manufacturing - to make sure your body can absorb it effectively and use every last nutrient optimally.

Requirement #5: Most significantly, the chemical form of Lycopene is altered by heat, making it more easily absorbed by your body. This makes cooked tomatoes far more beneficial to you than raw ones.

Fact: The tomato extract in Lycopene Plus is heated during the process of making it into a powder.

Now, there’s an easy way to get all of Lycopene’s antioxidant benefits

Eight years ago, you could only order Lycopene online from US-based companies.

Today, it’s available in South Africa! And you can still order it without leaving your seat!

Our Lycopene Plus, activated formula, multiplies the power of Lycopene in an easy-to-take powder capsule. It combines the WHOLE tomato – pure, sun-ripened, organic tomatoes – with vitamin E and Lycopene extract.

All these ingredients are heated to precisely 24 degrees Celsius, at which point the reaction is like a mini atom bomb explosion.

All you need to do to help boost your system with the most powerful antioxidant available is take one Lycopene Plus capsule every day. It’s that simple.

Of course, you’ll increase the strength of your immune system further by leading a healthy lifestyle. Dr Carl Albrechth, Head of Research at CANSA offers 15 tips to avoiding cancer. One of them is this:

“Eat more tomatoes. Among their many health benefits, tomatoes are also very good protection against prostate cancer.”

How much lycopene should you take to maximise
the life-changing benefits?

Research done by Gustin, Rodvold, Sosman, et al found that most people can only absorb about 5mg of Lycopene from a single dose, regardless of the amount of Lycopene we consume. Surprisingly, people absorbed as much Lycopene into their bodies from taking 6mg as they did from taking 120mg!

Not only are excessive doses of Lycopene not absorbed, but the unabsorbed Lycopene also bathes the entire digestive tract with abnormally high levels of Lycopene.

That’s why each Lycopene Plus capsule contains 5.2mg of Lycopene. Taking one capsules per day gives you exactly the right amount of Lycopene that your body can absorb.

If you’re still not convinced of the power of Lycopene Plus, here are 13 extra life-changing benefits you stand to gain taking just one capsule a day

Research shows that Lycopene doesn’t just help you protect against cancer. It could help you…

#1. Boost your fertility

Researchers Rajeev Kumarand N.P. Gupta at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi administered 2mg of Lycopene twice daily for three months to 30 infer-tile men aged 23 to 45. They found that sperm concentration improved in two-thirds of these men. Almost three in four patients displayed improved sperm activity, 63% showed improvement in sperm cell shape, and 20% resulted in pregnancies.

#2. Minimise the side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs

Prescription drugs that lower cholesterol were found to actually reduce carotenes like Lycopene in the body. In one study, researchers found that it took one to two years for levels of Lycopene and beta-carotene to return to normal after a cholesterol-lowering drug was used.

#3. Reduce your risk of suffering from arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis is a general term for the thickening and hardening of arteries due to deposits of plaque. Plaque in the arteries reduces blood flow and leads to heart attacks or strokes. In his study, researcher J.C.M. Witteman writes that much of the credit for preventing arteriosclerosis appears to belong to Lycopene. He says Lycopene helps prevent the LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol in the bloodstream from being converted to oxidised LDL that forms plaque in the arteries. 

#4. Prevent heart disease

The Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor study found that people with low levels of Lycopene had a three-fold increased risk of acute coronary events such as heart attack and stroke.

#5. Help stop cataracts and halt macular degeneration

In one cross-sectional survey of 372 women aged 66 to 75 years in Sheffield, England, the risk of cortical cataract was lowest in participants with the highest concentrations of Lycopene. The researchers reported that a diet rich in carotenoids may protect against cataract development. 

In a study by US-based Dr Julie Meres-Perlman, Lycopene was found to be the key antioxidant that guards against ARMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration), a condition that may cause blindness. 

But that’s not all. Research has also shown that Lycopene plays a powerful role in…

#6. Lowering blood pressure

Research reports completed in Israel prove that a daily dose of Lycopene could lower blood pressure for people with moderate hypertension.

#7. Minimising blood clots

According to research conducted by the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, the yellow jelly around tomato seeds provides heart protection benefits as well. The researchers believe this could be the key to preventing blood platelets from clumping together and forming blood clots that cause heart disease and strokes.

#8. Protecting against osteoporosis

Researchers have revealed study results that suggest Lycopene may have some preventative effects on osteoporosis. Epidemiological studies showed that the incidence of osteoporosis is low in countries consuming large quantities of tomatoes and tomato products.

#9. Anti-ageing protection

A study of 88 elderly women by University of Kentucky researcher David Snowdon found that those with the lowest blood Lycopene where less able to perform self-care tasks such as walking, bathing and dressing. He suspects a lack of Lycopene may permit cellular damage that fosters physical and mental decline.

#10. Treating pre-eclampsia (high-blood pressure during pregnancy)

251 women in New Delhi,India, pregnant for the first time, were randomly assigned to receive Lycopene in a double blind study. One group of women got 2mg, twice a day, while the other group got a placebo. The incidence of pre-eclampsia and the mean diastolic blood pressure were significantly lower in the Lycopene group than in the placebo group.

#11. Improving the health of your skin

Your skin is a lipid-rich organ so it benefits from the high antioxidant activity of Lycopene. Lycopene’s ability to regulate cell-to-cell junctions might provide an additional benefit of improving skin texture. The ability of Lycopene to block UV light is an additional benefit for the skin. Recent clinical research has demonstrated that Lycopene might offer protection from exposure to UV radiation. Eichler and co-workers also showed exposure of living organisms to UV light leads to photo-oxidative reactions. Since Carotenoids are consumed in the process of free radical quenching, a preferential protective role of Lycopene has been suggested in mitigating oxidative damage in skin tissue.

#12. Help better manage diabetes

Researchers found that people with impaired blood sugar had Lycopene levels 6% lower and diabetics had levels 17% lower than the healthy individuals did.

#13. Reducing arthritic pain and inflammation and boosting energy levels 

Don’t wait another minute to experience all these benefits. Order your supply of Lycopene Plus right now!

I want YOU to experience the “wonder” power of
Lycopene Plus starting today!

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Taking one capsule of Lycopene Plus every day would cost you less than you’d pay for a standard cup of coffee… And it could help you prevent any of the age-related ailments I’ve told you about already (from cancer to heart disease).

Take this health test. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, you should seriously consider getting your hands on Lycopene Plus

Is your health at risk? Take this quick test to find out

#Do you eat less than 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables per day?

#Do you smoke?

#Do you suffer from stress?

#Do you often eat processed food?

#Do you drink alcoholic beverages?

#Are you exposed to smoke, noise, traffic, air pollution, and air conditioning?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, you could be at major risk of free radical damage. An antioxidant such as Lycopene Plus could help you prevent chronic disease!

You can start experiencing the benefits of Lycopene Plus by simply ordering some today.

Experience more energy, look younger, and protect yourself
against age-related ailments within 60 days… Or I’ll give you a 100% refund - guaranteed

When a product works as well as Lycopene Plus, it’s easy to offer the strongest guarantee possible.
Give Lycopene Plus a fair try. Take one capsule daily for up to two full months without risking a cent. If you don’t have more energy, feel younger and generally healthier within the first 60 days… Simply return your bottles (used and unused) within that time and I’ll give you a 100% refund.

Just complete the risk-free order certificate below and I’ll rush your supply of Lycopene Plus at these money-saving prices:

How soon will you see results?

Some Lycopene Plus users have reported dramatic results in as little as a weekend. Others, a few weeks or a month. But the best results come when you make it part of your daily health regimen.

When you stick with Lycopene Plus for the long run, you’re providing your body with the anti-oxidant protection it needs to ward off age-related ailments. That’s why I recommend you start immediately with the SmartShip option.

Order today!

You’ll notice a gradual difference with each passing week, until finally it hits you... You have more energy, you feel healthier, and you look younger!

To complement the benefits of Lycopene Plus, I want to give you a free report with your order. In it, you'll find out how you could reduce brain fog, slow the effects of ageing, and help protect against heart disease and cancer – naturally.
You'll also discover:
# 5 dietary tips to preserve your memory (Pg 20)
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# How to eat right for your eyes (Pg 8)
# 3 alternative nutritional approaches to cancer protection(Pg 34)
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# 10 vitamins and herbs for your heart (Pg 28)
# And so much more. 

Order your supply of Lycopene Plus today and take a big step toward a lifetime of renewed vigour.

To your good health,

Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher, FSP

P.S. Findings from a study published in the FASEB Journal 2001 indicated an 11-year difference in life expectancy in people with a higher concentration of Lycopene in their blood. What could be better than being able to extend your life by over a decade and then be able to enjoy every moment of it in good health?

Try Lycopene Plus Risk-Free today!

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