Dr Craige Goldings Natural Health Dossier

Dr Craige Goldings Natural Health Dossier
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Medical breakthroughs and actionable tips in every issue of Dr Golding's Natural Health Dossier 
No matter what your health concern, you can find new hope for chronic illness and disease with South Africa's number one Regenerative Medical Specialist.
Every month, Dr Golding's goal is to bring you the most promising and exciting breakthroughs in modern natural medicine to help you understand how they can benifit you and your family.
Whether it's chronic disease or an everyday illness that's plaguiging your health, Dr Golding's monthly issue of Natural Health Dossier provides simple and immediately actionable steps to target the underlying cause of disease.
Newsletter - 12 Issues
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Dr Craige Golding
As a leading natural medicine specialist in South Africa, Dr Golding has successfully treated – even reversed – diabetes, cancer, heart disease and arthritis in over 20,000 patients

Dear reader, 

Lorraine Boshoff is just one of Dr Golding’s diabetes patients who’s been given her life back. 

When she first came to see Dr Golding:

  • Her blood sugar levels where through the roof at 9mmol/L (normal levels range between 4.4 and 6.1 mmol/L).

  • Her eyesight was failing…

  • Most days, she couldn’t even get out of bed. 

But within two weeks, her sugar was back to 5.6mmol/L. Her energy levels were back to normal and her eyesight stabilised.

Would you believe that an extract from cinnamon, a cannabis flavanol and an ancient Cherokee herb could treat diabetes in just a few weeks? This may sound like an outrageous claim, but other natural doctors like Dr Golding have been using the same treatments for over 20 years. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Dr Golding has treated over 8,000 cases with ZERO return of diabetes. As well as cases where cancer, arthritis and heart disease have been reversed. 

Yet most people don’t know about it!

You see, more than 1.9 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed every year. 

This same formula, which is so safe and effective it can even be used as a substitute for insulin and to correct insulin resistance, is not prescribed by your GP. He may not even be aware of it. 

Yet it’s non-invasive, non-toxic and so easy to use, you can do it at home. Simple as adding a teaspoon to your morning and evening cup of tea of coffee and taking a vitamin or two. 

So how come you never saw anything about this diabetes breakthrough… Not in magazines… Not on TV… Not even on the Internet?

Because of modern medicine’s “golden rule” – those with the gold make the rules. And this astonishingly effective diabetes treatment has just one unfortunate drawback. 

It threatens the pocketbooks of pharmaceutical firms. (And a spice lobby isn’t nearly as powerful as you might imagine.)

But Dr Craige Golding would like to send you all the details in a brand-new FREE report: Saving Your Body from Diabetes. It’s included with your FREE library of Natural Solutions that he’s got for you. 

Revealing hundreds of equally safe, natural and effective secrets for a healthier, longer life. 

Let me tell you a little more about him right now…

This medical “maverick” has been swimming against the current to pioneer natural remedies since the 90s

In South Africa, some call him a “genius” in alternative medicine. 

To date, over 100 forward-thinking doctors have sought Dr Golding out for advice and guidance in seeking natural therapies for health problems that have defied drugs and conventional treatments.

To many of his patients, he represents hope for progress in the safe treatment (or even the complete reversal) of diseases and illnesses that may have plagued them for decades – and stumped their mainstream doctors many times over…


Lorraine's just one of Dr Golding’s cases. 

In this report, you’ll discover some of the breakthrough treatments and therapies that are delivering his patients – and the patients of his disciples – to the evils of both disease and modern drugs that sometimes do more harm than good. In the years to come, these revelations will change medicine as we know it forever – if the big-money drug interests and corrupt government don’t succeed in squashing them first…

But why wait that long? JUST SAY YES now and I’ll be pleased to send you 5 FREE BONUS GIFTS detailing all of Dr Golding’s most valuable breakthrough treatments.

This FREE 5-VOLUME Library of Dr Golding’s Natural Solutions will show you how to get healthier than you ever dreamed without drugs. Starting with how to replace dangerous statins with nutraceuticals to stop an imminent heart attack from happening...

Just two months after Walter’s first visit to Dr Golding, he was no longer seconds away from a heart attack

When 66 year old Walter walked into Dr Golding’s office, he was in trouble. 

He’d been suffering from ischaemic heart disease for more than five years. Despite following a conventional medicine treatment plan, Walter was only managing his symptoms. 

To find out what was causing them, Dr Golding ordered a series of blood tests.

Here’s what they unearthed:

  • Walter’s cholesterol levels stood at a whopping 7.84mmol/L – more than FIVE times the healthy range…

  • His triglyceride reading was off the charts at 15.41mmol/L.

  • And worse, Walter’s liver function reading – a detector for liver disease – was 316! (Normal healthy score lies anywhere between 0 and 35)… 

His heart could fail at any time. 

But after just two months on a unique nutraceutical programme, his: 

  • Cholesterol levels almost halved 

  • Triglyceride score fell 83% back to the “desirable zone” 

  • And his liver function improved dramatically – it fell 56% to just 136 points…

You can get the full details of Walter’s nutraceutical programme in your FREE BONUS copy of Dr Golding’s Natural Heart Solution: Protect your heart, save your life.

Jolene’s arthritic deformities were so severe, she couldn’t even button her blouse

After living with crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 30 years, Jolene had taken just about every over-the-counter and prescription chronic anti-inflammatory, steroid and pain reliever out there and for the past two years, her doctor had administered a Revelex drip once every eight weeks. 

Still, her hands were so deformed even simple daily tasks were impossible.

By tackling the cause of her arthritis – not just treating her pain – three months into Dr Golding’s treatment plan, Jolene stopped Revelex treatments and went off her chronic medication. 

Today, she uses just one ingredient in Dr Golding’s original treatment plan. It helps her do the things she loves – garden, knit and even play ball with her dogs – things she hasn’t been able to do for over 30 years!

You can learn more about Jolene’s treatment in Dr Golding’s Natural Joint Pain Solution: Banish Joint Pain Without Drugs. 

Let Dr Golding do the same for you and your loved ones

Get Dr Golding’s FREE BONUS Library of Natural Solutions.

The doctors told Kay there was nothing they could do for her…
Today, her leukaemia is gone

When Kay got the news that she had CCL (chronic lymphocytic leukaemia), she was glad her Will was ready. 

Choosing not to follow conventional treatments like chemo, she asked Dr Golding for an alternative way to make her last years peaceful. 

That was 19 years ago…

Kay’s just celebrated her 75th birthday.

Why wait in the pain wracked past?

As you’ve seen, thanks to Dr Golding, medicine’s future is already here and working true miracles. Thousands of Dr Golding’s patients have already felt the miraculous effects of this new kind of medicine...

But you may have to wait for decades UNLESS YOU ACT NOW

Awesome as they are, Dr Golding’s discoveries won’t be mainstreamed if the drug establishment has its way. Bear in mind these vested interests could lose hundreds of billions of rands if his amazingly cheap and simple solutions replaced costly drugs. And unthinkable as it sounds...

Drug interests have officially declared WAR ON VITAMINS

Imagine a world where safe nutritional supplements are locked away like narcotics. Where it’s even illegal to buy vitamin pills without begging for a doctor’s prescription. This isn’t paranoia...

It’s already happening

In November 2013, the Department of Health together with the Medicines Control Council gazetted changes to the General Regulations of the Medicines Act to regulate complementary medicines. Under this gazette, most vitamins and minerals are now classified as drugs. Except for multivitamins of trivial potency, other supplements are banned from over-the-counter sale.

This isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s premeditated murder! For example...

You’ve read how Dr Golding’s treatments 
could save millions of people from heart attack...

Yet under this directive, many of these natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been swept off the shelves and locked away as dangerous prescription drugs. 

So do it today!
Claim your FREE BONUS Library of Dr Golding’s Natural Solutions right now...

And free the incredibly healthy human being that’s locked up inside of you!

And this is just the start

You’ll also IMMEDIATELY receive FIVE FREE BONUS GIFTS to help you take control of your health right now. These include:

Combined, these gifts have a total value of R749

But again, they’re yours at no cost when you claim your 100% risk-free membership to Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier.

In it, you’ll get the full benefit of his latest research into natural treatments and alternative remedies to fight cancer, alz
heimer’s, diabetes and other ailments and disease.

One Final Bonus Gift – Your Natural Hormone Solution!

Being prepared for the worst is essential.

And that’s why your subscription to Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier will also include his research report Dr Golding’s Natural Hormone Solution.

This report discloses how he will help you take control of your hormones even though your environment is changing. You will be privy to everyday chemicals attacking your hormones and how to use natural and alternative remedies to get them back on track.

And Everything is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you don't like what you see during the first 60 days — for whatever reason — you can simply contact our Customer Service team and we will issue you with a full refund of your subscription cost.

And we even slashed the price for you. 

Instead of paying R79 a month for Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier, you can get a one-month subscription for only R49.

Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier also has a members-only website that contains an archive of each past issue as well as a library of bonus reports.

So, for the next 2 months you can browse them all and gain the type of insight and actionable steps necessary to guide you to boost your health and beat disease.

But if at any time during the 2 months, for any reason whatsoever, you decide this publication is not right for you, simply call, email, write, or fax us…

You will be refunded every cent of your subscription cost

It doesn't get any simpler than that. No pressure — no gimmicks — no strings attached. 

Your Entire Package Includes:


  • Natural Health DossierR79.00 value

  • Natural Heart Solution: Protect Your Heart, Save Your Life!R149.95 value

  • Natural Joint Pain Solution: Banish Joint Pain Without DrugsR149.95 value

  • Natural Diabetes Solution: Saving Your Body from DiabetesR149.95 value

  • Natural Alzheimer’s Solution: Saving Your Brain from Alzheimer’sR149.95 value

  • Natural Cancer Solution: Starve Cancer Cells Out of Your BodyR149.95 value

  • Natural Hormone Solution: Reverse male ageing syndrome, restore
    your physique, energy and bedroom prowessR149.95 value

Total Value R978

You Only Pay R49!

(And it is backed by our 100% Satisfaction
Guarantee for the next 120 days!)

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: When you subscribe, your account will be billed based on the option you choose. When your monthly subscription is up, we’ll automatically extend your subscription and bill your account at this same, low renewal rate. You lock in the lowest possible price and guarantee that you never miss an issue. You can cancel this "auto-renew" feature at any time during your subscription term. 

There’s absolutely no obligation when you join. You can cancel at any time.

It’s time you control your own health, the natural way – let us help you.

Here’s to the dawn of a bright new day in your health,

Annabel Koffman
Publisher, FSPHealthandFitness.co.za

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