Dr Craige Goldings Natural Health Dossier

Dr Craige Goldings Natural Health Dossier
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Health breakthroughs and actionable tips in every issue of Dr Golding's Natural Health Dossier 
No matter what your health concern, you can find information about it from South Africa's own Regenerative Medical Specialist.
Every month, Dr Golding's goal is to bring you the most promising and exciting breakthroughs in natural health.
Newsletter - 12 Issues
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Dr Craige Golding earned his medical degree from Pretoria University (cum laude) over 20 years ago. He received his Masters in Medical Science from the University of South Florida (magna cum laude) and is the only board certified member of the American Board of Anti-Ageing and Regenerative Medicine in Africa.
All his years of study and practice have proven that to combat disease, it’s important to stop focusing on the symptoms and treat the underlying cause instead. This holistic approach includes the prevention, early detection and reversal of chronic diseases.

It’s this approach Dr Golding uses in his practice as well as when he presents to his peers at the South African Academy of Integrative Medicine.

He regularly shares his powerful protocols and breakthroughs in the monthly publication, Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier
These are some of Dr Golding’s esteemed qualifications:

FCP (SA): Specialist Physician 1999
MS USF: Masters in Medical Sciences, Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine 2010
ABAARM: Board certified anti-ageing physician2007
FAARFM: Advanced fellowship in Functional and Regenerative Medicine2008
FICT: Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapies2010
NUGO: Full Certification – Nutrigenomics2011

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