How to Fight Cancer and Win

How to Fight Cancer and Win
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You might have been told your options are limited. That after chemotherapy and radiation there’s not much you can do.
Well, today I’m going to tell you something different.Your options don’t end there.

There are dozens of cancer treatments that have saved the lives of thousands of people… But you won’t hear about them from your doctor. He’s only been trained on the traditional treatments.
Now, one book has braved the mainstream medical community to tell you about the treatments that saved these people’s lives
Throughout the pages of How to Fight Cancer and Win, you’ll meet real people who were diagnosed with cancer – suffered through harsh conventional treatments – turned their backs on so-called modern medicine and beat the odds by natural means! 
William L Fisher
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Dear Health-Savvy Friend

When 7-year-old Tommy G. was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, he underwent surgery, 24 radiation treatments and additional experimental therapies. After he failed to respond to any of these treatments, little Tommy was discharged and sent home. His life expectancy was less than 6 months.

His parents prayed for a solution. But something even better happened...

A friend sent Tommy’s mother an article about Dr Johanna Budwig – Germany’s premiere biochemist and a six-time Nobel Award nominee. Dr Budwig had formulated a remarkably simple cancer-fighting diet based on two key nutrients. Her research showed that together, they could both prevent and help heal cancer.

What an understatement! Just three weeks after starting the diet, little Tommy returned to school. And 11 years later, at the age of 18, a very healthy Tommy G. was showing great promise in his university work.

He knows he owes his life to Dr Budwig – as do thousands of people all over the world who were diagnosed as “incurable” but are cancer-free today.

You’ll find complete details about Dr Budwig’s protocol in Chapter VI of How to Fight Cancer & Win. And you’ll learn about how these two key nutrients – found in most health shops – could help save your life...

This secret helped Mrs M.N.
overcome “
hopeless” breast cancer...

And 40,000 other patients too!

If surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can’t stop breast cancer, it’s “hopeless” – right?

Don’t tell that to Mrs M.N!

Striken by breast cancer, she had the good fortune to be in Blundenz, New Zealand – close to where pioneering herbalist Rudolph Breuss was doing his research.

Breuss had established that cancer cells thrive on solid foods. And he developed a simple fasting treatment – nourishing the patient with juice and herbal teas – that encourages the body to consume and eliminate tumours.

Just 42 days after starting the Breuss fast Mrs M. N. was in remission. And 32 years later, she is still cancer-free.

And that can’t be a “fluke.” Because thanks to the Breuss fast, records show that 40,000 other patients are also cancer-free.

You’ll find recipes for Breuss’ vegetable juice and herbal teas – including those for specific cancers – starting on page 86 of your copy of How to Fight Cancer & Win...

“By the end of summer, his doctor could find no trace of cancer”

David J. had an 8cm tumour wrapped around his backbone – entering his spinal column – when he entered the hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. This former athlete was completely paralysed. Surgery was scheduled, but the cancer was officially declared “incurable”.

Just four days later, David walked out of the hospital, using only a cane. A year later, he was swimming and riding his mountain bike again. By the end of the summer, his doctor could find no trace of cancer in his body.

What on earth helped David finally beat it? Some toxic new chemotherapy? No. Believe it or not, he owes a good part of his recovery to a revolutionary therapy you’ll read about starting on page 72 of How to Fight Cancer & Win.

As you’ll discover, Dr Tsuneo Kada, director of the Japanese Research Centre of Genetics, found that the juice of these green plants stops chromosome damage – one of the first steps a cell undergoes in the process of becoming cancerous.

Further research by Dr Chiu-Nan Lai of the University of Texas, whos that these extracts help cancer tumours without the toxic effects of most chemotherapy drugs.

 Yes! I want to fight cancer and win!

"End stage" prostate cancer could be beaten by simple nutrition...

First they tried surgery for Mr I.M.’s prostate cancer. Then radiation. Then chemo. All the cancer did was spread further. The cancer invaded his spine... hip... and shoulder. He was in agonising pain and often would vomit for hours after treatment.

Finally, Mr I.M. consulted a doctor who recommended something radically different.

Within six months, all pain had subsided. A bone scan confirmed that his cancer was receding. And five years later, a jubilant patient exclaimed: “Our amazing bodies can heal themselves!”

Yet he insists his secret was nothing more than one of the simplest and most healthful diets ever devised. The very same diet proven to clear up all manner of other diseases including allergies and hardening of the arteries.

You’ll learn about the science behind this true cancer breakthrough starting on page 197 of How to Fight Cancer & Win – including a simple diet plan with instructions on how to prepare meals. Plus astonishing proof of its effectiveness against cervical, ovarian and testicular cancer. And the truly remarkable facts about...

The cancer breakthrough that could outperform
radiation and chemotherapy combined

"Inoperable” was the doctor’s verdict for ten year old Ryan W. They gave him five weeks of radiation therapy for his brain cancer – then gave up and sent him home. Ryan’s mental functions were devastated and the cancer hadn’t even shrunk.

But then Ryan’s parents heard about a breakthrough treatment discovered in Poland. Famed biochemist Stanislaw Burzynski was using amino acids called “peptides” to “reprogramme the cancer codes” in malignant cells. As Dr Burzynski puts it: “Cancer is a disease of information processing.

And with the help of this safe, non-toxic therapy, Ryan W. won his battle. He didn’t need radiation or chemotherapy. He was in complete remission.

Not only that...

"My last two mammograms came out clean. Bravo!"

Bertha G

"It's the best book on cancer I have ever read. It's urgently needed by millions of people today who, like myself, are struggling with some form of cancer." 

Jo Anne

Ryan's health success has been repeated for thousands of people who no longer suffer from "terminal" brain, bladder or lung cancer...

See the details for yourself. They’re on page 330 of How to Fight Cancer & Win, where you’ll also learn...

How you could neutralise your genetic risk of getting cancer


Do you have a loved one with Type A blood? Studies now show it practically doubles your risk of getting cancer. It turns out that Type A blood cells have a strong resemblance to cancer cells.

Or maybe someone in your family succumbed to prostate, breast or colon cancer. As you know, this multiplies your cancer risk.

“This book could save lives.I have been able to pass on information to others who are fighting cancer. Thank you.”

Debra M

“This is the most important book I’ve read in fifty years... Every alternative provider and patient should read this book.”

J F Wallo

But relax, it’s not a death sentence. Simply check out the factors that may raise your risk, starting on page 239 of How to Fight Cancer & Win. Then, turn to page 58 and learn how you could neutralise those risks, simply by eating a few more servings of some of your favourite foods.

 Yes! I want to fight cancer and win!

But in a terrifying twist that may shake you to your very core...

Drug manufacturers have spent the last 30 years frantically trying to keep a lid on these breakthrough therapies. You won't believe it when you hear about the underhanded tactics they resorted to...

Are you willing to die for their DEADLY SIN?

Medical researcher William L. Fischer has spent the better part of his career researching what nature has to offer in terms of cancer treatments. And the disturbing truth is, when it comes to natural cancer breakthroughs, the mainstream (including some of the most prominent health organisations all over the world) has a habit of botching studies, skewing results, and hiding the TRUTH about nature's cancer-treating potential from the people who need it most.

When Dr Budwig went to publish the results of her studies so that everyone could benefit – she was blocked by drug manufacturers who stood to lose a lot of money.

You see, natural substances cannot be patented and therefore drug companies won’t make money by marketing them. So when a natural substance show promise against cancer, the drug companies invest all their time and money into developing a synthetic version of it that CAN be patented. 

More often than not, it JUST DOESN'T WORK. But letting the public know that there's a cheap, natural treatment would mean missing out on cold, hard cash. 

So what happens to all those study results? 

For years now Dr Budwig’s methods have proved effective – yet she is denied publication – blocked by the giants who don’t want you to read her words.

And as early as 1947, Dr Virginia Livingston isolated a cancer-causing microbe. She noted that every cancer sample analysed (whether human or animal) contained it. This microbe is a bacteria that is actually in each of us from birth to death – multiplies and promotes cancer when the immune system is weakened by disease, stress or poor nutrition. Worst of all, the microbes secrete a special hormone protector that short-circuits our body’s immune system – allowing the microbes to grow undetected for years. No wonder so many patients are riddled with cancer by the time it is diagnosed. There is hope even for them... But has anyone told you about this microbe?

What’s more, the world is full of expert minds like Dr Budwig and Dr Livingston who have pursued cancer remedies and come up with remarkable natural formulas and diets that work for hundreds and thousands of patients.

Now How to Fight Cancer & Win author William Fischer has compiled the very best methods and revealed them for you in his bestseller book.

Everything he dug up... All the natural cancer fighters he learned about... He put them all into this cancer survival guide so that you or someone you love could be spared the horrors of conventional cancer treatments. 

“I helped a cancer patient by offering information from the book.I am happy to say, his cancer is in remission.”

Amy B

 Yes! I want to fight cancer and win!


The ONLY cancer survival guide you'll ever need - GUARANTEED! 

If any loved one has cancer – or if you want to help prevent it – here is the one book that could tip the odds decisively in your favour. The breakthroughs William L. Fischer included in How to Fight Cancer & Win are the ones I'm convinced will give you the very tools for putting an end to your own or your loved ones’ cancer nightmare FOR GOOD.

In fact, I'm so positive that this is the ONLY resource you need to win the war against cancer, that if you don't find the answers you're looking for, I'll give you back every cent you paid for the book. So if How to Fight Cancer & Win doesn't give you the lifesaving information you won't find anywhere else, just return it and I'll give you a full refund – no quibbles. So don’t waste another moment... when it’s cancer, every day counts! 

Help turn the tide in this life-or-death
battle today and join these survivors...

“We purchased How to Fight Cancer and Win, and immediately my husband started following the recommended diet for his just diagnosed colon cancer. He refused the surgery that our doctor advised. Since following the regime recommended in the book, he has had no problems at all, cancer-wise. If not cured, we believe the cancer has to be in remission.”

Thelma B.

“Everyone should have a copy...The public is not aware of the cancer factors. This will enlighten them immensely.”

Sharon N.

 “I have ordered three books and given two away... I thought it was the most comprehensive collection of health information and preventative measures I have come across so far.”

Iris S.

"I bought How to Fight Cancer and Win and this has to be the greatest book I’ve ever read. I have had astounding results from the easy to understand knowledge found in this book. My whole life has improved drastically and I have done so much for many others. The information goes far beyond the health thinking of today.” 

Hugh M.

“I can’t find adequate words to describe my appreciation of your work in providing How to Fight Cancer and Win. You had to do an enormous amount of research to bring this vast and most important knowledge to your readers. My doctor found two tumours on my prostate with a high P.S.A. He scheduled a time to surgically remove the prostate, but I cancelled the appointment. Instead I went on the diet discussed in the book combined with another supplement. Over the months my P.S.A. has lowered until the last reading was 1.2.”

Duncan M.

“In my 55 years as a family physician, I have never read a more ‘down to earth’ practical resumé of cancer prevention and treatments than in this book. It needs to be studied worldwide for the prevention of cancer by all researchers who are looking for a cure."

Dr Edward S.

“As a cancer patient who has been battling lymphatic cancer on and off for almost three years now, I was very pleased to stumble across How to Fight Cancer & Win. The book was inspiring, well-written and packed with useful information for any cancer patient looking to maximise his or her chances for recovery."

Romany S.

“I’ve been incorporating Dr Budwig's natural remedy into my diet and have told others about it. Your book is very informative and has information I’ve never heard about before (and I’ve read many books on the cancer and nutrition link). Thanks for the wonderful information."

Molly G

 Yes! I want to fight cancer and win!

There’s no obligation

Just use your book for 30 days. Plunder its life changing secrets even lend it to a friend in need. And if, within 30 days, you don’t find it’s making a true difference, just return the book for a full refund. (But if you are like 99% of readers, you’ll agree that R299.95 is a tiny price to pay for such invaluable information!)

Don’t wait another day to reserve your Risk-Free copy.

To your good health,

Shimanga Mubitana

Research Manager,

P.S. You're just one step away from getting all the details on dozens of life-saving treatments. How to Fight Cancer & Win is the only source that compiles so many underground cancer treatments in a single place... Please don't miss out on these lifesaving breakthroughs. Order right now to ensure you get your own copy of How to Fight Cancer & Win – the ultimate cancer survival guide.

Your 30-day Risk Free Trial

Read William L. Fischer’s How to Fight Cancer & Win and use it to target your cancer concerns for 30 days. If you don’t find it’s making an incredible difference to you and your loved ones, just return the book and we will refund your money – no questions asked.


“This book could save lives.I have been able to pass on information to others who are fighting cancer. Thank you.”
-Debra M.

“This is the most important book I’ve read in fifty years... Every alternative provider and patient should read this book.”
-J F Wallo

"I bought How to Fight Cancer and Win and this has to be the greatest book I’ve ever read. I have had astounding results from the easy to understand knowledge found in this book. My whole life has improved drastically and I have done so much for many others. The information goes far beyond the health thinking of today.” 
-Hugh M.

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