How to Fight Arthritis and Win

How to Fight Arthritis and Win
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Treat arthritis naturally and safely...Without increasing your risk of heart attack

As you’ll see, How to Fight Arthritis & Win is the most current information and research on break-through arthritic treatments available in South Africa. Plus you’ll get a balanced view on the current approaches of conventional medicine as well. Written in plain English, you certainly don’t need a medical degree to benefit from it. You’ll get a full, simple description of how each treatment works… Where to go for help… Possible risks… And recorded clinical results and case study successes. Whether you’re engaged in a daily battle with pain… Or wish to make sure you never have to experience arthritis…

William L Fisher
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Dear Health-Savvy friend,

I'll bet you have never before considered that a nasty cold or virus you caught years ago could now be eating away at your joints - causing you terrible arthritis pain and anguish. And I'll bet your doctor never mentioned the possibility, either...

But there's a good chance that's exactly what's happening.

In fact, new research suggests that arthritis isn't just an unavoidable fact of aging. Instead, your pain may be caused by a virulent strain of bacteria that wreaks havoc on your joints. Here's how it works...

Mycoplasma is a common bacterium found in your mouth and, until now, it's been considered relatively harmless. But new research has shown that these stealth-like microorganisms can actually sneak into your blood stream, attack your joints and cartilage, and may actually cause or trigger arthritis pain.

And here's the mind-blowing part: nearly 50% of all arthritis patients may have this infection.

Learn how to use a potent and all-natural bacterial-buster
that may banish arthritis pain forever...

The good news is that regardless of whether you have osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis, you may be able to get rid of this menacing infection - and the pain along with it - by using a revolutionary new treatment. Plus - it's all natural and doesn't require a prescription. The bad news is that your conventional doctor probably hasn't yet heard of this breakthrough theory that's gaining momentum in top research labs across the country...

But that doesn't mean it's not common knowledge in certain circles.

Believe it or not, this new approach has been used successfully by pioneering physicians across the country. And now, thanks to a new book by best-selling author and medical maverick William L. Fischer, you too can learn how to treat or eliminate years of unnecessary arthritis pain by using this important natural cure.

A natural alternative the mainstream
drug makers want to keep hidden...

A renowned M.D. from California's Center for Special Immunology has pioneered a powerful, new approach to wiping out this dangerous infection. But because of enormous pressure by the U.S. drug giants (the ones who make prescription arthritis drugs), this simple, effective, and inexpensive alternative cure has remained a well-kept secret in the medical community.

In Fischer's - How to Fight Arthritis & Win - you'll discover more about this revolutionary arthritis treatment that goes straight to the underlying cause of the pain. Turn right to chapter one in this important new book to get the inside scoop on how to get tested and where to go for treatment. Once you've read all about this arthritis-busting breakthrough, you'll be shocked at how easy it is to rid yourself of this infection - and conquer your arthritis pain - for good!

But this isn't the only way this alternative medicine pioneer knows to treat and even cure arthritis - not by a long shot. Keep reading...

In How to Fight Arthritis & Win, you'll also learn about how to:

  • Reduce arthritis swelling and inflammation by up to 97% with a scientifically proven, all-natural supplement that actually protects the stomach.
  • Block 50% of rheumatoid attacks...without drugs or exercise.
  • Spot and avoid common foods that trigger joint pain and reduce your mobility.
  • Recognize the 15 warning signs that your arthritis is getting worse.
I’ll tell you more about these important discoveries in a moment. But first, I want to tell you the shocking truth about two of the pharmaceutical industry’s newest wonder arthritis drugs.

Celebrex and Vioxx: Dangerous drugs that may
increase your risk for heart attack and stroke by up to 60%

Arthritis can make everyday tasks unbearable. To manage the chronic pain, many of us rely on NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen. They may work okay, but over time these over-the-counter medications can eat away at your stomach and cause ulcers.

Back in 1999, two major drug companies introduced a new class of anti-inflammatory drugs that were supposed to be safer on your stomach. Sales of the so-called super-aspirins, Celebrex and Vioxx, soon surpassed even the blockbuster impotency drug Viagra... Not too bad for a couple of drugs that hadn’t been proven to work any better than aspirin or ibuprofen, but cost a whole lot more.

But after their release on the market, upsetting research began to emerge that Cox-2 inhibitors significantly increase your risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack. In fact, in August 2001, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported that patients taking Cox-2 inhibitors increased their risk for heart disease by up to 60%. Then in September 2004 the manufacturer of Vioxx pulled their drug from the market due to safety concerns of an increased risk of "cardiovascular events". Yes... Cox-2 inhibitors help you manage the pain... But at what cost?

To counteract the risk of heart attack, some doctors have advised their patients taking Cox-2 inhibitors to add an aspirin to their daily regimen. How ironic... Daily aspirin causes exactly the kind of stomach upset the Cox- 2 inhibitors were designed to prevent in the first place!

But as you’ll see, there are powerful alternatives...

Treat arthritis naturally and safely...
Without increasing your risk of heart attack

In the book How to Fight Arthritis & Win, you’ll discover that you don’t have to risk suffering a heart attack to conquer the pain. You could get rid of it naturally and safely. Just turn to page 102. You’ll meet Bertha M, 74, who developed debilitating arthritis in her early 40s. Living in constant pain for nearly three decades, she’d tried everything and failed to find a suitable treatment that worked. Finally, with the help of her daughter, Bertha came across a natural plant extract from Africa that has a long history of reducing inflammation in the body. After taking the supplement for four weeks, she described her improvement as awesome. Now she’s "baking cakes and cooking meals and looking after herself once again", her daughter reports. And – best of all – it works safely with virtually no side effects. You too could benefit from this unique herbal treatment.

But that’s not all...

Queen Bee wonder milk may ease arthritis pain

In chapter four of How to Fight Arthritis & Win, you’ll read about royal jelly, known as "nature’s richest health food". New research has shown that it could dramatically ease the pain and discomfort of arthritis. Here’s how it works. All bees feed on royal jelly for the first four days after they are hatched. It’s a nutrient-rich milk made in the hive. But after four days, the supply is cut off to all but the queen bee. Researchers have now determined that a steady diet of royal jelly is what gives the queen bee her distinct size and superiority over the worker bees.

So what does this have to do with arthritis?

Well – royal jelly is jam – packed with therapeutic powers. It contains all the amino acids essential for human-health, as well as 10 additional vitamins and six minerals. Plus, unique elements in royal jelly act as potent anti-inflammatory agents to reduce pain and stiffness in your joints.

Just turn to page 77 and meet Janet M....

She suffered from arthritis for years. Over time, her condition steadily worsened. But after a few days of taking royal jelly, she began to notice an improvement in her symptoms. Soon, she found it easier to get out of bed in the morning. And, within several weeks, even her husband admitted there was a real difference. "I never would have thought something that came from a beehive could be so beneficial to people."

But incorrect processing has destroyed the nutritional content of many of the brands of royal jelly found on your local health food store shelves. In How to Fight Arthritis & Win you will learn how to identify if the royal jelly you are about to purchase has been processed correctly to retain the maximum amount of its healing powers.

But that’s not all...

Years of arthritis pain treated with simple
vitamins and supplements

Even the toughest critics admit the food you eat and the vitamins your body absorbs can have a direct impact on your arthritis... Good or bad. In How to Fight Arthritis & Win, you’ll get straight answers on which foods and vitamins can cause arthritis pain... And which could help you treat this insidious disease.

In chapter two, you’ll read about one essential vitamin that plays a major role in fighting arthritis pain. Scientists have discovered that over time, a lack of this crucial nutrient in your body can wear out your joints, leading to arthritis pain. In fact, new research has shown that most arthritics are seriously deficient in this vitamin. In one study conducted at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, 85% of arthritis patients had deficiencies so low that they qualified for a diagnosis of sub-clinical scurvy. To add insult to injury, it’s been shown that regular aspirin use actually depletes the body’s supply of this vital nutrient. The good news is... Vitamin deficiencies are relatively easy to correct.

But you need to know exactly how much to take and for how long. Plus, it’s important to find a doctor who is familiar with the technique. On page 68, of How to Fight Arthritis & Win you’ll read about one doctor who’s been using this treatment in his practice. He says "we take arthritics that are practically crippled and give them their health back. Even the worst cases are rehabilitated in six months." Don't wait another moment - Order Now!

Maximise your body’s natural healing power

In chapter four you’ll read about a Hollywood actor who swears by a supplement created from a natural element found in many protein foods and vegetables. Known to reduce pain and flare-ups for RA patients, this nutrient is necessary for maintaining healthy joints and thought to stabilise your immune system. But it’s destroyed in cooking. On page 87, of How to Fight Arthritis & Win you’ll get all the facts about this powerful alternative... Plus, you’ll learn how to take this important nutrient as a supplement.

Learn how you may be able to reduce inflammation by up to 50% with soothing herbal tea

Just order How to Fight Arthritis & Win today and see the dramatic scientific facts for yourself. In this powerful and easy-to-read resource, you’ll discover how you could conquer arthritis pain without harmful drugs. You could even benefit from proven, powerful treatments that are found in your kitchen. Just consider this...

  • A common vegetable has been proven in some studies to significantly diminish OA and RA, plus gout in scientific studies... But you have to know how to cook it.

  • Learn how in Chapter 3 "eating for Joint Support and Pain Management"...

  • By drinking this hot tea you may be able to reduce arthritis swelling by 50%. It’s even been proven to work in some cases in lab tests by the National Academy of Sciences. Read about this wonder drink for yourself on page 62...

  • Strong bones can protect you from arthritis. But drinking milk and taking calcium supplements isn't enough. In chapter four, you’ll uncover which calcium rich foods could give you added protection to fend off arthritis...


Is your low-fat diet causing your joint pain?

Many experts argue that arthritis is a metabolic condition, a dysfunction of the body’s metabolism. The truth is... Your body might be just too dry and your joints are literally drying out. In fact, chances are, if you’ve got arthritis, you’ll also get dry skin, hair and fingernails. By adding the right kind of fats and oils back into your diet, you could lubricate your joints and protect them from wear and tear.

Turn to page 50 to learn how these simple changes to your diet could help keep your joints from drying out.

Order your copy of How to Fight Arthritis & Win today!

As you’ll see, How to Fight Arthritis & Win is the most current information and research onbreak-through arthritic treatments available in South Africa. Plus you’ll get a balanced view on the current approaches of conventional medicine as well. Written in plain English, you certainly don’t need a medical degree to benefit from it. You’ll get a full, simple description of how each treatment works… Where to go for help… Possible risks… And recorded clinical results and case study successes. Whether you’re engaged in a daily battle with pain… Or wish to make sure you never have to experience arthritis… This book is for you. Order Today!

To your good health,

Shimanga Mubitana

P.S. I’m so convinced that you could benefit from the arthritis busting strategies in How to Fight Arthritis & Win, I’ll give you an iron clad 30-day risk-free guarantee... Read it. Try some of the life-changing solutions it offers. Even loan it to your doctor. If you do not find genuine arthritis relief, then I insist you return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked. It’s that simple... So order your copy today!

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