Nature's Memory Miracle - Saving your Brain from Alzheimer's

Nature's Memory Miracle - Saving your Brain from Alzheimer's
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New Alzheimer's Drug Stirs 


Is a Treatment at Hand?

Big Pharma is touting this new drug as the next great thing... but our research indicates it is dangerous!

Presenting: An all natural remedy that is safe, inexpensive, and every bit as powerful!

Dear Reader,

The drug industry calls it new… But it’s not new at all…

In 1948, a group of scientists tested a primitive moss plant extract for the first time.

The results were astounding. Ever since, research on how this natural substance repairs memory has been quietly piling up...

And now, just when it is impossible to deny its effectiveness, Big Pharma has swept in to replicate it chemically while government forces work to keep the natural remedy from you.

It is a sickening fact but one that shouldn’t surprise you. This isn’t the first time the governments has worked hand-in-hand with the major drug companies to replace natural, safe, and inexpensive remedies with chemical derivatives that are dangerous and expensive.

But is the natural solution really effective?
Much of the general public has been duped to believe that drugs are almost always more effective than natural solutions. Despite countless studies that have proved the contrary.

In this case the effectiveness of this plant extract is undeniable. As one researcher put it:

It is as if this natural substance were ingeniously designed to fit into the exact spot in [the brain] where it will do the most good.

In one study the extract was 348% MORE effective than the placebo. We’re talking about doing the most good against that terrifying illness that has stumped doctors for decades.

Alzheimer’s Disease.

The researchers declared the compound is a “safe and effective medicine, [it] remarkably improves the cognition, behaviour, [activity of daily life], and mood of AD patients.”

You heard that correctly. The scientist himself called it “safe and effective.” And it could benefit anyone that’s getting older and wants to shield their brain from aging.

As you’re about to see, you or a loved one can begin using this extract immediately to:

  • Keep your mind sharp - never miss an appointment, or your grandchild’s big game.
  • Prevent memory problems from getting worse - if you’re starting to have trouble remembering things that took no effort before.
  • Help mood and behaviour - ever snap at a loved one and immediately regret it? Yup. This can help with that too.
  • Even to protect against Alzheimer’s - so you can keep your precious memories vivid for the rest of your life.
Sound too good to be true? If I hadn’t seen the research myself (the details of which I’ll share with you in just a moment), I’m not sure I’d even believe it. But the fact remains, this natural compound can help keep your brain young…

Without Big Pharma weaseling their way in. But unfortunately, they have enough money and power - and this extract is so good - that there’s no way they’ll leave it alone. We see it happen over and over again. The blood-thinner Coumadin? It’s a synthetic form of an ingredient in the sweet clover plant. The chemo drug Taxol comes from the Pacific yew tree.

My name is Annabel Koffman. I’m Head Publisher for, South Africa. Along with our global affiliate, The Institute for Natural Healing (INH), we uncovered clinical trials supported by top pharmaceutical companies. They are underway right now - or already completed - to test how this substance works as a drug against dementia, Alzheimer’s, even schizophrenia and brain injury.

These guys are working with the government to get it out of your hands…And into their own overstuffed pockets.

It’s not surprising. Big Pharma’s practices are often sketchy at best. More on that in a minute.

First, let me explain how this natural memory wonder works. And how you can start using it today... If you hurry. 

The memory wonder you’ve never heard of
I’m confident you’ve never heard of this compound. That’s because as the publisher of FSP, I have access to a large network of health professionals and researchers. And I myself would have never learned of it if it wasn’t for the work we do.

You see, we’re not interested in the bandwagon treatments. The fads touted on every alternative health site or afternoon TV show.

We only care about real breakthroughs. Ones backed by strong studies and scientific evidence. And when we saw how this extract’s benefits are documented, verified, and published by some of the top research facilities and medical journals in the world... And then when we found out how Big Pharma can’t wait to get its dirty hands all over it…

Well, we really knew we had to spread the word.

So effective, it’s “really more of a drug than an herb…”
So what is it about this compound that has the suits drooling? It works just like the prescription Alzheimer’s Disease drugs, but better. Let me explain…

We have a specific chemical in our brains that’s critical for learning, memory, and other mental functions.

Alzheimer’s patients’ brains show a major drop in this chemical. That’s why they gradually lose the ability to think, remember, even do the most basic tasks. So… Keep the chemical, keep your mind. It’s simple enough.

This extract fights to protect the amounts of the “memory chemical” left in the brain. The more you have and the longer it stays, the better your memory, awareness, and reasoning. It’s like plugging a hole on a bucket full of the only water you have left to drink.

In that study I mentioned earlier, not only did the extract run circles around the placebo when it came to thinking ability...

But the activities of daily living - like eating, bathing, getting dressed - improved in a third of the patients too. Almost double the placebo patients.

Bear in mind, these results were in people who already had AD. Just imagine how you could boost your brain!

This natural compound actually works the same way Alzheimer’s drugs like Exelon and Aricept do.

But even though it works the same way, it doesn’t have the same results. It works better. Which makes it even more outrageous that it may soon be more difficult to access.

In fact, in one study done on Exelon looking at AD patients’ overall function… there wasn’t a real big difference between the drug and the placebo groups’ results. And remember, in another study the extract worked almost four-and-a-half times better than the placebo!

No wonder the drug companies can’t wait to get their hands on this natural extract. It blows everything they’ve come up with out of the water.

But instead of just admitting how well their tests on it are going… And getting the word out that there is already something on the market that works to slow down one of - if not the - most devastating, crippling diseases ever…

They want to bottle it up, boost the price a few hundred percent, and sell it to you themselves.

It’s not like they need the money. But all they see are dollar signs as results like these continue to roll in…

Confirming what we already knew
In a Chinese study, after two months, over half the patients treated with the extract showed increases in memory, cognitive, and behavioural functions. Just two months!

But that doesn’t even paint the full picture of how it can really improve lives…

If you know someone with Alzheimer’s, you know all too well that one of the first signs is when the person just stops being themselves. They get frustrated when they can’t remember the name of a favourite book.

They may even accuse loved ones of stealing something they’ve misplaced.

Sometimes they’re just downright mean for no reason. And of course, it’s not their fault. But even still…you miss the person they were. And you wonder if they’ll ever come back to you.

That’s exactly the kind of hope this natural herb extract could offer. And that’s exactly what Big Pharma threatens to take away from everyday people!

In 2008, the National Institute on Ageing conducted a controlled trial. They looked at 210 people with mild to moderate AD.

The ones taking the higher dose of this extract showed improved thinking, reasoning, intellect, awareness, and daily living.

You or a loved one can start using this natural extract today, to protect your memory. As you’ll see in our latest free report Nature’s Memory Miracle: Saving Your Brain from Alzheimer’s, you can get your hands on this extract for cents a day!

But fair warning…It might not stay that way for long…

The FDA knows a money-maker when it sees it
If the FDA approves this as a new drug for AD, Big Pharma will tell you their version is the only version… And try to sell it to you for hundreds of rands.

And yes, you’d probably pay that (if you can afford it) because money is nothing when it comes to preserving your memories and mind.

Alzheimer’s is expensive.

AD drugs on the market now can cost upwards of R2,000 or more for a 30-day supply.

Yet you can get this extract now for less than R200. And scientists admit it’s not only safer than those other drugs… It works as well, if not better!

But heaven knows what kind of side effects it may have once Big Pharma starts tinkering with it.

Prescription AD drugs on the market now can cause things like seizure, coughing up blood, chronic fatigue, depression, chest pain, sleep problems, pain and more. But based on all of the studies we’ve seen, the plant extract has no serious side effects.

In the last few years, over 100,000 people in Asia have been treated with it. And there’s no reason to wait to try it for yourself. Especially when you can get it now for just a few cents a day.

Let’s face it. Our minds, our memories, these are the things that make us – well - us. So it’s terrifying to think that someday we might not remember the names of our kids and grandkids… Where we live… How to do simple tasks…

This natural herb extract is a potential life saver.

You will get all the details on it and how it works in Nature’s Memory Miracle: Saving Your Brain from Alzheimer’s. 
Best of all? This report is yours for just R299.95.

For the price of a nice lunch, you could have all the information you need on nature’s memory miracle that works better—and safer—than pharmaceutical drugs in slowing down (maybe even reversing) Alzheimer’s and other memory problems that everyone has as they get older.

But that’s not all…

I personally guarantee your satisfaction 100%
This information can absolutely change your life. And I’m certain you’ll agree. But if you don't think that what you learn will help you keep your mind sharp, prevent memory problems from getting worse, help your mood and behavior, and even protect against Alzheimer’s…

Then just let me know within 365 days. And I'll refund your credit card for the full amount you paid. That's right, you have a full year. That gives you more than enough time to try out these solutions to see for yourself that they work! I have no doubt they will.

But if you change your mind, no questions asked. You get all of your money back. And the report is yours to keep.

We want to get this information out. We need to combat the greed and misinformation that are synonymous with Big Pharma.

So get your copy of this vital report today. There is simply no reason your golden years shouldn't be your very best.

In Good Health,

Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher,

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