17 Natural Secrets to Help Prevent Alzheimer's

17 Natural Secrets to Help Prevent Alzheimer's
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This report will help people identify the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, prevent as well as treat this devastating disease. Plus, if you’re living with a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you’ll discover valuable tips on what to do and what not to do
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The Northern Kingdom Monks' lost text is DISCOVERED! 
Their ancient secret reveals how to...

Bring human ageing to a

The Northern Kingdom Monks' lost text is DISCOVERED! 
Their ancient secret reveals how to...

Dear Health-Savvy Reader,

It's the 14th century and in the muggy, dense jungles of modern day Thailand and Myanmar, the highest order of monks in the Northern Kingdom is about to receive...

The secret to outfoxing Father Time.

Villagers have travelled several weeks to deliver their gift - a sacred secret they claim can...


The monks will put it through rigorous tests, often for years, before reaching their final verdict. But this special secret passes them all.The monks painstakingly scrawl their message on a withered piece of dried palm leaf and store it in their sacred library for future generations.

"Strong like a young man... Able to memorise three books of astrology...The soft skin of a 6-year-old child."

How do we know this story is real?

Because the lost text has been found



How can JUST ONE REMEDY help me feel younger every year?Over the years, Health Sciences Institute has uncovered jaw-dropping breakthroughs for everything from arthritis to cancer to asthma. But an all-in-one weapon against the ravages of ageing? The legend even made me sceptical. In fact, I bet you're thinking some of the exact questions I had..

That's the beauty of this ancient secret. I'll give you all of the details in just a moment, but this substance is packing a "whole body technique" that is beyond anything scientists have ever thought of. The result? Your hair is thick, full and beautiful. Your skin is visibly brighter and tighter. And the best part? Your body may actually be better able to combat cancer. Sounds great so far, right? That's just the beginning...

This sounds VERY POWERFUL. How do I know it's safe?

It IS powerful and you're right, anything that can target the dirty tricks of ageing should be approached with caution. But this rediscovered gem is hundreds of years old and is less toxic than a cup of table sugar.

How in the world have I not heard about this?

This secret has passed from village to village ever since the 14th century, but only within the last 10 years has the Thai government put its homegrown age-defying secrets to modern science's tests. And as you're about to find out, the results are so strong, you're going to want to get this information on this medical breakthrough as soon as you can. Once this is released - demand will be through the roof. Buddhist monks, ancient texts, a "fountain of youth" secret? It might sound like the plot to a new Indiana Jones movie, but get ready because when...

This ancient legend went up against 21st century science... IT BOWLED IT OVER!

Legend has it that for hundreds of years this amazing herb has been keeping Thai villagers virile, surging with strength and as mentally on-point as they were thirty years prior.

But the ancient text, the youthful effects and the fact that certain villages have relied on this secret for centuries weren't enough...

At Health Sciences Institute, they want to know why it works.

Surely our understanding of physiology and medicine would prove that this ancient Buddhist secret is all in the mind, right? Not at all... In fact, it turns out this herb is infused with...

The building block for youthful 60's, 70's and beyond

Miroesterol is a plant compound that safely mimics an oestrogen that's shared by both men and women.

Analysis has shown that miroesterol is nearly 3,000 times more powerful than soy isoflavones in boosting your body's oestrogenic activity. For women that could mean..

  • Sailing through the effects of menopause -without hot flushes, cramping or insomnia...
  • The ability to combat every woman's worst fear - breast cancer...
  • Holding on to your looks and even looking better with tight skin, a rosy glow and thick, "show it off" hair.

As a man, you might hear the word "oestrogen" and think, NO WAY. But don't worry. As the text says...

"If ageing men take this medicine, they will become strong like a young man."

You can turn back the clock -
Reclaim your looks, reclaim your energy, reclaim your youth

First, let me be clear. You're right to be concerned about oestrogen. As you age, testosterone levels can fall through the floor while oestrogen levels start to creep higher and higher. That can lead to a loss in energy, sex drive, a sagging gut and a receding hairline.

But here's the real medical marvel - this herb doesn't simply mimic oestrogen as many other phytoestrogens do - it's much smarter than that...

A cutting-edge breakthrough... From 700 years ago!?

You see, the compound found in this youthful secret affects the oestrogen receptors.Imagine, a secret plant discovered 700 years ago...Accomplishing a medical feat that modern day scientists struggle with to this day!

That's fantastic news for men because when levels of oestrogen are too high, this one single herb ties up receptors so that oestrogen passes on by.

So you can press the pause button on ageing and...

Rewind wrinkles, "spare tyre" syndrome and even baldness - safely and naturally

This aging solution is so strong that when it comes to affecting hormone-dependent cancers - like breast cancer - scientists believe its active compound acts similarly to the breast cancer drug, tamoxifin.

But remember, it's proven safe.

That's right, when results come back this strong, the first reaction most researchers have is to say "make sure people stop using this immediately... It must be toxic!"

But when this hidden plant ran through an LD50 test (which measures the dosage that would affect a lab animal), it scored a super safe 40 after 14 days. Now, the lower the score, the more toxic so to put that in perspective - simple table sugar scores a 29!

Strong enough to fight cancer -but safer than sugar?

It goes against everything we've come to know - but it's true. The Buddhist monks of the Northern Kingdom came to love, respect and value this gift from the jungles more than any of their findings.

And with their message from the past - this secret is now getting closer and closer to helping you halt ageing.

This secret is extremely rare...
But an exclusive source is waiting for you

The possibilities for this herbal fountain of youth are endless. Research has already begun that will test this secret against cosmetic ageing, prostate concerns, osteoporosis and even Alzheimer's.

But for now - the source is extremely limited. You see, there are 13 different species of this plant - but this is the only one tested and proven to have the breath-taking power to reverse some of the side effects to ageing.

Right now, we only know of one source. It's reliable, safe, and considering this secret's powers and elusiveness - it's affordable.

And I want to give you every last detail - how it was discovered, the other ways it will make your feel stronger, more energetic and even smarter, but most importantly... How you can get it for yourself.

Your exclusive information for this ancient age-defeater - and 16 other "undiscovered" weapons against ageing!

Today, you have the opportunity to take back your youth with what I consider to be the most important report for anyone over 60.

17 Ways to Defeat Ageing without a Single Drug is the groundbreaking report that shows you once and for all that...


One read through this life-enhancing report and you'll believe it, too. Ageing doesn't have to slowly ruin the quality of your life.

With this report in hand, you will instantly have access to 17 different secrets to feeling younger, smarter and even better looking.

Not only will your energy soar while your skin gets firmer and tighter - but you won't need a single prescription for these safe and proven breakthroughs.

With every turn of the page, a secret world will be unveiled to you - a world where devastating ageing isn't inevitable. Imagine rising from bed with bursting energy in the morning, savouring your day without aching hips and looking gorgeous through the night. You'll have all of the information on 17 different secrets that can help you get there in no time. Discover...

  • The "young blood" secret to perfect blood pressure - Watch high levels plummet - along with your cholesterol and chances of killer heart disease...On page 15
  • Eastern Europe's closely guarded new body secret - A new body? This secret could help you live longer and disease-free... On page 23
  • The inner beauty secret to wrinkle-free skin - Lotions, masks and peels cannot compare to this new take on staying radiant through your later years...On page 33 Along with the Ancient Buddhist secret to perfect ageing, you still have 13 other youthful remedies to discover.

And it's all waiting for you in 17 Ways to Defeat Ageing without a Single Drug.

What if you could feel, look and act younger - in weeks?

Every remedy and secret you will discover has been thoroughly researched by the Health Sciences Institute panel of experts.

Just like the amazing herb I told you about, these secrets are often handed down, time-tested and closely guarded.

But more importantly, they work fast against the ravages of ageing. Ageing is unlike every other health concern - because it's guaranteed to happen to everyone. But you can fight back.

Get the details, get the contacts, get the remedies!
We've done all of the work for you

The information on these 17 age-defying secrets was not easy to get. They stretch around the globe and are often so new, there's only a limited supply to go around.

But in 17 Ways to Defeat Ageing without a Single Drug we supply you with the detailed history, research and most importantly contact information that will rush these remedies right to your doorstep.

We've been given complete access and now we're sharing it with you. All of this life-changing information has taken years to acquire, but now you can have for just R385.95.

And I didn't even mention the secrets that could...

  • Sharpen your memory and protect yourself against Alzheimer's with an all-in-one Indian solution. For centuries, India has been the powerhouse of memory support. But their secrets have never been brought together like this before...On page 6
  • Help you get younger while you sleep! The less you sleep, the more you age - it's proven. Do everything you can to reverse age-related insomnia and help your body stay young and fresh with this just before bed breakthrough...On page 29
  • Combat skin cancer and wipe away age spots...Over 1.2 million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed this year but you can have a weapon in your hands that's so powerful, it can help prevent this growing concern...On page 36

The only guide that can help you...
CONQUER AGEING -- and it's guaranteed!

Every one of the secrets you're about to discover has the ability to bring ageing to a screeching halt. If you're concerned about your memory - you'll find your answer. If you're worried about preventing cancer - wait until you read about the astounding secret from Russia.

And of course, if you want to learn all about the ancient Buddhist secret that conquers ageing on every front...It can all be yours.

In fact, if the remedies you discover in 17 Ways to Defeat Ageing without a Single Drug don't have your energy soaring and your body feeling younger and stronger - simply give us a call and we'll return your full purchase price. No quibbles.

That way, there is NO RISK today. You can get all of the vital information, all of the contacts, all of these amazing secrets without any worry.

So let us send you your copy today. Ageing does not have to be painful. You can feel younger as the years go by - IF you know the secret. Get your copy of this special report today.

To your good health,

Annabel Koffman
FSP Group Publisher

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