The Passport report -The Complete Guide to Offshore residency and dual citizenship

The Passport report -  The Complete Guide to Offshore residency and dual citizenship
The Passport Report is a “must-have” item for any personal library.

It reveals why millions of people already have their second passports and how you can join them by removing the government's vice-like grip from around your neck and how you can become an independent, "world citizen" - Free to live, work, and acquire property anywhere in the world, without government always sticking its hands into your pockets ...

Live the life of personal freedom, wealth and abundance you've always wanted by learning and applying the door-opening strategies and secrets contained in this comprehensive book.

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The Passport Report

The Complete Guide to Offshore 


Dual Citizenship & Second Passports

The most IMPORTANT report that is currently missing
from your personal library reveals...

Dear Friend,

With your permission, I would like to send you a copy of a ,controversial book by Gavin Fourie...


The Complete Guide to Offshore Residency,

Dual Citizenship & Second Passports

This is a "must-have" item for any personal library. It reveals why millions of people already have their second passports and how you can join them by removing the government's vice-like grip from around your neck and how you can become an independent, "world citizen" - Free to live, work, and acquire property anywhere in the world, without government always sticking its hands into your pockets ...

Never in the history of South Africa have ordinary people... Just like you... Had so much of their hard-earned incomes stolen from them through exorbitantly high income, property and capital gains taxes that seem to increase without end each and every year.

Never before... Have people had to live according to so many complex statutes, laws, and regulations (most of which are completely useless - except to classify you as some sort of "criminal" in the eyes of the law...And keep vast numbers of lawyers, bureaucrats, and government workers fat and happy in their jobs).

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

It's been well over 200 years since Benjamin Franklin said that...And it holds just as true today...If not more so...

As an experienced financial researcher and investment strategist, Gavin is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can have a life full of personal freedom, wealth and abundance by learning the latest strategies contained in his new report.

Powerful Information You Were Never Told About!

Here are just a few of the many powerful and life-changing secrets that you will discover in this information-packed, essential "field guide" to international traveling and living.

Secrets like...

•The top websites and contact information for over 10 foreign embassies and consulates that will take the hassle out of "going offshore"

• The shortest and easiest ways to obtain an EU Passport so you can live and work permanently in any of 27 European countries without immigration troubles

•Which foreign officials to contact to expedite all passport and citizenship documents

• How to live tax-free in Canada for five years (no, that is NOT a misprint!)

•Five ways to acquire dual citizenship (you may qualify just because of your ancestors!) and how to reap extraordinary tax, privacy and business benefits from it

Discover the two beautiful Caribbean island nations that grant immediate citizenship (Warning: I can almost guarantee you - they're not what you'd guess!)

•The two best countries for starting and operating a business

• Where to find an Alpine tax-haven retreat with all the winter outdoor sports you can handle

•Trading in your dress slacks for Bermuda shorts and relaxing on the white sand beaches of a secret residential haven

Learn how simply making a direct cash contribution to banana crops could lead you to the most private and reliable way to travel ... Without a visa ... To more than 100 countries and territories

•And much, much more....

So Why Should You Listen To Gavin?

Simple. Because when it comes to living a millionaire lifestyle anywhere in the world, there's no-one more qualified - period.

After getting his economics degree and starting several successful businesses, many of which he is still involved with to this day, Gavin went on to become a well-respected investment strategist, Forex trader and stock broker.

You may have seen Gavin on Good Morning Africa, or heard him appear as an expert trading and investment guest on South African business radio stations such as Chai FM.

Today though, when he’s not sailing around the Cape peninsula or relaxing on the beach in sunny Miami, Florida, Gavin is best known for his work as the former editor for the popular South African investment and lifestyle newsletter,Unconventional Millionaire.

Through this publication, Gavin taught thousands of South Africans how to make, save and grow their money and live the millionaire lifestyle for less than you ever imagined possible.

Gavin has truly been around the global block. And while he still believes South Africa to be one of the best countries of the world...The sad yet undeniable facts are that the South African way of life has continually gotten worse over the past 50 years.

And the pace of decline is only accelerating.

So Gavin wrote this book to help people just like you create more options for living and getting back control of your life. After all, your life belongs to you.

Now here is the bummer...

Gavin is only making a limited number of copies of this indispensible guide to the millionaire lifestyle available.

In fact, there are only 300 copies left in circulation, and they are already selling out - fast.

And if you're interested in what I've told you so far, you can act on my special offer below... and get a gift worth R500 to boot.

Claim your Passport Report Today

And Get THE PASSPORT REPORT For Just R995...

THE PASSPORT REPORT is guaranteed to educate, enlighten, and empower anyone looking to expand their personal freedom and increase their travel options.

That is why you MUST add this indispensible report to your personal library. It will become your go-to reference guide for any time you travel or live internationally...Even if you take short trips to the UK or Mauritius.

I have already touched on several of the secrets THE PASSPORT REPORT contains, however, let me give you a quick glimpse of a few more:

•The four countries that are the most affordable for retirees who live on a fixed budget

• Discover the nation that provides the highest level of personal and business privacy in the world for investors

•How to successfully protect yourself from "international identity theft" while avoiding passport fraud and counterfeit travel documents

How a second passport can save you from incarceration and possibly even your life!

•The best countries for qualifying for government health programs and FREE prescriptions

Discover the nations that are ready to roll out the red carpet for you and offer you special financial and lifestyle incentives if you are a scientist, engineer, medical professional or other educated professional able to fill critical positionswithin their communities

•Where you can live like royalty for less than R2,500 a week!

When you order this report, it will enable you to make unparalleled decisions based on the most up-to-date rock-solid knowledge - so you can become just like those world-traveling, jet-setting CEOs and entrepreneurs you've heard about...And may even envy... 


Beware of your eroding democratic rights- and your income!

When you have worked with the sort of people Gavin has (financial insiders, stock brokers, journalists and market analysts) - you become privy to LOTS of insider information about how the government is literally swallowing up your rights and civil liberties – through acts like the Protection of Information Act… And your cash – through ever-increasing taxation – such as the new Dividends Withholding Tax and the proposed ‘Super tax’…

I'm talking about memorandums full of vague "legalese" that are buried deep within 500+ page documents that talk about how the government can legally steal your money through extra hidden taxes – and reduce your hard-won democratic rights though secrecy laws and threats of socialist policies – like the nationalisation of mines and ‘legal’ land-grabs…

I'm talking about water-cooler discussions that take place in parliament and high-rise financial offices about upcoming laws that can strictly limit your ability to travel internationally within the next three years…


I'm not trying to scare you. I just want you to know what’s going on when it comes to your rights. They purposely make the legal "system" more complex for you because they don't want you to understand it.

Gavin wrote his report to simplify that system for you...

His report will prove to be an indispensable guide to international travel and living -- which will teach you ways to quickly and painlessly "shortcut the system," saving you countless hours and thousands of rands...

You'd Be Crazy To Say "No!"

I am willing to send THE PASSPORT REPORT to you so you can devour all the closely-guarded secrets of traveling and living internationally so you can once and for all escape governments skyrocketing taxes, governmental controls, and erosion of your democratic rights through secrecy bills and threats of nationalisation…

100% RISK-FREE For 60 Days!

OK...Here's the deal...

You can own Gavin’s, indispensable book today for just R995.

You won't find it in any store. The only way to read it for yourself is to accept your copy from this exclusive invitation right here.

Then, keep your copy for 60 days - read it, explore it from cover to cover. This is plenty of time to check out the dozens of powerful and life-changing secrets contained inside.

And...If, for any reason, or even no reason at all you're not 100% satisfied, then just return your copy... And I'll send you a full and fast refund of every cent you paid.

Imagine...All of the doors to opportunities you have only ever dreamed of that will be opened to you...All because of reading this guide.

Just click on the order button to reserve your copy, and you'll soon receive the most IMPORTANT item that's currently missing from your personal library...


Annabel Koffman
Group Publisher, Fleet Street Publications

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