The FAB Quotient

The FAB Quotient
Discover how to Fuel your body, Activate your mind and body and Behave in a way that’s good for you and the people around you with the FAB Quotient TM book.

This eBook will give you useful and actionable tips and suggestions on how to use food to feed your body instead of it leaving you tired, fat and sluggish, as well as the easiest ways to keep your body and mind active and ways to change your behaviour to make sure you’re happy and stress free.
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Joni Peddie & Celynn Erasmus
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The FAB Quotient™
Genre: Emotional and Physical Resilience; Health and Wellness

This innovative book offers practical solutions to the challenges of high stress - low energy living.It offers readers a simple and extremely effective way to take charge of their energy and fire on all cylinders. The FAB ‘Quotient’ is the result of leveraging three key elements of wellness that result in personal wellbeing, health and happiness.

Modern living gives us lifestyle perks and convenience but it means that many of us are working longer hours, exercising less and eating a diet of nutrient deficient foods. We are living our lives in an energy and time deficit. We have become richer materially but the trade-off is more stress and less quality time for ourselves.

Even though there is more information on health and wellness issues than ever before, many of us:

·make poor food choices when eating on the run
·don’t feel we have the time, energy or inclination to exercise
·struggle to manage our weight
·need chronic medication to manage health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol
·experience excessive worry, anxiety and depression.

The FAB Quotient™ (Book 1), written by Joni Peddie, a Human behaviorist, Author and Founder of the Enneagram Institute and Celynn Erasmus, a Registered Dietitian, Author and International Speaker, is a revolutionary book that helps individuals fight fatigue, banish brain fog, be more authentic and balance their weight. Peddie says “We understand the foibles and weaknesses of overworked citizens and use our unique blend of behavioural science and practical tools to help people navigate their way back to good health and vitality”.

The three essential elements of The FAB Quotient™ are:

1. FUEL your body - we gain energy from feeding our bodies with the right nutrients and the right fueling strategy.
2. ACTIVATE your brain and body - we gain strength from activating our bodies and brains using neuroscience techniques, such as smart movement and breathing activations.
3. BEHAVE in a way that nurtures yourself and others - we live our life’s purpose through our thoughts, actions and behaviour, which in turn determines the quality of our relationships both personally and professionally.

Erasmus says “The journey towards The FAB Quotient™ does not end with the book, we provide support through enabling technology : The Wellculator™ App and The FAB Online Academyas well as bespoke content.”

This FABQuotient™ content includes practical tips, assessment tools, videos and articles on health, wellness, disease, and productivity, resolving work-life balance issues and how to lead a happy, mindful and purposeful life. This demystifies and clarifies information about health that is often conflicting and confusing.

Both the book and support processes help people to shift their energy and ignite behaviour change - the absolute key to success. Peddie says “no amount of advice in the world will make an impact if your behaviour constantly sabotages your progress”. “There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We do not promise to provide the one magic bullet for success, but we do help each individual find their own path to achieving their goals, and this is what The FAB Quotient™ is all about” says Erasmus.

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