Job Descriptions Toolbox
Save time and recruitment costs with detailed job descriptions, create recruitment ads in minutes and reduce irrelevant CV's withinstant job...
R 7,999.00
A to Z of Master Forms and Templates - Every employee form, policy and sample you'll ever need
Get every form you’ll ever need for any labour, human resources or health and safety issue. The forms and templates are easy to follow and 100%...
R 4,995.00
Performance Review Software
The first Performance Review Software in line with the Labour Law, which has been designed by professionals exclusively for you. All you need is a...
R 3,997.00
Labour Law for Managers Digital Loose Leaf Service
The Labour Law for Managers Digital Loose Leaf Subscription Service, developed and published by Fleet Street Publications, is a hands-on guide to...
R 2,347.26
Practical Guide to Human Resources Management Digital Loose Leaf Service
This practical HR guide gives you tips, tools and strategies to easily develop and manage your employees.
R 1,772.70
HR Policies and Procedures Manual - All the HR policies and procedures you need to keep your company on the right side of the law
Get access to 50 must-have HR company policies and procedures so you can put an end to needless disputes and questions about HR.
R 1,134.30
Industrial Relations Toolkit - Instant access to downloadable employment contracts, policies and forms
57 ready-to-use templates, contracts, policies and forms for every employee situation, instantly downloadable here. 100% legal policies, forms and...
You're Fired! Your guide to substantively and procedurally fair dismissals
Gain the knowledge and power you need to legally dismiss problem employees without being taken to the CCMA.
R 799.00
Stop Absenteeism Report
Stop absenteeism in one easy step! The truth is, you only need one tool to stop absenteeism in your company today: The Stop Absenteeism Report.
R 599.00
Employment Law 101 - Expert answers to 101 of the most common labour law questions
Get answers to the most common labour questions on leave, contracts, strikes, foreign employees, discipline, dismissals, retrenchment, CCMA and labour...
R 499.00