144 Smart Strategies for Managers

144 Smart Strategies for Managers
Packed with ideas that help you get things done, you'll save your company thousands of rands a year with this one-stop, cost effective management tool.You're headed for the top, but you don't have to do it alone. Let 144 Smart Strategies for Managers help you get there.
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Discover 144 secrets that made Blanchard, Branson, Trump and Sunter so effective!

Be a more effective, more respected manager in 44 minutes...

Just 44 minutes of your time could get you the same kind of practical, real-life management advice you'd get brainstorming with brilliant industry leaders, without investing the time or money you'd spend attending conferences and seminars or reading all those bulky management books!

Discover REAL solutions and SUCCESSFUL methodologies, like:
The Best of Leadership Strategies

High-impact topics like conflict resolution, hiring, motivation, team building and more... Everything you need to start maximising your leadership potential!

  • 3 fatal mistakes to avoid in your first 100 days (page 4)
  • How to be a 21st century Machiavelli... (page 4)
  • Why the office cleaner could save you R20,000 in consultation fees (page 5)
  • What Samurai warriors can teach you about management... (page 8)
  • Perform the Pablo Picasso test on your own leadership style (page 10)
  • Gary Player's 10 secrets of success (page 12)
  • 5 Reasons why you may never overcome your stress, unless you know this... (page 115)
  • Why your rolodex could be the key to your next promotion (page 116)
  • Donald Trump's 6 "secret" management strategies (page 112)
  • Why your first 10 minutes at work are the most important (page 119)
  • Impress potential clients and guarantee a call back with these business card strategies (page 119)
  • Why you need to add 10% to your sales target (page 120)
  • A 2-minute reflection that's guaranteed to help you get more from each day (page 120)

How to Accomplish More in Less Time

"More, more, more". These days, employers are consistently asking managers and their employees to deliver bigger and better results.

The only catch: They're also giving you fewer resources to get the job done. Here's how you could tame your workload and reclaim your life:

  • Why setting "one hour" goals could result in the best week you've ever had (page 16)
  • Cut negotiation time down - with one simple tip (page 17)
  • Save an hour a day with this super-simple strategy (page 18)
  • A quick strategy to tame email overload (page 20)
  • How to put a stop to endless meetings (page 22)
  • Gain 33% more productivity with these easy and effective delegation tips (page 24)
  • 5 Powerful strategies to get more done in less time (page 24)
  • A 4-point procedure to get your team to meet your deadlines (page 25)
  • The "real" reason you could be missing your deadlines (page 29)
  • Try this 1-minute trick to get back on track (page 31)
  • A trick to always end meetings on time (page 31)

Coaching to Win in the Workplace

Do you find yourself stepping in to solve problems that your staff just can't handle? Or do you rush in at the last minute to get projects into shape? If so, it's time to stop managing and start coaching!
  • Free up your own time - train your team to create their OWN solutions (page 83)
  • Why it's bad news when a team member repeats himself (page 67)
  • 4 Ways to reward employees without spending a single cent (page 40)
  • How to uncover 5 to 10 great ideas from any employee - right now! (page 37)
  • "Trouble-shooting" techniques to jump-start a stagnant meeting (page 63)
  • Use this anonymous card trick to boost team morale at your next meeting (page 65)
  • How your competitors are keeping their good employees (page 48)
  • Keep your techies from "burning out" (page 49)
  • Better customer services emails in 60 seconds (page 49)
  • Turbo-boost your team's initiative with these 5 "covert" strategies (page 50)
  • Boost teamwork, implement these 5 "don'ts" today (page 51)
  • Here's what to do when your team says they're overworked (page 54)
  • Why you need to find and fix the time abusers in your organisation (page 56)

Communicate Better, Work Smarter & Get Ahead 


Boost your productivity, run smart meetings, hire better and improve every aspect of your workplace communication. 144 Smart Strategies for Managers reveals insider secrets to help you get ahead:

  • How to put a stop to an employee's "silent treatment" in 5 minutes or less (page 83)
  • How to walk away from a negotiation meeting with everything you want! (page 82)
  • End customer service excuses with these clever replies... (page 84)
  • The 0.25% solution to becoming more successful than you ever dreamed (page 101)
  • A simple secret to bring numbers to life in presentations (page 87)
  • Something to try next time someone "must" have your answer immediately (page 88)
  • How to put an end to hostile remarks (page 88)
  • Never be afraid to say a speech again! Follow these speech-coaching techniques (page 89)
  • A quick strategy to spend less time on the phone (page 93)
  • "Turn on" a "switched-off" employee with this elevator trick (page 69)
  • How to let staff go - tactfully(page 69)
  • A 5-step plan to cut absenteeism in half (page 72)
  • How to shut-up the meeting pessimist with one sentence (page 69)
  • When you're angry, apply the 90-minute trick (page 74)
  • Stop e-wars from destroying your team's morale (page 77)
  • What to do about an employee who always arrives late (page 78)

The Best R279.95 Your Company Ever Spent on Training

Packed with ideas that help you get things done, you'll save your company thousands of rands a year with this one-stop, cost effective management tool. Selling for less 20% of the published price (was R329.95 now R279.95) this is an offer you can't afford to miss! 

You're headed for the top, but you don't have to do it alone. Let 144 Smart Strategies for Managers help you get there.

In fact I'm so sure it will, that I guarantee a full refund in the first month if you find that this special report isn't the powerful management tool I'm promising you it is!

In the name of success,

Taryn Strugnell
Fleet Street Publications

P.S. Remember, you risk nothing but stand to gain a lot!

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