CCMA for Managers

CCMA for Managers
CCMA for Managers isn't like any other book or report available. It contains 178 pages, divided into 13 easy-to-read chapters. Each chapter is a stage in the CCMA process to make it easy for you to turn to the relevant area. Each section includes practical advice, questions and answers, flow charts, useful tips, checklists and information boxes.
You’ll also get a bonus CD that comes with the book, which includes examples of forms, letters and affidavits to make your life easier.
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Official notice: You have to appear at the CCMA
within 30 days

Dear Reader

This notice to attend the CCMA lands on your desk...

Your palms start sweating… Your knees shake… And your heart’s beating so fast it f
eels like it’s about to launch itself across your desk.

Where do you start? What do you do? How do you prepare?

Don’t feel this way ever again!
(Well, at least not when it comes to the CCMA)

CCMA for Managers will show you exactly what to expect and what to do to prepare a watertight case against an employee who’s intent on taking you to the CCMA.

Best-of-all, it’ll show how to gather the right evidence against the employee you dismissed without worrying if you've covered all your bases.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • What you can expect from the employee;
  • The procedures at the CCMA; and
  • What you have to do to put forward your winning case. Including all the documents and information you have to supply.

Now you won't have to waste time going back to court because you didn't follow the right steps and procedures... Or even worry that you’ll lose your case because of this!

You can save yourself hours of time by knowing what you have to prepare when, where and how.

You won't have to consult labour lawyers that charge you R1 300 per hour, phone your industry contacts or live on a prayer that you'll beat that offending employee.

You'll know each and every step to take and what you need to do to defend your case and walk out a winner.

Never get caught unaware of what coulda, woulda, shoulda happened. With CCMA for Managers you’ll KNOW the information you have is right and KNOW you could win!

Get all the ammunition you need to beat the CCMA

Compiled by leading labour-industry expert, Nicky van der Westhuizen, CCMA for Managers gives you the complete arsenal you need to put together a winning argument. With more than 182 pages across 13 detailed chapters with all the facts, you get:

  • Step-by-step instructions;
  • Sample templates;
  • And every other detail you could possibly need to put you on the right track to effectively construct a winning CCMA case.

You won’t have to worry about paying out huge amounts in compensation. And you won’t have to worry about losing at the CCMA.

Just imagine how good it'll feel to know you beat that employee and saved your company time, money and effort! 

And you don't need to pay a lawyer thousands to draft winning documentation, it’s all been done it for you. 

Save yourself a host of time and effort wondering if you got all the right forms with the right information, in the right format.

You won't have to draw up a single form or document from scratch.

Simply use one of the seven existing templates supplied in the CCMA for Managers, add your information, and win your case!

And because you have this incredible resource, when your employee issues you a notice that he's taking you to Labour Court, you’ll know this matter’s actually supposed to be heard at the CCMA.

But do you even know where to start with the types of documents involved in a CCMA case? 

Don’t worry because...

The Notice of Jurisdictional Application is just one of the essential templates you’ll get in the CCMA for Managers!

Now I know you’re probably asking what the Notice of Jurisdictional Application is... But don’t fret, the CCMA for Managers will show you exactly when, where and how to use this template.

This sample form gives you the exact details you need to have when submitting your application, no need to pay a lawyer to draft one for you. Simply type in your information, print it, and send it. Don't know where to send it to? Don't worry, it’s all in the CCMA for Managers!

You’ll get this sample template along with six others to make sure you have your full battle-gear when defending your case at the CCMA.

You also find out how to...

Check all the right boxes when building, preventing and defending your case 


With 11 comprehensive checklists, you’ll have the security of knowing the information you do have is correct and the steps you've followed are 100% CCMA proof.

Here’s a taste of just two of the 11 vital checklists you’ll receive:

  • How to prepare for arbitration
    Walk confidently into the CCMA knowing you've prepared the best case possible and, because of this, you'll win. You won't have sleepless nights knowing you've crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s because you ticked all the boxes!
  • Evidence that’s generally not admissible 
    Gathering the evidence against that useless employee was easy... You’ve got loads of reports and statistics to prove he wasn't doing the job he was supposed to. Right? But stop! Can you submit these documents as proof? This checklist shows you what evidence to submit to win your case.

Now you won’t have to gather mountains of irrelevant information and documents that won't even help you win your case. And because your job’s tough enough as it is, with the CCMA for Managers you don't need to waste another minute worrying about that ex-employee!

Now that you’ve seen for yourself how the CCMA for Managers will help you beat any employee at the CCMA, let’s talk business... 

You could spend anything from two hours right up to two to three days in court fighting it out with an employee who, let’s face it, did something to warrant you dismissing him, right? And now you’re spending hours of your valuable time and a fortune in lawyer’s fees.

That’s why I’m going behind my Publisher’s back, and slashing the price of this invaluable report.

But I’ll only be able to get away with it for a couple of days before she notices... So if you order today – or anytime in the next 7 days – I’ll give you these 13 easy-to-read chapters, the 11 fool-proof checklists I spoke about earlier, the 7 sample forms, and a host of questions and answers about the CCMA at the end of each chapter, and so much more, for just R299 (excl. Vat).

That’s not even a fraction of what you’d have to pay in compensation if you lose your case at the CCMA.

Now I know that R299 (excl. Vat) sounds ridiculously low for such a valuable tool, but I truly believe this is the only tool available on the market that’ll help you beat the CCMA, and you need to have it in your company’s arsenal.

Please remember though, I can only give you this price for the next seven days! After that, I’m going to have to go back up to the official publisher’s price of R597.

I’ll even give you 30 days to use the report. If you don’t think it’ll help you win your case at the CCMA, despite it already helping so many other business owners and HR managers out there, simply return it to me and I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Kind regards

Taryn Strugnell
Labour Law for Managers

P.S. Place your order now and get all the fully customisable templates... With them you’ll save yourself a host of time and effort wondering if you got all the right forms with the right information, in the right format. You won't have to draw up a single form or document from scratch. Simply use one of the seven existing templates supplied in the CCMA for Managers, add your information, and win your case!

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