Job Descriptions Toolbox

Job Descriptions Toolbox
Slash your recruitment costs by 45%...

You’ll receive 169 Job descriptions where you can save yourself hours of hard work because you don’t have to draft them yourself. You’ll have peace of mind - all job descriptions are created and checked by qualified HR and Labour Specialists with 97 years of experience and 6 300 job descriptions under their belts.
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Price: R7 999 + 14% VAT 
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Dear HR manager,

Administration Assistant
Administration Manager
Advertising Manager
Artisan Assistant
Call Centre Manager
Call Centre Operator
Call Centre Supervisor
Cash Book and Payment Clerk
Catering Assistant
Catering Cleaner
Catering Manager
Chief Artisan
Chief Buyer
Chief Executive Officer 
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Civil Engineer
Client Liaison Officer
Compliance Officer
Data Capturer
Debtors and Creditors Clerk
Despatch Clerk
Distribution Clerk
Distribution Manager
Distribution Supervisor
Editor in Chief
Electrical Engineer
Employment Equity Manager
Engineering Assistant
Engineering Manager
Engineering Supervisor
Equipment Coordinator
Equipment Manager
Events Coordinator
Events Manager
Events Planner
Facilities Clerk
Facilities Coordinator
Facilities Manager 
Finance Clerk
Finance Manager
Finance Secretary
Finance Supervisor
Forklift Driver
Graphic Designer
Health and Safety Manager
Health and Safety Officer
Health and Safety Supervisor
Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Officer
Human Resources Secretary
Industrial Relations Manager
Internal Auditor
Internal Communications Assistant
Internal Communications Manager
IT Assistant
IT Database Administrator
IT Helpdesk Operator
IT Manager
IT Network Administrator
IT Programmer
IT Project Manager
IT Secretary
IT Technician
IT Web Designer
Laboratory Technician
Legal Advisor
Legal Secretary
Loading Overseer
Logistics Manager
Mailroom Clerk
Maintenance Manager
Management Accountant
Managing Director
Marketing Account Executive
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Brand Manager
Marketing Manager
Marketing Offiicer
Marketing Secretary
Media Coordinator
Media Liaison Officer
Merchandising Manager
Operations Production Manager
Operations Production Supervisor
Orders Clerk
Payroll Officer
Pension Fund Administrator
Personal Assistant
Petty Cash Officer
Printing Coordinator
Procurement Clerk
Procurement Manager
Procurement Secretary
Production Clerk
Production Scheduler
Production Secretary
Production Supervisor
Production Unit Manager
Project Clerk
Project Coordinator
Project Manager
Proof Reader
Public Relations Officer
Publishing Secretary
Quality Assurance Assistant
Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Control Officer
Quantity Surveyor
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Manager
Real Estate rental Agent
Receiving Clerk
Recruitment Coordinator
Restaurant Manager
Retail Shop Assistant
Retail Shop Manager
Retail Stores Clerk
Risk Manager
Rotation Clerk
Sales and Marketing Director
Sales Coordinator
Sales Manager
Sales Representative
Sales Secretary
Scheduling Clerk
Security Guard
Shipping Clerk
Stores Clerk
Stores Manager
Stores Supervisor
Switchboard Operator
Tea Lady Cleaner
Telesales Consultant
Tender Coordinator
Training Manager
Travel Agency Manager
Travel Agent
Travel Coordinator
Warehouse Manager
Warehouse Packer
Warehouse Secretary
Warehouse Supervisor
Wedding Planner

The job description is definitely one of the most important documents in the field of HR. Firstly, because it’s a binding document that outlines the individual work of each employee.

Secondly, because writing them is very demanding and can easily leave room for error. And employees can't wait to take you to the CCMA for unfair labour practices!

Are job descriptions absolutely necessary for all positions in the company?

We offer you 169 templates of the job descriptions you could ever need!
Especially for you, we offer a price that’s impossible to refuse. Pay only R5 999 + 14% VAT, and fill your job description requirements with up-to-date information prepared by specialists for employees in your company 

Standard price: R7 999 + 14% VAT reduced by 25%

Or get our 47 Job Descriptions Toolbox for only R2 999 + VAT

Use these models to have your "armour" against any labour inspectors. All 100% legally safe!

Did you know that you’re liable for a fine of R2.7 million or 10% of your turnover if you can’t prove why you pay some employees more than others...

... If your job descriptions aren’t clear and accurate, you won’t be able to prove why you pay one employee more than another (Employment Equity Act)? You can justify employees’ positions with their job descriptions. That's why drafting job descriptions is so important. The problem is a well drafted job description is very hard to find. There’s no single source or pattern for a specific job description, and the consequence is that there are many misunderstandings about the name, content, specific tasks etc. There are all sorts of variations and designs doing the rounds, and some of them can be downright dangerous for your business! 

Why take the risk? 

We offer 169 models of already drafted job descriptions, grouped in work and industry categories: The Job Descriptions Toolbox is ideal for any job in any company.

Offer of the Week: 
Reduced price: R5 999+ 14% VAT price: R7 999 + 14% VAT reduced by 25%

We’ve done all the work to help you complete and update your list of job descriptions that you already have. The 169 models professionally covers all the points that must be included in your job descriptions: 

a)Job title, to clearly identify the area of responsibility;
b)Job title this position reports to, to clarify reporting linkages;
c)Direct reports, to identify scope of management;
d)Brief description of job purpose, to understand the job positioning within the organisation;
e)Qualifications, experience and competencies to clearly identify the skill-set needed for appropriate performance;
f)Key responsibilities of this role, to clarify the deliverables of the job; and
g)Main activities of this role to identify the tasks that need to be successfully achieved to ensure effective delivery.

A simple glance at all these requirements and you can see drafting job descriptions is a very complex job.

As an exercise, try write a job description from scratch for a post of someone in your company

Then think about doing this work 10, 20, or even 50 times, corresponding to the total number of posts. Wouldn't it be better to have all the details already written? With 169 Job Descriptions Toolbox, we offer this on a platter!

Two misconceptions about the job description

1. "The job description is not absolutely necessary, the company can operate without."

Simply not true. If the activities and requirements of the various posts are not clearly stated, so employees know what to do, things can easily degenerate into confusion, lack of motivation or work conflicts.

Warning: Dismissal on grounds of unsuitability for the position won’t stick if you haven’t outlined the activities in the job description! The CCMA will rule against any dismissal that violates this rule. 

2. "The job description is not a binding document." Yes, it is! It's true, it doesn’t fall into the category of documents to be filed but when the labour inspectors come knocking and you need to prove differences in employees’ salaries, you’ll need to show them job descriptions.

In 4 easy steps you can have a job description for each employee in your company!

Are you looking for a model job description for an electrical engineer? Nothing easier. Log in to the website with the user name and password we email you and... 

Step 1. Select the "Engineering" category (the 169 model job descriptions are organised into fields).

Step 2. Select model sheet for the post "Electrical Engineer’.

Step 3. Read the comments, then adapt the description, depending on the particular model in your company, add your company logo 

Step 4. Print the job description. READY!

Pay less for more than job descriptions!!! 

Remember, each job description is ready, simply fill it with your specific information! Our online platform contains 169 models of job descriptions at price of R5 999 + VAT, which works out to R35.50 a template

Or get our 47 Job Descriptions Toolbox for only R2 999 + VAT, which works out to R63.80 a template.

To get access to the platform, you just need to fill the order form below and give us the necessary details and we’ll send you an invoice. Within 48 hours of us receiving your payment, we’ll send you your log in details to access the Job Descriptions Toolbox.  

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