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Gluco-Control Plus
This supplement helps balance blood sugar levels.
Hair G-Serum
Is your thinning hair or receding hairlinemaking you feel self-conscious?Now, there’s a REAL solution that could help you:Improve hair...
Driven machinery Regulations Compliance Toolkit
Are you tired of paging through pages and pages of the new Driven Machinery Regulations?It’s no secret, the new DMR means pouring over 60...
682.00 R
341.00 R
HIV Training-in-a-box
If you think HIV in the workplace is only your HR manager's concern... Think again!I know HIV sounds like an area only your HR manager should...
797.00 R
398.00 R
OHSAS 18001 Auditor Kit
Has the OHSAS 18001 got you baffled?You’ve heard of the terms OHSAS 18001, ISO, International Standards… And if you’re serious...
3,416.00 R
1,479.00 R
Induction Training 101
Can an HSE officer do induction training?Dear reader Every week I get questions from our Health & Safety Bulletin readers about induction...
299.00 R
195.00 R
Practical VAT Handbook
Errors in VAT invoices could cost you thousands!Are there any inaccuracies in your VAT invoices? You may be charged a very high penalty!The truth is...
2,999.00 R
999.00 R
Excel Training DVD
No more useless Internet searches and pages of unhelpful Excel manualsAt last: Solve your Excel problems in 5 minutes with step-by-step instructions...
299.00 R
195.00 R
A - Z Guide to Preventing and Managing Strikes
If you have 100 employees and they earn an average of R3,000 a month then you’re already paying R300,000 in monthly salaries. That’s R3.6...
497.00 R
397.00 R
Audit Smart Software - to audit your OHS Act compliance and 19 health and safety regulations
No more piles of paper: use the very best available programmeAt last: Health and Safety Audits can be done in minutesDear Health & Safety...
4,556.58 R
2,279.00 R