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A to Z of Master Forms and Templates
Every employee form, policy and sample you'll ever need - for less than R30Imagine this scenario…John, your sales manager is one of your...
4,995.00 R
2,497.00 R
Practical Tax Handbook
The Practical Tax Handbook provides practical tax advice in plain English (with no legalese), with step-by-step instructions, checklists and many,...
1,797.00 R
997.00 R
Excel Training DVD
No more useless Internet searches and pages of unhelpful Excel manualsAt last: Solve your Excel problems in 5 minutes with step-by-step instructions...
299.00 R
195.00 R
Job Descriptions Toolbox
Slash your recruitment costs by 45%...Fire your poor performers...Save yourself hours, days, even weeks...During lunch last week, my General Manager,...
7,999.00 R
3,999.00 R
A - Z Guide to Preventing and Managing Strikes
Can you afford a 52% salary increase for all your employees?Discover how to stand up to striking employees and even completely avoid strikes with the...
497.00 R
397.00 R
The No Excuses Guide to Performance Management
Show that poor performer the door without landing yourself at the CCMAJoe’s always making costly mistakes, missing deadlines, delaying...
497.00 R
397.00 R
Employee Personnel Toolkit
61 Documents, templates and contracts for your employee personnel files to make sure you comply with the BCEAI know just how time-consuming, costly...
995.00 R
795.00 R
57 Recruitment Tests
80% of South African companies have proved interview tests play a very important role in choosing the right employee for the right job.How do you know...
1,708.00 R
855.00 R
Health and Safety Environment Rep Toolkit
Free-up 1,340 minutes from your health and safety responsibilities with this one simple toolDear Reader,If you’re responsible for health...
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General Machinery Regulations Schedule D Wall Chart
Attention Employers!From the Department of Labour:Not displaying notices of the General Machinery Regulations in the workplace is punishable by law -...
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