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Risk Assessment Toolkit
Are you doing your risk assessments correctly?Meet the expertsMicheleBowmerShe is the Editor-in-chief for theHealth and Safety Training...
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Audit Smart Software - to audit your OHS Act compliance and 19 health and safety regulations
No more piles of paper: use the very best available programmeAt last: Health and Safety Audits can be done in minutesDear Health & Safety...
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Attention!You could be risking 1-2 years in prison for health and safety non-compliance!Get 108 ready to use health and safety templatesto kick start...
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Construction Compliance Guide
Is your construction site compliant with all of the newly amended regulations?Here's how to ensure you're ready to comply with the...
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Driven machinery Regulations Compliance Toolkit
Do your employees know about the 38 changes to the Driven Machinery Regulations?You’ll be held personally liable if they don’t!I’m...
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OHSAS 18001 Auditor Kit
Has the OHSAS 18001 got you baffled?You’ve heard of the terms OHSAS 18001, ISO, International Standards… And if you’re...
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HIV Training-in-a-box
If you think HIV in the workplace is only your HR manager's concern... Think again!I know HIV sounds like an area only your HR manager should...
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Induction Training 101
Can an HSE officer do induction training?Dear reader Every week I get questions from our Health & Safety Bulletin readers about induction...
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29 Essential Health and Safety Inspection Checklists
Your 29 Essential Health and Safety Inspection Checklists are now available!Dear Reader,I’m sure you have your health and safety policy drawn...
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Practical Guide to Human Resources Management - Print
Exclusive ReportThe Resource Managers Use To:- Recruit staff effectively,- Prevent absenteeism and- Dismiss employees without worrying about the...
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