Ultimate Prostate Defence

Ultimate Prostate Defence
Empty your bladder in one shot So you can pee freely, sleep soundly and supercharge your sex life

You don’t need anyone to tell you how to go to the bathroom or when to have a drink. Don’t they know there’s an easier way to help...

Empty your bladder in as little as one shot, with fewer false-starts and forced-finishes

Trade in the annoying “slow flow” for a steady, forceful stream that lets you get in and out of the restroom before your wife does

Sleep soundly like you used to, without nature “calling” to wake you up every couple of hours
It’s a modern-breakthrough so easy and effective, you only need it once a day. With Ultimate Defence, you get eight of nature’s best prostrate protectors.
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Dear Health-Savvy Friend,

When was the last time you sat through a movie without rushing off to the men's room?

Well, here’s a little secret that even your best buddies won’t volunteer...


How do I know?


We men won’t willingly talk about it, even to close friends, but statistics don’t lie:

• One out of every two men could suffer BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) by age 50...
• And as many as 90% of us could feel the squeeze as we reach our 70s and 80s...

At first, you may simply feel like you have to urinate a little more often. (Sound familiar?)

But if you do nothing about these early signs, it steadily gets worse. Your prostate balloons to the size of a small melon, pinches off your urine stream, wakes you up constantly, burns like fire...

Yet most of us tough guys hide it, deny it, do nothing about it but run to the toilet...

Until it gets so unbearable, that we agree to take drugs that could make us impotent... Or submit to hideously painful surgery, which could destroy nerves and leave us wearing nappies...

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We finally know there are simple secrets to keeping your prostate healthy for the long haul. And as you’ll see on the pages ahead, it turns out that standard therapies aren’t just missing this cause, but making it much worse in the long term.

Formulated by DR ALLAN SPREEN

Dr Allan N. Spreen, is famed as “The Nutrition Physician.” After helping thousands of patients heal themselves naturally in his private medical practice, Dr. Spreen went on to help millions of people live disease free through his cutting-edge nutritional research.

Today he’s so widely respected, that:

AMERICA’S DISCOVERY CHANNEL has retained him to serve as Advisor on Alternative Medicine...

AMERICA ONLINE sought his expertise to develop an acclaimed natural health website...

HEALTH SCIENCES INSTITUTE (HSI) has asked him to join their Advisory Panel...

Dr. Spreen has also authored some of the most definitive consumer guides to nutritional medicine, includingNutritionally Incorrect – Why the American
Diet is Dangerous & How to Defend Yourself and Smart Medicine for Healthier Living.

A graduate of both the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Tennessee before obtaining his MD from East Tennessee State University, Dr. Spreen is also a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC).

In addition to all this, he coaches competitive divers at national and Olympic levels.

FSP Nutritionals is very proud to have collaborated with Dr. Spreen to create this solution. 

It’s never too late to address
prostate health

If you even think you may have begun to show “minor” symptoms,it’s never too late to address your prostate health…

Dr Spreen knows this from watching his own Dad have Trans- Urethral Resection (TURP) surgery.

Know what this involves?

First they stick a half-centimetre pipe way down into your penis…

…until it reaches just below the base of your bladder. Then they insert a hot wire loop to fry your prostate. It was a horrible experience for my Dad. As a 52-year-old man, he wants absolutelynothing to do with it…

…and that’s why he takes Ultimate Prostate Defence every day!

See your doctor annually to rule out even worse conditions. And check out the great news in this report...

These new findings are so cutting-edge, even your doctor may not have been briefed...

So please feel free to pass this report onto him when you’re done.

But don’t you wait to take advantage of the news!

Because now, for the first time, my research teammates at FSP Nutritionals have developed a new and improved, natural formula that addresses the real cause.

Details in a bit, but first be sure to tell every man you know..

Don’t let yesterday’s prostate “solutions” TURN YOU INTO A WOMAN

We finally found the secret to keeping your prostate healthy...

So what’s the key to keeping your prostate healthy? This is going to floor you. It was staring us right in the face all the time, but a drug-focused establishment simply refused to see it.

It turns out to be the exact opposite of what they’ve been telling you for years. So please, listen up, because most doctors still haven’t heard the news.

“On the 8th February 2007 a prostate biopsy revealed that I do have prostate cancer.

Having recently started on Prostate Defence, I checked with my Urologist, who recommended that I continue taking it; it contains the ingredients necessary for a healthy prostate, and its continuous use may help with the fight against the cancer.

My advice to all men in their late 40's is to have regular prostate checkups and to take Prostate Defence as a preventative measure.”

A.F. MEYER (Johannesburg)

For decades, they demonised testosterone ...WRONGLY!

As you know, testosterone is the hormone that makes you a MAN. And for decades, misguided theorists blamed it for all your prostate woes!

Here’s what they thought.

Pretty much every report you’ll ever read about prostate health, will tell you that prostate problems are caused by a special, potent form of testosterone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

• As men get older, you see, more of our “regular” testosterone gets turned into DHT...

• And this process gets “switched on” by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase...

So they focus on blocking this natural process...

Good idea?


As it turns out, just blocking 5-alpha alone may actually make things MUCH worse!

You see, the problem is that when you block the 5-alpha enzyme, a different enzyme kicks in. This second enzyme is aromatase and it’s even worse news than 5-alpha, because...

It turns your prostate into an OESTROGEN FACTORY!

Yes! The enzyme aromatase literally turns your testosterone into the most potent form of OESTROGEN – the female hormone! And too much oestrogen in your male body can...

  • Wipe out any interest in sex...
  • Give you female-looking breasts...
  • And, adding insult to injury, make your prostate swell EVEN BIGGER!

Let me repeat. DHT is not the sole cause of your prostate problems. You must keep oestrogen in check as well!

Are you trading your swollen prostate for FEMALE BREASTS?
In millions of men over 40, the rogue enzyme aromatase is raging out of control, and turning much of their testosterone into OESTROGEN – the female hormone!

Standard prostate therapies suppress the 5-alpha enzyme without blocking aromatase.

Why put your manhood at risk? Help keep your prostate
healthy from the start.

Supplement your diet with Ultimate Prostate Defence.

So suddenly, the old mysteries causing your misery are solved...

Maintain healthy testosterone and oestrogen levels and you can dramatically increase your chances of life-long prostate health.

If you block 5-alpha without blocking aromatase... You’re practically forcing lots of testosterone to turn into oestrogen!

There’s no escaping the conclusion. Simply blocking 5-alpha isn’t good enough.

You must also block aromatase, or else you risk making it even worse...

And that’s also why so many supplements came up short... UNTIL NOW

Up until now, most producers of prostate supplements simply haven’t taken aromatase into account. (Has anyone ever mentioned it to you?)

Now, however, the FSP Nutritionals team has developed an improved ultimate formula that puts this astonishing breakthrough to work for YOU.

We went back to square one. Looked at every single natural compound thought to support prostate health. And then we combined all the best, in a synergistic improved formula with optimum doses that can help:

• Nullify the 5-alpha enzyme, so testosterone won’t get converted to DHT...
• Stop the aromatase enzyme too, so it won’t get turned into oestrogen either...
• Safeguard against frustrating or embarassing symptoms...

“I am thankful to say that the great improvement in my health after five months was really worth my while, but I still expect things to become even better.

Therefore my repeat order for another 6 bottles, more than a month in advance, to make sure I don’t run short during the holidays.

Hopefully we can continue our business for many years because a company that honours its promise is a company to be trusted and supported.”

JJ SWART, Cape Town

We call the result Ultimate Prostate Defence.

But I’m not asking you to believe me. In a moment, I’ll show you how to try it RISK-FREE for yourself.

But first, let me explain exactly why our improved formulation works so much better.

For starters, I’m afraid many supplement users are wasting money on a worthless type of saw palmetto...

New and Improved Breakthrough promotes Prostate Healthbetter than ever!

Look, I’m not saying that “old style” prostatesupplements are bad. Maybe they’re helping you – a little.

But I am saying you can almost certainly do far better, by taking advantage of...

The cutting-edge power of 5 different PHYTONUTRIENT BREAKTHROUGHS

Phytonutrients are one of the most exciting discoveries in 21st century nutrition. Basically, they’re the molecules that give many healing plants their clout.

And the new and improved Ultimate Prostate Defence formula harnesses today’s top five phytonutrients for the prostate, starting with...

CONSUMER OUTRAGE!- 37% of saw palmetto supplements are WORTHLESS!

All saw palmetto is not the same. A leading consumer magazine recently tested 27 leading brands of saw palmetto supplements and I’m afraid the results weren’t encouraging.

Ten of them were found to contain inferior grades of saw palmetto, without near enough of the fatty acids that actually do the good work.

Don’t trust your precious prostate to chance! Insist on Ultimate Prostate Defence.

Each daily dose of this cutting-edge formula is guaranteed to include 320mg of super concentrated saw palmetto extract.

Breakthrough #1

Super-concentrated Serenoa Repens (The secret powerhouse in Saw Palmetto!)

If you’re taking anything natural for your prostate, it probably includes saw palmetto.

According to one of today’s most respected medical references, “saw palmetto is effective in nearly 90% of users.”

But here’s what you’re not being told. The clinical trials that yielded such fantastic results did not use powdered saw palmetto!

Instead, they used a powerful extract – concentrating the fatty acids that actually do this good work.

The scientific name is Serenoa Repens. And each daily serving ofUltimate Prostate Defence contains 320mg of this extract.


Because Serenoa Repens extract has been shown to inhibit both 5-alpha and aromatase – blocking the production of both DHT and oestrogen – and, as we’ve seen, you must do both!

Breakthrough #2

Indispensable, but missing from many supplements 

The little-appreciated herb “stinging nettle” (Urtica dioica to the scientists) contains an incredibly helpful phytonutrient that also blocks both 5-alpha and aromatase.

Now you won’t find Urtica dioica in many supplements. But it’s not just important – it’s paramount.

You absolutely must have Urtica Dioica in your supplement, if you want to do the most effective job of blocking bothenzymes.

And you must block both enzymes if you want to avoid a disastrous buildup of oestrogen!

Confirmed! - Beta Sitosterol proven effective... again!

In one of many follow up studies – this one in 1997 – researchers gave 130mg of beta sitosterol to 177 men. The results published in the British Journal of Urology showed the same remarkable results: Dramatic support for urinary flow – and the men were able to completely empty their bladders!

Breakthrough #3

The REAL superstar that gives prostate herbs their power...

Beta Sitosterol is actually a plant fat — a powerful kind of phytosterol — and a cousin to the healthy fats found in meat.

Not only could it boost the power of your urinary flow; it could also dramatically lower the amount of urine left in your bladder. That means you won’t have to get up every 5 minutes during the night and run to the bathroom. Imagine that? Night after night of restful sleep!

Breakthrough #4

Keeps the prostate in check!

We natural doctors used to wonder why pumpkin seeds seem to help so many men with prostate trouble.

But now we’ve found these seeds are rich in protective phytosterols… Molecules so powerful that we concentrated the extract, and we’re careful to
include a generous 270mg of this discovery in every daily dose of Ultimate Prostate Defence.

Men praise PROSTATE DEFENCE for saving them from surgery!

“With PROSTATE DEFENCE now I can function much better without the knife which is what the doctor wanted to do.”

Gary B., Pennsylvania

Breakthrough #5

Everyman’s “must have mineral”...

Selenium’s power to support your immune system is remarkable.

And it’s especially helpful for your prostate. Studies consistently show that men with higher levels of selenium have healthier prostates.

These days, getting selenium from your diet is harder and harder. That’s why supplementing is so important. Minerals like selenium come from the soil.

But strong fertilisers and commercial farming practices eliminate these minerals, making it hard for you to get your daily supply.

Ultimate Prostate Defence gives you an extra shot of selenium, ensuring you’re armed with one of the most powerful, prostate-friendly antioxidants ever discovered.

Medical journals are packed with clinical evidence… Beta Sitosterol helps relieve the stress of your nagging prostate!

In 1995, a ground breaking study was published in the British Journal of Urology and the British medical journal Lancet. The International Prostate Symptom Score (IPS Score) was used to measure various facets of urinary flow, like the strength of urine flow and residual urine left in your bladder…

The study comprised of 200 men… One hundred received beta sitosterol and 100 got a placebo (dummy pill). After 6 months, the men who took beta sitosterol showed a dramatic improvement on their IPS Score:

An amazing 350% improvement over those who took the placebo!
  • Strengthened their urinary flow by 35%!
  • Reduced the level of residual urine in their bladder by 54%!
  • AND maintained ALL the benefits of their treatment after an 18 month follow up!

By now, I’m sure you can see how Ultimate Prostate Defencemakes maximum prostate health a sure thing!

These 5 nutrients alone are enough to rejuvenate your prostate...

But even here, we weren’t content.

Super-charge your manhood! Ultimate Prostate Defence has 3 prostate health boosters for 3 times the protection...

The contractions of your prostate move semen through your urethra during ejaculation… Any problems with your prostate can leave you on the sidelines – sometimes permanently!

Men from all over the world write to me asking me about the sexual side effects of prostate trouble… That’s why I packedUltimate Prostate Defence with potent doses of 3 essential “man building” nutrients and minerals:

Booster #1 - Zinc

More than 60% of us have a zinc deficiency! And that spells trouble… Your semen has 100 times more zinc than your blood – and your prostate has the highest concentration of zinc in your body. (See the sexual connection?)

Zinc is a real “man’s mineral.” Remember how DHT causes your prostate to grow?

Zinc is a sexual health booster that helps reduce 5-alpha reductase (the enzyme that converts your valuable testosterone into DHT).

A healthy level of zinc:

  • Maximises your testosterone production
  • Extends the life of testosterone in your blood stream

And Ultimate Prostate Defence delivers a full 15mg of zinc

Booster #2 - Vitamin E

You’ve probably heard a lot about the power of vitamin E. It’s one of the most effective and versatile antioxidants on the planet.

Together with Beta Sitosterol, vitamin E targets dangerous free radicals and provides your prostate with a shield of protection – sheltering it from the ravages of ageing, oxidation and external threats.

Dozens of studies over the last two decades show the remarkable power of vitamin E and its ability to promote prostate health for a lifetime. It even helps reduce androgens (male hormones), which you need to keep at normal levels for a healthy prostate.

Claim your RISK-FREE Ultimate Prostate Defence supply now!
BEST VALUE: Claim your six-pack of Ultimate Prostate Defence for just R1,289.95 and save over R1,289.95! And you get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Health and Restore your Memory, Sharpness and Wit by Dr Allan Spreen and All Day Energy by Dr Hyla Cass.
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60-DAY TRIAL: Claim one bottle of Ultimate Prostate Defence for only 429.95. 
Or, SAVE AN EXTRA R100 WITH OUR SMARTSHIP PROGRAMME! You get an EXTRA R100 off your purchase when you choose Smartship. It ensures you automatically receive a fresh supply of Ultimate Prosate Defence just before your last supply runs out. There's no risk - you can call to adjust the timing of the dispatches. And you can cancel at any time with no hassles.
Claim your RISK-FREE supply now!

Vitamin E gives your manhood a boost too!

Vitamin E helps maintain endothelial function (the lining of your blood vessels). As you know, having healthy blood vessel flexibility is central to achieving and maintaining an erection.

Ultimate Prostate Defencegives you 30 IU – for double barrelled protection: For both your prostate AND your sex life!

Booster #3 - Lycopene

A study from Harvard University revealed that men who ate foods high in lycopene lowered their risk of prostate health issues by 45%!

Lycopene is a carotenoid that gives tomatoes their red colour. Its antioxidant power is double than most – and 10 times stronger than vitamin E! And its link to your prostate is undeniable. Unless you really love tomatoes – like 5 or more large ones a day – I recommend you let Ultimate Prostate Defence supply you with the additional prostate protecting power lycopene can give you – everyday!


You may be amazed at how quickly and completely Ultimate Prostate Defence can work for you.

“Thanks to PROSTATE DEFENCE, I only get up once a night to use the bathroom.”

G. H.

CONGRATULATIONS! - Now you know more about prostate troubles than 90% of doctors...

And you’ve got all the knowledge you need to “pee like a fire hose” forever, and sit through
3-hour movies without a twinge.

Just take the right forms and the right dosages of all 5 phytonutrient breakthroughs, plus all 3 prostate protectors every single day. That’s it!

Feel these fantastic results for yourself, RISK-FREE…

By now, I’m sure you can see how Ultimate Prostate Defence makes maximum prostate health a sure thing.

So isn’t it time you tried Ultimate Prostate Defence? You’ve got nothing to lose! If you’re not thrilled with the results – just send back the unused portion for a full refund. Plus, if you reply within the next 48 hours, you’ll also get…

Our Pledge of Value and Excellence ensures that every product in the FSP Nutritionals line stands apart from every other supplement on the market. This assurance of quality and value promises you:

• The industry’s most generous guarantee – 60 full days to decide if the product is right for you.

• The no-hassle convenience and exceptional value of our SmartShip Savings Plan.

• The freshest, most potent, and highest quality ingredients in easy-to-digest forms.

• Customer satisfaction to rival any company in the supplement industry.

This Pledge is the cornerstone of the FSP Nutritionals’ difference. It’s a difference you’ll notice – one that’ll earn your trust and confidence from the very first time you try any one of our safe, innovative and effective nutritional solutions for your good health.

PLUS 3 VALUABLE GIFTS at no charge to you just for trying it out…

…these 3 gifts of health are yours to keep forever, even if you ask for a refund!


TAKE ALL 3! Just to get you started we’d like to send you these brand-new gifts of health at our cost, with yoursupply of Ultimate Prosate Defence.

These valuable reports were specially prepared by acclaimed doctors on the FSP Nutritionals’ Research Board. And they’re packed with science’s latest secrets to help you rejuvenate your prostate…maintain a steel-trap memory…and make your body surge with energy…naturally!

NOTE: This is information you won’t get anywere else, and just one of these little-known discoveries could change your life. All 3 reports are yours at no charge to keep – even if you return your risk-free supply of Ultimate Prostate Defence. So hurry and RSVP today!

Gift #1: FSP Nutritionals’ GUIDE TO PROSTATE HEALTH by Dr Allan Spreen

What your doctor didn’t tell you about your prostate could save you a world of hurt, preserve your libido or possibly even protect your life. And here’s your definitive guide to discoveries that he may not know about yet! To comp lement yourUltimate Prostate Defence programme, learn all about the new state of the science…

Insist on these “secret” PSA tests! Don’t be fooled – PSA tests can and do save lives. But too many men aren’t getting the right kinds of PSA screening! Find out about the “PSAD” reading that evaluates prostate health much more reliably… and the “bound PSA” test that can even measure how well your treatment is working. FSP Nutritionals Pledge

One of the biggest breakthroughs in decades.When all else fails, most men will want to learn about this brand-new procedure developed by Israeli scientists. Painless, requires no anaesthesia and costs less than a tenth of what you’d pay for popular mainstream therapies. Find out where to get it and who to call for more details.

PLUS! Even if you don’thave symptoms, you still may have cause for concern! But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to do something good for your prostate. Every man you know over 50 should know about this secret!

Gift #2: RESTORE YOUR MEMORY, Sharpness, Wit and Wisdom by Dr Allan Spreen

Age-related forgetfulness used to be unavoidable. And there’s still nothing that conventional medicine can do to help you out. But scientists have begun to explore powerful natural substances that could truly fight these lapses – and keep you sharp as a tack well into your 90s and beyond. Now you could learn how to…

Knock out the Sunday Times crossword puzzle in 30 minutes flat! So-called “memory supplements” at your pharmacy won’t help much. They’re little more than overpriced ginkgo biloba! To supercharge mental performance, it could help to combine the powers of effective natural “brain fuels” like these.

Promote short-term memory! Doesn’t seem possible, but you truly could do it just by promoting healthy circulation to the brain! Here’s the best way.

Tired of wading through “mental fog” in the morning? Learn how to give your brain a big energy kick…sharpen your mental focus…and stay alert all day, without - stimulants!

Don’t be surprised if you feel a lotmore creative after trying this exciting new secret! It’s used to help the two halves of your brain communicate better with each other. And that’s the key to solving problems that leave your co-workers stumped.

Who can think straight when they’re stressed-out or blue?  That’s why it’s critical to help your brain calm itself down. People lacking these nutrients can be more susceptible to feeling tense and down on themselves

by Dr Hyla Cass

Let one of medicine’s most acclaimed energy experts guide you to a more active, youthful life. In addition to serving on the FSP Nutritionals Research Board, Dr. Cass is a Member of the Health Sciences Institute Advisory Panel – and she’s assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine. Now she reveals how to solve your personal “energy crisis” without harmful drugs or harsh stimulants.

Energy shouldcome from the foods we eat, but all too often it doesn’t! And ironically, the very substances we think will give us more energy are often “stringing us out” and putting our health at risk. Go easy on these “energy” foods that eventually leave you worse-off than before.

"Beware of these chemical “stimulants!” In the long run, they’re running you down. Caffeine and nicotine all raise your heart attack risk… they’re all intensely habit-forming…and one is proven more addictive than heroin! 

There are better ways to feel full of energy – safe, natural ways that won’t cause mood swings, jitters or deadlier side-effects. You simply won’t need stimulants when you…

Unleash the boundless energy you naturally felt as a child! Learn how to nourish the “energy engines” that power every cell in your body. A healthy body needs trillions of these special nutritional molecules, and replenishing them is the key to generating natural energy.

Learn the military secret for boosting performance under stress. This nutrient safely enhances thyroid function – stimulates the release of energising hormones – and naturally boosts the body’s supply of stress-reducing dopamine.

Russian athletes used this natural wonder to compete at the top of their game! Extracted from a root that grows as far north as the Arctic Circle, it also helps to elevate mood and boost immunity.

You can’t beat this energy-booster found in beets. It’s also crucial for heart-health, because it converts a potentially dangerous substance called homocysteine into a healthy and powerful energy-enhancer.

PLUS! The secret root of chronic fatigueand how to beat it forever… lifestyle changes that complement your nutrient programme… and more!

The Ultimate Prostate Defence NO RISK GUARANTEE

We’re confident you’ll be delighted in less than two months! Otherwise, just return all the bottles (used and unused) within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price. No quibbles!

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Karin Iten
Research Manager, FSP Nutritonals

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Find out RISK-FREE why so many men are saying...

Ultimate Prostate Defence is excellent! I have tried so many other products...

They work, but there is something missing in them...

Ultimate Prostate Defence has it, whatever it is... It just works better. Thanks Dr Alan Spreen!

GB (Johannesburg)

Over the past year I have been using Ultimate Prostate Defence with very successful results.

A few years ago I was diagnosedwith prostate enlargement. My doctor prescribed [a drug] which contained my condition for a number of years but never produced any improvement. In fact my 2008 examinationshowed further swelling.

Then about a year ago, I came across a report on Ultimate Prostate Defence and decided to give it a try. For the past year, I religiously took the supplements every day, and felt an improvement.

The real surprise (for both me and my doctor) came when a few weeks ago I went for my annual examination and my doctor informed me that my prostate had shrunk!

Thank you FSP Nutritionals for introducing Ultimate Prostate Defence as it has been a real relief for my serious condition. I would really appreciate it if you could keep me abreast of any developments with the product! 

C.F. (Johannesburg)

Amount per Daily ServingNRV %
Saw Palmetto berry extract (Serenoa repens)320 mg*
Nettle root300 mg*
Pumpkin seed powder270 mg*
Beta Sitosterol120 mg*
Vitamin E ( as d-alpha tocopherol)30 mg200%
Zinc gluconate15 mg18%
Lycopene 10%10 mg*
Selenium10 mcg18%
% Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for individuals 4 years and older
* % NRV not established

One in every two men faces prostate problems at some point in their lives...

Don’t wait until joint problems get the best of you.With Ultimate Prostate Defence , you could:

  • Feel the rush of peeing like a fire hose...

  • Drain your bladder right down to the bottom...

  • Sleep through the night, with no worries of getting up to pee...

  • Reclaim your freedom and endurance in the bedroom

  • And help safeguard your prostate health…

This product contains NO wheat, gluten, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, preservatives or flavouring.

Discontinue use of this product at least two weeks prior to any surgical procedure.

Use this product under the supervision of your healthcare practitioner if you are using blood thinning medication like warfarin.

Always check with your physician before making any changes in diet or taking supplements.

“On the 8th February 2007 a prostate biopsy revealed that I do have prostate cancer.Having recently started on Prostate Defence, I checked with my Urologist, who recommended that I continue taking it; it contains the ingredients necessary for a healthy prostate, and its continuous use may help with the fight against the cancer.My advice to all men in their late 40's is to have regular prostate checkups and to take Prostate Defence as a preventative measure.”
-A.F. MEYER , Johannesburg

“I am thankful to say that the great improvement in my health after five months was really worth my while, but I still expect things to become even better.Therefore my repeat order for another 6 bottles, more than a month in advance, to make sure I don’t run short during the holidays.Hopefully we can continue our business for many years because a company that honours its promise is a company to be trusted and supported.”
-JJ SWART, Cape Town

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Ultimate Prostate Defence is excellent! I have tried so many other products...They work, but there is something missing in them...Ultimate Prostate Defence has it, whatever it is... It just works better. Thanks Dr Alan Spreen!

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You will feel the results... OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK!
The Ultimate Defence NO RISK GUARANTEE
We’re quite confident you’ll feel a difference – and it’s likely to continue even more as the months go by.Otherwise, just return the unused portion within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price.
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Just return all your bottles (used and unused) within 60 days of purchase and we'll happily give you a 100% refund.