R10 000 Retirement Blueprint Workshop DVD

R10 000 Retirement Blueprint Workshop DVD
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Take Home Every Presentation, Every Investment Idea!

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What you'll discover inside theR10,000 Retirement Workshop DVD:

  • Why penny shares have been PROOVEN to make investors more money than cash, unit trusts and all the other stocks on the JSE!
  • How R10,000 invested in the RIGHT penny shares turned into enough money to retire on in under 10 years!
  • How, exactly to select the right penny stocks so you too can bank MASSIVE penny share gains like 207% on Adapt IT and 215% on Poynting in January 2014!
  • The top penny share stock to own in 2014 to DOUBLE your money in 12 months or less!

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Dear penny share investor,
If you couldn't make it to Francois Joubert's R10,000 Retirement workshop on the 15th of March, where he explained just how EASY it is to retire rich thanks to the powerful profit potential of penny shares, I have good news for you:
We filmed the whole event – Just for you!
Including our full Q&A sessions with Francois Joubert

That's right!

Every speech, every idea, every recommendation was recorded.
R10 000 Retirement Blueprint Workshop DVD is now available for you to take home and watch over and over again!
Getting a copy of the DVD means you’ll be able to re-live every single insight, prediction and investment idea from the comfort of your own home, including:
  • How penny shares are the best way to get really rich, really fast
  • The inside scoop on how to pick the very best penny shares on the market.
  • The secret of Francois Joubert's proven PowA! Penny Share Screening System that's helped his followers bank 207% on Adapt IT and 215% on Poynting in January 2014
  • The five most common (and costly) penny share investing mistakes and how you can avoid them
  • PLUS: Francois reveals his favourite penny share stocks to buy RIGHT NOW to get your very own millionaire portfolio started

This DVD will be your own personal window to the day’s events - and your chance to put Francois' "R10,000 Retirement" blueprint to work for your own portfolio - so you too can retire RICH thanks to the phenomenal profit potential of penny shares!

If you’re interested in owning a copy of everything you heard and witnessed at the R10 000 Retirement Workshop – Order your DVD today!

The video recording of the workshop proceedings on DVD is available for order at the special price of just R299 and includes shipping where the DVD is ordered.

Please anticipate four weeks for delivery.
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Here's to staying ahead of the game!
Warren Jeffery,
Head of Trading and Research, FSP Invest

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