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Job Descriptions Toolbox
Save time and recruitment costs with detailed job descriptions, create recruitment ads in minutes and reduce irrelevant CV's withinstant job...
R 7,999.00
Job Descriptions Toolbox
Slash your recruitment costs by 45%...Fire your poor performers...Save yourself hours, days, even weeks...During lunch last week, my General Manager,...
R 3,999.00
A to Z of Master Forms and Templates - Every employee form, policy and sample you'll ever need
Get every form you’ll ever need for any labour, human resources or health and safety issue. The forms and templates are easy to follow and 100%...
R 4,995.00
A to Z of Master Forms and Templates
Every employee form, policy and sample you'll ever need - for less than R30Imagine this scenario…John, your sales manager is one of your...
R 2,497.00
Forex Trader - The ultimate forex profit strategy
Turn the financial market’s movements into profit trading the world’s largest and only 24 hour market – the Forex market – using Five Forex...
R 3,700.00
Red Hot Storm Trader - Fast action trades for fast profits
With Red Hot STORM Trader the markets do the hard work for you. You just sit back, relax and enjoy your income!
R 3,700.00
The Winning Streak - Make easy money from sports betting
Make money sitting on your couch with the Winning Streak
R 2,988.00
Practical Vat Digital Loose Leaf Service
VAT refunds in 21 business days? Get inside info in the Practical Vat Loose Leaf on how to get SARS to pay your Vat refund.
R 2,342.70
Health and Safety Advisor Digital Loose Leaf service
Tips, tools and practical advice to easily implement health and safety in your workplace
R 2,119.26
Industrial Relations Toolkit - Instant access to downloadable employment contracts, policies and forms
57 ready-to-use templates, contracts, policies and forms for every employee situation, instantly downloadable here. 100% legal policies, forms and...