Employment Tax Incentive Act

Employment Tax Incentive Act

How to qualify for the employment tax incentive

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Claim at least R40 000 through
the Employment Tax Incentive Act

The Employment Tax Incentive Act DVD

How to qualify for the employment tax incentive

You’ll qualify for these incentives if you’re registered for Employee’s Tax with SARS. But you must make sure your tax affairs are in order to qualify. If not, SARS will disallow your claims.

I’ve got great news for you. Because of the huge success our recent Employment Tax Incentive Act Workshop had, we’re bringing you an exclusive 3-hour DVD of the seminar.

I don’t know if you’ve attempted to read through the mountains of legislation around the Employment Tax Incentive Act. If you have, you’ll know that it’s so confusing and open to interpretation that it’s scary!

But SARS won’t accept an excuse of "but this is how I interpreted the legislation and what was required”. If you interpret it incorrectly, SARS will issue you with a R30 000 penalty per employee… and expect you to pay this without thinking twice about your company’s financial situation.

Here’s the challenge… Not many people really know what the Act is about or how it affects them.

The scary part is, not many tax experts know much about it either.

But, today, I have a lifeline for you

It’ll help you understand how YOU can take advantage of the all Employment Tax Incentive Act in the comfort of your office.

In just three hours, you’ll know the answers to questions like:

How you can use the Employment Tax Incentive Act to your advantage;
What the criteria is to qualify for a tax incentive so you can pay less tax;
How to legally claim a tax incentive when you hire temporary employees;
How to claim a tax incentive on learnerships; and
How to manage the risks and penalties involved with the Employment Tax Incentive Act.

You’ll find the answer to these and many other questions about the Employment Tax Incentive Act in your copy of the Employment Tax Incentive Act DVD.

Everything you need to know in one convenient package

Filmed from the hugely successful morning seminar hosted by FSP Business early this year, the Employment Tax Incentive Act DVD will give you access to everything you need to know about the Employment Tax Incentive Act.

After watching the seminar you’ll understand all 14 sections of the Employment Tax Incentive Act and have your questions answered such as:

What is the Employment Tax Incentive Act and how can I benefit?
Which employers qualify for the incentive and which employees should I employ to maximise my claim?
What are the anti-avoidance provisions that I must know?
How do I avoid being disqualified from receiving the employment tax incentive?
How do I calculate the amount of my employment tax incentive?
How do I claim my employment tax incentive?
When won’t the employment tax incentive be available to me anymore?
How will the roll-over amounts and reimbursements affect my company?
How do the various tax Acts all work together?
Are there penalties and how do I manage business risks associated with my claim?
What are the key business items I need to make on recruitment, policies and risk management to maximise the benefit?

The sell-out event now available in your own home or office

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say about the seminar:

"The course was presented in a professional and clear way".
Anina van Zyl
CCI Engineering and Projects

"The examples from the course make it easy to understand the theory".
Val Bontekoning
Elite Designs

Now, this hugely important seminar is available to you in the comfort of your office or home in the form of a two-disc DVD set.

Let an industry expert with years of experience guide you through the Act so you can be 100% sure you’ll never find yourself facing a penalty of R30 000 per employee.

The Employment Tax Incentive Act - decoded!

The event was hosted by Jerry Botha.

Jerry Botha is the principle partner of TaxConsulting South Africa. He’s also the founding editor of Fleet Street Publications Tax Brief, and the Tax Chairman of the Financial Planning Institute’s Tax Committee.

His practice looks after over 2 000 individual employees, including appointment by some large employers to assist with their employees’ personal taxes. He operates some local payrolls, is extensively consulted by many of the largest and most well-known employers on tax matters, responses to SARS enquiries and audit findings.

How much does this DVD cost?

The people who attended the morning seminar paid over R1 999 for a seat to know exactly how to implement the Employment Tax Incentive Act. For less than half the price, you’ll get:

All the information you need to know about The Employment Tax Incentive Act;
The convenience of learning how to take advantage of the Act, in your own space;
The luxury of being able to watch the video over and over again until the information truly sinks in; and
The chance to educate fellow colleagues with the same video. One investment that goes a long way.

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