Excel Training DVD

Excel Training DVD
Solutions to your 35 biggest Excel finance problems
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No more useless Internet searches and pages of unhelpful Excel manuals

At last: Solve your Excel problems in 5 minutes with step-by-step instructions by Chartered Accountant and Excel expert Adrian Miric

Excel Training DVD 2014
Dear Tax Bulletin reader,

Over 5 920 Excel questions are searched on Google in South Africa every month...

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper adding to that statistic, you’ll know how hard it is to find a solution that specifically relates to your Excel problem.

I’m willing to bet you spend hours searching for a solution to just one Excel problem and that includes flipping through self-help books!

But that all ends today.


Because FSP Business has teamed up with Chartered Accountant and Excel guru, Adrian Miric to give you step-by-step instructions to solve your Excel problem in just five minutes!

Let Excel guru, Adrian Miric solve your biggest Excel problems...

Adrian is a Chartered Accountant, Charter Financial Analyst and a Certified Information Systems Auditor.

He started his own company over 11 years ago where he focuses on financial modelling and decision support assignments and regularly consults with financial institutions on the modelling of projects and debt. As a result, he has vast experience in all aspects of Excel-related work.

Adrian enjoys finding solutions to Excel problems that clients aren’t able to solve in any other way.

He’s so good at it, that MTN, Old Mutual and Sasol turn to Adrian for finance and Excel advice.

And today, Adrian wants to help YOU solve your Excel problems in five minutes.

You see, Adrian has created 35 five-minute videos with step-by-step instructions to solve your specific Excel problems. And all 35 of these easy-to-follow videos are available in Excel Training DVD: Solutions to Your 35 Biggest Excel Finance Problems.

Stop spending hours trying to figure out a solution to just one Excel problem

Have you ever spent your lunch hour trying to figure out how to import data into your income and expense spreadsheet?

Or stayed late after work trying to create a PivotTable or bar graph only to discover your calculations don’t add up?

If you turned to Google for help, you would have had to search through over 144 000 000 Excel related pages to find an answer to your specific Excel problem... That’s hours wasted time trying to find a solution to one Excel question! If you even find a solution at all!

No finance professional has that much time to find one solution.

But with Excel Training DVD, you’ll never have to waste time on Excel problems like:
•How to create financial reports with no formulas….
•Trying to work on spreadsheets received via email...
•Anchoring formulas to look at the correct cells...
•Analysing and identifying errors like duplicates in payment runs (payroll, creditors etc.)…..
•Creating PivotTables...
•And 30 more...

Instead, you’ll have 35 Excel videos at your disposal to give you a solution to your problem in three simple steps:

Step #1: Insert Excel Training DVD into your laptop.

Step #2: Choose your Excel level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Step #3: Select your Excel problem from the list and watch Adrian’s five-minute video for step-by-step instructions on how to solve it. Then apply what you’ve learnt and voila problem solved!

That means you cut through all the finance waffle and get a straightforward solution you can actually apply to all your finance-related Excel questions.

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