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Employee Personnel Toolkit
61 Documents, templates and contracts for your employee personnel files to make sure you comply with the BCEAI know just how time-consuming, costly...
R 795.00
HIV Training-in-a-box
If you think HIV in the workplace is only your HR manager's concern... Think again!I know HIV sounds like an area only your HR manager should...
R 398.00
29 Essential Health and Safety Inspection Checklists
Your 29 Essential Health and Safety Inspection Checklists are now available!Dear Reader,I’m sure you have your health and safety policy drawn...
R 477.00
Driven machinery Regulations Compliance Toolkit
Are you tired of paging through pages and pages of the new Driven Machinery Regulations?It’s no secret, the new DMR means pouring over 60...
R 341.00
Retrenchments: How to make sure your process is 100% correct
The number one mistake employers make when retrenching employees...If you know how to avoid it, you'll save your company hundreds of thousands of...
R 478.00
How to Survive a SARS Tax Audit
Are you ready for your SARS tax audit?How to deal with your 'unwelcome' guestsAfter receiving hundreds of questions about audits from business...
R 455.00
A - Z Guide to Preventing and Managing Strikes
If you have 100 employees and they earn an average of R3,000 a month then you’re already paying R300,000 in monthly salaries. That’s R3.6...
R 397.00
The No Excuses Guide to Performance Management
Show that poor performer the door without landing yourself at the CCMAJoe’s always making costly mistakes, missing deadlines, delaying...
R 397.00
Induction Training 101
Can an HSE officer do induction training?Dear reader Every week I get questions from our Health & Safety Bulletin readers about induction...
R 195.00
Excel Training DVD
No more useless Internet searches and pages of unhelpful Excel manualsAt last: Solve your Excel problems in 5 minutes with step-by-step instructions...
R 195.00